Sure, let's listen to the woman who, a year ago, advocated a tax that treated the computer programmer at Amazon at the same as the grocery clerk at QFC. Seattle's far-left is so full of spite and bitterness that they've prioritized sticking it to Jeff Bezos over taking the time to develop a thoughtful, progressive tax. Grow the fuck up.


Jesus what a bore this horrible woman is.


Haters gotta Hate.


Does he ensure his Employees Safety
by providng all necessay personal protection equipment?

Or does he say, screw it, let the Taxpayers pay for any unwanted COVID-19 cases? Or does he take on the responsiblity himself?

Is he a Burden, or a Blessing?


Damn right, tax the shit out of them and reinvest! Go Sawant! Many healthcare workers are with you!


Best of luck in the future Stranger.


Isn't taxing Amazon Sawant's solution to every problem?


Best Hurry, Kshama:

"Amazon said Wednesday that it would temporarily halt its operations in France after a court ruled the company had failed to adequately protect warehouse workers against the threat of the coronavirus and that it must restrict deliveries to only food, hygiene and medical products until it addressed the issue."

"Laurent Degousée, a representative of SUD-Commerce, the main union that filed the lawsuit, said he had learned that Amazon was expected to halt its French operations as of Thursday for five days to enhance safety measures and provide its 10,000 workers full pay during that time. Amazon did not provide details on the furloughs, but said it was asking employees to stay home this week, and that it would assess the implications for its French operations."


Aren't Tax Cuts Republican's
''solutions" to EVERY thing?


Looking into taxing absurdly profiting "non-profits" is also legitimate.


Bellevue is delighted with this proposal and welcomes Amazon and its workers with no tax.


Why is it that Seattle's socio-political scolds -- Sawant, Nikkita Oliver, Mudede, Erica Barnett, Matthew Lang -- all profess to have such vivid understanding of regional economics, yet show very little ability to sort their own shit out on a personal check-book level? You do you, first.


Socialists are horrible people.

And such tacky dressers.

And, please, don't get me going about how incredibly fat this woman's ass is...


... and trolling trolly Trolls
gotta Troll.


She's a complete nut job.


I wonder what Sawant thinks about the printer and ink she bought on Amazon using campaign funds. Sawant loves Amazon's low prices made possible by low wage Amazon warehouse workers.


Merits of the message aside, name calling of council members who saved Seattleites from millions of dollars in a certain legal defeat is shameful. Sorry it cost you some national headlines, but there is no such thing as a pyrrhic defeat.


Go lick doorknobs, sawant.


Cities putting targeted taxes on particular businesses seems like bad policy to me. Tax rates really ought to to be uniform at least at the state level. This is another reason that we need a state income tax like most others have.


There will be plenty of affordable housing in Seattle when Boeing permanently lays off 50,000 workers. No airline will need new passenger aircraft for the next 3 or 4 years. By that time, they can ramp up production at their South Carolina facility where they'll chase you out of the state with pitchforks if you mention the word, "union".


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