Yep, SDOT sure had their priorities at right over the past decade.


Nancy Pelosi will just impeach Trump again. One more for the road.


@1, the same could/should be said for all of the city's "leaders" - no need to go thorough the litany of things they felt were more important than boring ol' infrastructure.


Now that I am dreaming again after two months sans cannabis, I dreamed that I was robbed of all my possessions from my college dorm room which was broken into after the door was knocked down, then I paraglided up a mountain on a mystical updraft to the peak and had an epic swordfight with a white-bearded vizier with a scimitar to an inconclusive result before waking up covered in sweat.


I hope restrictions will be over in time for the Oscars in 2021.


@4 Was it Wandering Star?


@4, Clearly your dreams are saying you have latent homosexual rage with pre-psychotic overtones.


@7. Wishful thinking on your part, big boy.


@6. Stars has regressed back to adolescence from reliving trauma associated with pandemics. Definitely not Jafar.


I played this a lot as a kid. I think I am worried about not being able to get to my destination before time runs out.


@8, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.


Chase -
Clearly your dreams are waaay better than mine!!


@11: Yeah, a well adjusted straight man would just have a good chuckle and let it go. A dead giveaway of latent homosexuality is an obsessive need to "correct misinterpretations".


@13. So, if I have a swordfight with an old man in my dreams it means I have latent homosexual desires? And if I joke about being gay that is correcting the record? Gaslight and project much? Call me whatever you want, I would have no shame even if I were higher in the kinsey scale. Gay is as gay does.




@14: I must say you handled that very well. Yep, you're straight. Probably drink directly from the milk container in the refrigerator too.


Meanwhile there is not one comment on any article one the whole first page of The Portland Mercury blog. No one's reading I guess.


Not buying Don Doorknob's going grey. That shallow, superficial fuck would sooner have a bunch of radioactive banana peels surgically implanted onto his scalp than go bald or grey.


Not only grey but thin as hell. You can see the orange glow of his head right through that nasty comb-over.


People talk a lot about how bad “career politicians” are, but you know what the difference between a “career politician” and an inept moron is? The “career politician” has actually read the law and knows what S/he can and cannot legally do, while the populist outsider whose never studied law doesn’t have a fuckin* clue what he’s doing.

Look, would you rather have a medical trained and experienced cardiothoracic surgeon perform your quadruple bypass, or a game show host whose only qualification is that he has seen a picture of a heart on TV once or twice?

Law is some complicated shit. If you haven’t studied it, you’re as unqualified to make laws as someone who has never studied carpentry is to make a five story mansion. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you don’t know what you’re doing.

Here, an inept game show host claims to have powers the Constitution does not grant him. The POTUS cannot dissolve Congress, this isn’t the Westminster system. The most he can do is settle a dispute if the two houses disagree on an adjournment date, which they currently don’t.


West Seattle Bridge - So now we know where Seattle's real estate crash will begin.


@22 - He's an idiot for expressing his opinion that he prefers people know what they're doing when performing a job as opposed to not knowing what they're doing? That seems like a more than reasonable take to me.

He never said one thing about legal qualifications for President.


@23 -- Bingo.

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