You seem to have a relentlessly negative view of the future. Like you can't wait for the post-apocalyptic era. I partly agree that you won't see theaters packing 500 seats any time soon, I do think that they'll come back eventually.

People have been predicting the end of the movie theater for several decades. HBO and video cassette tapes spelled the "doom" of theaters back in the 1970s. Weird that they're still around in 2020.

Sure, there's lots of options for watching all kinds of stuff on a variety of streaming services now, but I still enjoy the experience of watching a well made movie on a big theater screen. You just can't replicate that on a TV or iPhone. Lawrence of Arabia could never look as good on a home screen as it does at the Cinerama. I may not line up to go into a packed theater this fall, but eventually they'll develop a vaccine for Covid-19, and it will be safe to congregate in groups again, and I will look forward to feeling safe going to a movie theater again.




Unfortunate but the same goes for other entertainment events (sports, night clubs, drag shows, live theater, live music, etc.)


It must be exhausting being in the media and swimming in this froth of catastrophe where the only way to get attention is to predict a still worse catastrophe. I know that you have to make a show of understanding the danger so you can prove that you, like most functional adults, are taking this crisis more seriously than our shitty president, but the idea that big companies aren't going to be able to sell big movies to make big money is a little far-fetched.

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