The Operation Gridlock Demonstration in Michigan: Is one among several recent developments that show the divide between red voters and blue voters is evolving from a political division to one that will be biological. The demonstration occurred in the capital of Michigan and involved thousands of Trump supporters with SUVs and guns and Confederate flags. Their demand: End the lockdown and open the economy.

If you live in the city of Detroit, which is currently overwhelmed by the virus' corpses, you will think the protesters have completely lost contact with reality; if you are not in the city, you will see the protesters as heroes, as Tea People, as men and women who are fighting for the freedom "to truck, barter, and exchange one thing for another." This division is getting real. Those in big cities, which vote blue, have been hit hard by the virus; and those in the rural areas, which vote red, have not. The stay-at-home order, then, has the aspect of protecting Democrats and harming Republicans. We can expect politicians on the right to make something big out of this biological split.

Rents in Seattle: Rose 0.5% in March, despite the fact that more than 100,000 Seattleites lost their jobs over the past month or so. The story is in the Seattle Times. The story also reveals that the real estate market does not operate as efficiently as the doctrine of supply and demand. Reduced demand, in this case in the form of a job market collapse, is supposed to mean reduced prices. And yet, here is evidence, gathered by the "online rental platform Apartment List," that clearly shows such is not the case. Why? Because much of the money involved in real estate investment has the power to wait.

The Depressing Country of Joblessness: Increased its population by 5.25 million last week. This means the country, where one lives on unemployment insurance, now has over 21 million members. MarketWatch: "The huge increase in unemployment has likely pushed the jobless rate up to around 15%, the highest level since the Great Depression in the 1930s, economists say."

Every Job Created Over the Past 11 Years: Has vanished. Has gone. Has been ghosted by the virus. Do you get it? No? Words are not enough to give you a proper sense of this economic catastrophe? Well, maybe you should watch the end of Infinity War.

The Government Cheese for Small Businesses? It's all gone already. CNN: "On Thursday morning, the $349 billion emergency small business lending program officially tapped out. The Small Business Association officially ran out of money for the Paycheck Protection Program, according to a message for lenders posted on the administration's website."

Trump's Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin Says: Ordinary Americans live on $1200 for a good 10 weeks. He calls it "bridge liquidity."

17 Bodies Found in Shed: Outside of nursing home in New Jersey. We know how they died. We know why they were stuffed in the shed, which was supposed to hold, at the most, four corpses at a time.

German Zoo Is Considering Turning Some of Its Animals: Into food. These are extraordinary times. Food supply chains have been disrupted. No one is visiting the zoo. The animals need to eat. These facts meet another fact, which was pointed out by the zoologist and gene-determinist Richard Dawkins: animals are, in essence, just food.

A Person In Federal Way Was Attacked By a Person With a Machete: The incident happened on Wednesday, April 15. KIRO reports that the police "were called to the 33300 block of 40th Place Southwest where a suspicious person was allegedly carrying a machete and had assaulted another person.When officers arrived at the scene, they found the victim who had injuries to their head, arm, and hands." The motive for the attack is presently unknown.

Again: Did you see Marshawn Lynch in the third season of HBO's science fiction show Westworld? He plays a guy with the simple name G. The 5th episode of the season, which aired on Sunday, April 13, very much looks like the running back's departure from his acting debut. But can we even call that performance acting? As I wrote on Monday: "To ask if Lynch is a good actor or not is like asking if this cloud is good at being a cloud or not, or if that stream is good at being a stream or not. Lynch can be neither bad or good at being all that he can ever be, Lynch."

Mudede Says: Buy WeWork stock. Trust me.
Mudede Believes: If the much-talked about Seattle rain had just done its job in March and April, the city's virus crisis would be over and done by now.
Mudede Was Told: That a gallon of gas in Dallas, Texas is now only asking for 99 cents.

Mudede Often Sees: In South Seattle, way too many black people gathering in large numbers. Black people. This is how you do it...