Inslee Extends Eviction Moratorium Through Early June, Bans Rent Hikes and Late Fees




If we're to not pay
anyone Anything
than How are we
to pay Attention
to you?


It's not a full measure. It is undoubtedly good news for many.


@1 Do I have to pay for my weed too? What about my car payments? And that loan I took out for the cruise?



it's good to have a Fan


Good job, Jay.



It helps me.


Wow proves that inslee is a true fascist, forget the bill of rights, forget the constitution, forget freedom, you are essentially a prisoner in your own home, you can even go outside but no fishing, no going to the park, oh and when the economy does open up (assuming there is anything left to open) all that rent, utility, property tax, you pretty much name it will be due. Once inslee is done destroying the economy you will wish you had taken your chances with the corona virus because i dont know about all of you but getting a flu sounds a lot better then jumping off building. The great depression is coming and the suicides and drug use will make the virus seem like a cute little puppy


Shocking to me how many people believe it’s their constitutional right to be sneezed on by a stranger. Fuck, how many of you have ever worked a job where you deal with the public? It’s good that cashiers now have a plexiglass barrier between them and the customers. Creepy old men constantly grab you and Karen’s love getting in your face to complain about something while dousing you in spittle.
You all act like this is bad and Obama is going to come to your house and take your guns then bored you up in your house if you go get Taco Bell. All you alphas a a bunch of fucking crybabies and I really feel bad that you are so scared.


"i dont know about all of you but getting a flu sounds a lot better then jumping off building."

Dying of Covid 19, on the other hand, is a much more painful death than the one you would get jumping off a building.
Call me crazy, but I'll pick losing all my money over losing my life any day of the week.


@11 must be one of the zombie morons in that picture of the mob from Michigan. Also, nice parroting of Trump's "deaths of despair" bullshit. In terms of freedom, I'll take my own ability to decide whether or not to jump off a building over the chance that some MAGAt gives me the virus (which I can't control) because he had to get to the next dollar no matter how may people it kills.


@15 - I would bet that @11 and his red-hat wearing pals are pretty sure they'll be the sneezers rather than the sneezees in your analogy. Which pretty much sums up the MAGAt philosophy.


My entire company has melted down and I've had to fire everyone and the only thing left at the end of the tunnel is bankruptcy, so this is actually helping me a lot.

At least I have a little more time to try and start another business and generate some revenue before my ass is on the street.

It's sort of nice to see a government handout that isn't going to Goldman Sachs or Boeing. Next time I run across Tim Keck, we'll have some stories to tell.


I think that some landlords will raise rent when they are able to. To make up for lost rent and fees. And to evict those that went on a Rent Strike. Or, organized Fuck Rent actions in their building.


@14- big assumption that he's employable.


@21- good.