Slog AM: Seattle Parks Will Stay Open, Wuhan Updates Its Death Toll, IRS Sent Checks to the Dead



Ellen yucks it up with Dubya at football games so is of course a shitty person.


Re: airplane lands on freeway -- people are funny.

Reminds me of a video of two (excaped?) horses running side-by-side on a street, against traffic, and here comes a little car, directly in their path, which neither slows nor swerves, neither do the horses, and when they meet, the front hooves of one of the 1,000ish-pound-horses goes right thru the windshield into, apparently, the drivers chest.

Just because you're staying in between the lines doesn't mean everything's gonna be OK.


"Mass virus testing at a Boston homeless shelter: Revealed that out of 397 people tested, 146 people tested positive. None of them had any symptoms."


wtf? Does living on the streets make you Immune?!


@4: Yes, yes baby, we allllll know how much you hate fat people; you've been going on about it for years. Someday you'll realize that Lindy West neither knows nor cares about you or your weird obsession with her. It's like back in the day when you were banished to the wilderness of the unregistered and you posted comment after comment that nobody could see!


5, It can take up to 2 weeks for symptoms to show but I’m seeing a lot of studies where subjects are tested w/o any follow up, so they cannot distinguish asymptomatic from presymptomatic, yet they are reported as though they all never show symptoms.

It sounds like these people are still under observation but it’s not clear how long they have been following them. The guys on the navy ship didn’t show any signs until the last day of the 2 week quarantine period so it’s possible it takes a while for symptoms to manifest.


all these stories about what a terrible person ellen is have been unexpectedly comforting for me


Re: Ellen


More like Ellen DeJERKeres, am I right? Feel free to use that, you're welcome!!


@12 - sounds to me like she was doing her own shoplifting. I think it is less common to hire someone to do that for you. Or maybe there is a gig app for that now. "ShopLyft"?


"DeGeneres is a shitty boss and maybe a shitty person, contrary to what her talk show persona would lead you to believe." Actually, I had no opinion about her ever until I saw her talk show a couple of times this year. Then I did. And your opinion is my opinion. She doesn't hide it. Her audience is just gullible shut-ins two edgy for The Kelly Clarkson Show.


too. ooops!


My dad passed away late last year. Both he and my mom (still living) received stimulus checks.


I'm disappointed no one has brought up the popular alt-right conspiracy theory about Ellen currently being under house arrest for her involvement in a secret pedophile ring.


Israeli election isn't so much about ideology as it is about Netanyahu attempting to have a parliamentary majority that will over rule the court. His latest is an emergency government to tackle the COVID-19 crisis with clauses that allow him to appoint judges and possibly over rule the supreme court if and when. In the meantime he is inciting against large segments of the population that didn't vote for him.
Yes, Trump is a good friend and so are Bolsonero in Brazil, Orban in Hungary, Duterte in the Phillipines, and Modi in India.


I saw Ellen DeGeneres walking in the garden with the DEVIL!

And she didn’t even introduce us!!!




"Ellen DeGeneres sucks"

Pretty sure she munches.


It's also hilarious that so many people who comment here don't recognize one of the most well-know copypastas when it gets posted here.


@12: That was after your run in with Joan Crawford, right?