Seattle Will Let Pedestrians Take Back Some Streets This Weekend



Take the West Seattle Bridge.


Call me a radical Mudedeian, but I think "mostly carless" is a hazard. It's only closed to through traffic (and presumably car people can enter the P hole?), but people act like it's carless, and drivers can't erase the habit of owning the road.

So you define the greenway as having right of way, a car pulls out of a cross street without adequate checking, cyclist takes the damage. Seen several of those.


Jersey barriers with a person-sized gap, that's the way to play.



I assume nobody will complain when the cars take back the streets when we're ready to do so.


Carless abandon!

I think "closed except to local access and emergency vehicles" has worked just fine in the past. I am happy to see the city giving Walker's more space.


@2 - no shit. Up here in Greenwood the city put in these "neighborhood bikeways" where they put stop signs on all the cross streets and then basically told us it was OK for kids to use those for biking. About 60% of the drivers blow through the stop signs without slowing down. Also, because they are little streets with cars parked, sightlines are terrible. It's only a matter of time until someone's kid gets run over.