The same folks who love to gripe about the government will gladly take the stimulus relief funds, and will go to the E R if they become sick.
The amount of self-delusion is truly astounding.
Darwin Awards used to be given for individual - not group- acts of lunacy. Not any more!


White privilege is violating the governor's executive order, showing up on the steps of the Capitol armed with assault weapons and guns without being fined or tear gassed or shot by police (while black and brown people in the same state are fined $1000 for going to the park).

Trump is inciting terrorism (just as he did with the Charlottesville white supremacists and all other white supremacist mass gatherings, shootings, and incidents in his name). Every single asshole who shows up to these "protests" needs to be denied medical care when they get sick (by the way how ironic that they are protesting the tyranny of being told what to do in a public health crisis in the name of a wannabe tyrant who is the entire reason they are being told what to do as a result of his refusal to do a goddamn thing about the public health crisis). If the death cult of this country, known as Trump, his sycophants, his supporters, and his enablers (the GOP) are so put out by having to stay in their homes and away from other people, they can also not use up precious medical resources (currently being hoarded by Trump et al.) when they get sick. And they should ALL be held accountable for the people they kill because of it. Trump should be held accountable or EVERY SINGLE DEATH caused by COVID-19 in this country. His should have to sign every single death certificate with his sharpie.

Imagine the white privilege in demanding you not be told what to with your body during a worldwide pandemic. These same motherfuckers use, abuse, murder, and legislate the bodies of all other people who are not them.


I am so sick of the neanderthal faction of this country going around making demands and never being held accountable for their goddamn death and destruction.


MAGA is all about fantasy resentments, in particular fantasy resentments against people who have educations and the benefits thereof.
So these smart people who have more money are TELLING IMPORTANT ME to stay home or die and kill others, too?? HOW DARE THEY! I WILL NOT! I WILL GO OUT AND DIE. AND TAKE OTHERS (probably my family) WITH ME.


As unabashedly, unapologetically idiotic and evil as these various Tea Party protests were, that protest in Tel Aviv is hardly a counterexample of wise behavior. Ask yourself if you would have felt comfortable showing up in Rabin Square. Ask yourself if you can guarantee that that protest did not contribute to the spread of the virus.

Y'know, just because the Republican base is patently stupid and partisan doesn't mean The Stranger's writers need to be mildly stupid and partisan just to score a cheap point. But hey, here I am commenting, so I guess I'm just encouraging the stupid. At least I'm doing so from the safety of my own home.


"People value loyalty to the in-group (and especially to the leader) more than truth because they redefine truth as loyalty.


Far too many people reason deductively from non-falsifiable premises, and think they’ve thereby proven a point to be true."


Rich, if you are chose not to nuance the difference between safe distancing at protests and political party affiliations in order to make a provocative headline - that's okay.


Oo-Wa-Ah-Ah-Ah is the unofficial Iowa state slogan, often used in greeting and parting (like Aloha).


I just started the application to live and work in New Zealand. How can I go to work and expose myself to this fucking virus everyday if citizens are willing to spread it around out of a partisan temper tantrum. Fuck these assholes.


Happy 4/20. If I can make it through today sober, I can make it through anything.


@5 and @7 - I doubt Rich is suggesting he would approve of the Olympia protest had they exercised social distancing. The headline is accurate both ways: We now have a core group of 2,500 individuals who may have exchanged and accelerated the virus, AND the Republican Party is advocating violation of the "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" directive. The risk of infection increases in both instances. The Israeli reference is a "throw away" comment, not the center of the piece.


ah- the spit and spittle is flying as the deranged wicked gnash their teeth...
such unhappy folk
so clueless that their philosophy only brings frustration and anger
meanwhile, out here in The Shires everything is sunny
getting a lot of chores caught up around the farm while we wait for The Left to unclench their rectums and let the economy crank back up.


@14: Unfortunately, it's also misguided CEO's who are bending his ear to open things up.


@13 I've seen you in films, are you Percy from the Green Mile?


(not jaymz)



Over the weekend, he was on here claiming to be a wealthy suburban Seattle home, now he's a farmer. I wonder what he'll be tomorrow. The smart money is trending toward cowboy, though I'm hoping for astronaut!


*wealthy Seattle home owner, that should read.


I hope we have some way to identify the attendees when they show up in the ER.


Saying Sutherland "represents a large part of Snohomish County" is true only in a geographical sense.


/seen online/

“Trump’s armed and infectious insurgents are essentially anti-American suicide bombers

These “protest” organizers call themselves “patriots.” Fair enough. Equally fair, however, is calling them insurgents, or even domestic terrorists, willing to commit suicide by way of infecting themselves and others to destabilize public trust as well as the political union of these United States.

They say they stand for liberty. They really stand for disloyalty, disunion and death. Americans invoking patriotism but disobeying stay-at-home orders do so with the moral justification of a suicide bomber.”


@25, Don't forget about the truck nuts...


Remaining terrorists ever since they Lost the Civil War, perhaps this lil bug'll be the Great Cleansing the far far FAR 'right' have dreamt about for so long. Will it be too Late when they realize they've thinned the herd -- of themselves?

One can hope.


@27. Feel free to join them.


@33: Nope


@33: Again Nope


@27 and @33

immune? no. asymptomatic carrier, maybe. there is no immunity to this virus. see cases in asia where those who had the virus are sick again. the 14 day quarantine/incubation period is arbitrary. it's a guess. the only way one is immune to anything is they either never get it at all or they are immunized with a vaccine which allows them to never get it. we are not even remotely (worldwide) close to any immunity.

you are the one spewing bullshit like it's information.


@33: And again Nope


My only point is both parties because they take donations from corporations that are a threat to human life. Additionally, no political party is holding themselves to the rhetoric they spew; they are all hypocrites. If you believe what they are selling, you will be the owner of a magnificent shit pond that costs you your whole life savings.

Wake up and stop voting the party and stop listening to people who tell you how to vote and do your research before you vote, and we should all run for a public office. Because if you are waiting for someone like Bernie to stand up and save you, you will be sitting for a very very long time.


No one has this. Within a population of more than 7.6 million, the State of Washington has averaged 186 confirmed new cases of Covid-19 per day over the last 5-days. At that rate, you have a 1-in-41,028 chance of contracting Covid-19 from a friend or neighbor if you spend too much time within their personal danger zone.
Based on information provided by the Centers for Disease Control, the odds of being struck by a car in the United States is about one in 4,292. The odds of dying as the result of being struck by a car are about one in 47,273.

Here is the link for the COVID-19 Data Dashboard:


27 deaths in King County ages 0-59. Out of a population of 2.25 million. Time to go back to work.


@43, when have we ever shut anything down when almost 0% of our workforce and our children have not been affected by the virus? There has been 135 overdose deaths in King County this year. Should we stop working until they pull all the drugs off the streets?


Republicans to black people: you need to respect

Republicans to immigrants: you need to respect authority!

Republicans to governers: hurry durr this is tyranny because it affects me! I'm not listening! I use a gun to compensate for a small dick!


@37 @44 - All they have seen in Asia is people coming up negative on a PCR test and then positive later. The swabbing test is only going to sample a small area of what is inside your sinuses or wherever it is being put. Couple that with the fact that PCR is EXTREMELY sensitive, and might pick up a very small amount of viral genetic material. It's entirely possible that the "negative" tests simply reflect that the virus was essentially gone after people recovered, and the later positive ones happened to find a tiny amount of viral RNA (possibly from leftover dead cells that had been infected, or some other reservoir that does not reflect an actual ongoing infection). To know someone had actually been reinfected, they'd have to either get sick again or have live virus recovered from a sample. I don't think either of those has been demonstrated.

Nothing I have seen reported suggests that reinfection is common, or even really happening, so the working hypothesis at this point is that being infected & recovering DOES confer some kind of immunity. Of course, we don't know how long it will last - we'll only find that out over time.


I am, however, extremely pleased that Tim Eyman was able to exercise ihis constitutional right to go swimming in this pool of virus. Maybe the next thing he'll get caught stealing will be a ventilator.


This is from an article from yesterday's NY Times titled: "What the Next Year (or Two) May Look Like" by Donald G. McNeil Jr.

"“If a vaccine saves lives, many Americans may become less suspicious of conventional medicine
and more accepting of science in general-including climate change, experts say.”

There is the agenda being pushed. They want a vaccine, which may or may not happen, to a virus that has proven to be not extremely life-threatening and certainly not enough to shut everything down. There is no flu vaccine, there is no pneumonia vaccine, there is no common cold vaccine. Do you really think we need a vaccine for this? Again, 27 deaths in King County ages 0-59. Out of a population of 2.25 million. A 1-in-41,028 chance of contracting Covid-19 in Washington. The odds of being struck by a car in the United States is about 1 in 4,292. Hardly a threat.


@55. Testing in Washington has been finding 20% positive. If that ratio holds, that means we have around 5 times as many infectuons as known cases.

Finally, the low odds you're quoting (which should be 5 times worse) are relatively good only due to the measures we are taking

Stopping social distancing now is like removing your parachute after it has opened because it has slowed your fall, but you're not yet on the ground.


"COVID-19 isn't a big deal because I haven't gotten it yet."
--every conservative deep-thinker in the USA, apparently


Just love how everyone ignores resident nut job and town stupidity crier Ken Mehlman. Do you really think God backs a man who thinks it's ok to grab women's pussies because he's a celebrity? Stupidity like that is why organize religion's dying, thanks for helping to kill it, Ken!


So, can we say that Rep. Sutherland is Down with the Sickness?



“I do want to issue a reminder that being positive for COVID-19 antibodies does not mean that a person is immune, or that a person is not able to be reinfected,” Ferrer said. “More research is really needed to understand what protections people have who may have already been infected with COVID-19.”


81 percent of Americans do not share the views of anti-quarantine protesters.


Singapore Seemed to Have Coronavirus Under Control, Until Cases Doubled

The spread suggests that it is unrealistic for the United States, Europe and the rest of the world to return to the way they were anytime soon, even if viral curves appear to flatten.


I find it troublesome to be asymptomatic but still possibly pass on coronavirus unsuspectingly to anyone else.
Everyone--stay healthy, safe, sane---and smart!


Careful there, God
duck fart's actually
quite Sensitive.

There's a 50-50
chance it was being
facetious, but you're right
it all smells about the same.


@auntie Gee -- "Everyone--stay
healthy, safe, sane---and smart!"

Thanks auntie!
(But, 'smart'? What
are the trolling trolly
Trolls sposed ta do?)


@56: Quit while you're 244 years behind, Kokonut Kenny.
@65 RickfromTexas: Oh, no. I've been onto Kokonut Kenny, Buzzy Nutz, TeeHee, ad nauseum for quite a while. It sure is fun to watch them squirm, though, isn't it?
@72 kristofarian: Kokonut Kenny sensitive? To intelligence? That would explain his terminal cluelessness.
@73 kristofarian: The MAGA trolls? They're rabid, terminally infected with TRUMPVID-19, beyond help, and are dying in unwashed masses of stupidity. Let Darwin finish the job.


@1 pat L and @2 xina for the WIN! Nicely said and summarized.


Not all in Oly are card carrying nutcases. This Capitol Hill soon to not be a liberal is fucking sick of our governor who is duplicitous and wildly inconsistent. We are one of 5 states that prohibit construction. Oh - check that. It is OK if the project is publicly funded, like some low-income housing and apparently college dorms. But the guy cutting grass or doing some framing on a private project is in violation. Help me understand the science and epidemiology that makes people safe depending upon the source of funding? We have the idiots walking outside with masks, thinking they are protecting themselves or others when 50 ft away from others, who are quick to shriek and alarm on Nextdoor when they see some kids gathering in a park, but are happily loading up on soup and toilet paper at the stores, equally close to other shoppers.. Kudos to the Stranger for being one of the only media outlets who allows comments and dissent of the proclamations of his highness and those other virtuous fools.

We will have to live with this virus and all those who are absolutist are not living in the real world that is grey, not black and white. Boeing I understand started to build planes today, with workers in a large plant in proximity of others. I wonder if Jay gave them permission and if so, why this is more essential than the lone contractor. We have choices. Inslee is making his at the expense of all, and is extreme and unmoving it seems.

Then we have our mayor who deigns to close parks on Easter weekend. Spoiler alert, every day is a weekend nowadays and the parks do not need to be closed. Call out those who are too close but leave us the fuck alone otherwise!

Those in Oly were a diverse group, and I for one am happy they were there. It is past-time for those who can safely work, to do so, and to ignore proclamations telling us otherwise. Likewise if they wish to fish in our waters or enjoy our public lands, they should be able to do so. The curve has flattened in WA. Most medical professionals other than those on the front lines are sitting on their hands. ER's are largely empty I have been told. The numbers hospitalized for COVID in the UW system are on a steady decline.

Those defenders of the governor and critics of those in Oly deserve the government they get. I for one, based upon his words and actions will give serious consideration to the Republican candidate who runs against Inslee, and I know I am not alone based upon others I have spoken to. And I don't own a gun, am pro-choice, and absolutely loathe Trump, I may be part of the bleeding edge that will help bring true compassion for working folks and thinking adults to this state.


Lots of wishing death on people by a fast moving infections disease. Reminds me of the 80's.

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