The Non-COVID19 Question You've Been Clamoring For!



I got nothing.


Uh...following? Besides beating the hell out of my non existent drums and wailing away on my Air Guitar, what the hell else do I have to do?


If this is the alternative, more virus talk, please!

Has a recurring nightmare about poop eating


Oh man, I got so close to making a good a acronym!

Has a recurring damn nightmare about poop eating


How about "Has a recurring damn nightmare over poop eating?"


Thank YOU, btmom! I like to think I woulda got there eventually, but wow.


Taste is all in the sense of the beholder. My ex’s ass tasted like Ice Cream with honey sprinkles when we were together. I bet it tastes like a rat died up there rn


I agree with @7. The taste you are experiencing may be all in your head.

Otherwise, I think it would take a lot of cherries or drinking cherry juice (a lot) to make your poop taste like cherries. Many people try similar things like drinking pineapple juice to make your cum taste like pineapple juice. Don't bother; this doesn't work except all in your head.


And you kiss your mother with those lips?


Man Dan can be such a dick sometimes...the question we were all clamoring for? Doubtful. And he didn't even bother to answer? That's just fucking lazy. Thanks for nothing Dan! Having said that, I've tasted the sweet taste too, but I lived to tell about it. So no harm no foul right? right?


I couldn't guess where the taste comes from, but I, too, have encountered sweet ass before and, sometimes, on an ass that wasn't previously sweet tasting and would sometimes not be again. Feces has never crossed my mind as a source of the sweetness. I've always assumed it was just some pleasant temporary chemistry, maybe from something that was eaten, maybe a microorganism, maybe something to do with sweat, maybe a combination of factors. I suggest not thinking about it too much and just enjoying the added benefit to what is already an amazing time.


This gives new meaning to the phrase, "Tastes like ass."


I guess my question to LW is... Why feel bad? Sounds like you're having a great time. Cherry lip balm sounds like a pleasant flavor. I def can relate to overthinking... But I'd say this would be a good time for going with your body and telling the prefrontal cortex (conscious logical brain) to shove it. The unconscious animal brain is having a fantastic time! -- listen to it :)


I refuse to believe that there wasn't a far more disgusting DS question rattling around.


@14 I mean... remember that guy who made it with his mom but didn’t feel that it was an issue worth discussing in therapy? Cherry lip balm is positively tame by comparison.


Possibly Dan's way of telling readers to stop whining?


LOL. I don't imagine the anxious readers calling for non-COVID questions like this one better.

Oh, and are any of us that thought it would be fun if Dan threw a question to us glad he picked this one?

@14 venn
Very well-played!

@15 family doc
I dunno, the literal motherfucker was much more disturbing but this one makes me more queasy.

If I were gonna answer this one, I'd first wanna ask if the LW got the same delicious taste when kissing them or anywhere else on their bodies.


Hmmm. Shades of the Baby Ruth bar in the swimming pool scene From Caddyshack.


In a way it is a COVID-19 related question as there’s plenty communicable shitty stuff in there.
Has anyone seen Pasolini’s “Salo”? If you haven’t then make sure to keep it this way, I’m still traumatized.
Cold war era joke: What 69 and the KGB have in common?
If you’re not careful you might end up eating shit.


For what it's worth, I have heard coprophiliacs, probably others than those the LW found, mention the "sweet taste" thing also. There is likely something to it.


My guess is that SHIT is coming into contact with a bacteria. Certain bacteria, especially pseudomonas, can cause a sweet taste in the mouth. Pseudomonas is a common bacteria found all over the world, and some healthy people have strains of it growing on their skin in moist parts of their body, like their armpits or genital area. Pseudomonas bacteria are generally harmless.


End thread everyone, I think @SublimeAfterglow/21 solved it! :)


Funny, LW, you stick your tongue way deep up someone’s arse and get queasy thinking you might be tasting some shit? Good one.


I don't quite see how homophobia is unconscionable but coprophilia is disgusting. I thought that the lw might have been smelling something his lover had doused on his back...?


Too much artificial sweetener in that person's diet. That stuff doesn't really break down in your body, just goes out the other end.


At last, a non-covid question and this is what we get? Shit....


M?? Harriet - Do you put conscience and disgust on the same plane? If this were one of those multi-dimensional chessboards, surely they'd be on different levels.


Some lubes taste sweet so it might be that. And the bottom might have lubed up before getting together or might have used a pre-lubed enema. But I agree with the developing consensus that this isn't really a problem.


@27 venn
As I just wrote on another thread, I don't know about the rest of you, but I think there's a certain magic in watching venn discuss something with Harriet.


It could be the lube to douche with, the douche itself (Summers Eve?), whatever may be floating around your mouth at the time... a lot of things. Before I go down there, I follow a strict but subtle protocol: wet two fingers, take a swipe, smell, decide if I like what I'm gonna taste. 90% of the time it's all good. Sometimes, though, I'm not digging the scent and it's not going in my mouth.


While I've had my ass eaten quite a number of times, I've never quite found the courage to try it out on someone else. The tip above is a good one - thanks tim browne @30.

It feels wonderful and despite making sure I am very, very clean for my partners I always felt a bit lame for not learning to reciprocate.


Switching orifices, about 15 years ago, someone published a peer-reviewed article on strains of lactobacillus in vaginal flora and that about 30% did not have the, er, "acquired taste" aspect of the majority - they lacked the (to some) objectionable smell and taste. One of the researchers dubbed them "lucky lactos" and their larger data set matched pretty well with my smaller one.

Point being, internal flora differs greatly from individual to individual. There's probably a generic component to that and there's certainly a dietary one.


My first thought: this is definitely not my scene.

My second thought: pre-diabetic? Maybe a doctor can give more input?


The most obvious answer to me (which I am surprised occurred to nobody so far) is perfumed soaps or body washes that haven't been completely rinsed off.


Also, perfumed lubes or oils that the person may have used in the process of cleaning out. Maybe they intermittently use coconut butter or some such as lube for the douche.


fubar @16 for the win!

I agree there is often a sweet taste. I think of it as a combination of sweat & pheromones, but I also try not to think about it much.






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