Man Riding Bike Around Seattle Supermarket During Lockdown Surprises No One



That does it. I'm taking (Heigh! Ho!) Silver!* to Winco ... they'll social distance the fuck outta me. Us. I better weigh him on the way in -- he Loves their oranic apples and carrots! He oncd tried a mango but spit it, surprisingly, all the across Produce to Deli; nobody else saw it richochet into the fruit salad so, I didn't say anything, just Bless You!, this being pre-Pandemic.

*the Wonderhorse


Probably didn't have a bike lock. Smart move in this City.


The Safeway on Rainier?
Damn, I was going to go there later this week!
But do they have vodka and gin?
Please photograph the aisles with the stuff that people really want ! Thank you !


No one said anything because who wants to mess with a tweaker and risk getting attacked?


@4 a bike thief duh


If you saw a Safeway employee ask the guy to take the bike outside, would this article have addressed how this guy is victim of our car culture?


This is print worthy?