Ads as news items? Reminds me of Rush Limbaugh.


Seattle will soon get its first walk-up coronavirus testing site, but what about people without legs?


"but he hinted at allowing elective surgeries to resume in the coming days...."
That Jay, what a tease.

btw Georgia resumed elective surgeries today.
Jay has really been behind the curve lately.


2020, the year the righteousness of the "right" died, as they exposed their true nature in a time of trial.

Oh, and the antibody test is more than 99% accurate and your doctor can order it for you if you've been exposed to COVID (e.g. had all the symptoms for healthy people but weren't tested).


@4 BC already did that. It's rolling out all up and down the West Coast (aka Cascadia)


Have you seen the Big News? (that isn't 'news' at all to regular Slog readers...)

(CNN) "Two coronavirus-related deaths confirmed in Northern California's Santa Clara County from early February are the earliest known deaths from the virus in the US.
The deaths were from February 6 and February 17 -- up to three weeks before the first known US death in Kirkland, Washington, on February 29...."

Coronid was around in America months before the Leftist Media started hyping the story.
Millions of people have had it who never have been tested, never showed upon in the system or official statistics.

The lethality of this virus is more than an order of magnitude less that the hysterical figures thrown about by the hysterical panic porn Leftist propaganda outlets, and comparable to the common flu.

Great News!
The Winning! Somebody make it stooooopp.....

Of Course,
you girls have known all this for several month.
The Troll has been telling you every chance.

One day you're going to look at this broken economy in ruins and realize what jackasses you were.




@10 - You want to catch it? Be our guest.


@10 - Speaking on behalf of all “Leftists” [sic], we all would have preferred widespread, effective testing over shutdowns, but the anti-government troll yall elected to dismantle the CDC and other wasteful guvmint had more important things to do, like propaganda video production and blaming WHO and pushing snake oil and arguing with governors during an emergency. So much winning.


It’s been hear longer and killed more people than previously thought therefore it’s nothing to worry about. Cool, cool, cool, cool. We are not living in the dumbest possible timeline.


The blame game is waste of everyone’s time. China, Italy, Spain, US, Iran - it doesn’t really matter if a country overreacts or underreacts, is a Maoist capitalistic society or an Islamic republic or a right wing-led misarchy. All that matters is if you have a competent response that traffics in facts, like South Korea. Ad hominem attacks won’t make the thing go away or get the economy back on its feet. But sure, blame the leftist media - THAT’LL help make america great again. spite is all they got. No solutions. I miss the days when the caucasian patriarchy still knew how to get things done. Pathetic.


Fuckin CNN always pushing Medicare for all and hyping Bernie those fucking leftists.


@20 -- trolling trolly Troll
keeps using that Word
but it doesn't mean
what he 'Thinks' it

He's merely saying,
"Hey, we Fascists
HATE socialists
and all them

Like the FOX
he's Totally



Ever find that ever-Elusive Clitoris
Buzzy Nutz? Inquiring Minds
are Dying to know.

Hint: you may (or may
Not) Have one.

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