Slog PM: Chubby Baby Sea Turtles Love the Pandemic, Vegas Mayor Wants You to Gamble With Your Life



Let the Sea Turtles pay the City Council's tax. They've got the extra.


She's not the mayor of the Las Vegas strip (it's in the unincorporated part of the county). And she's just like Trump because she is insisting Las Vegas businesses open, but offers no plan and no direction on how to do so - taking no responsibility for what happens when these businesses open and people get sick and die. That being said, who, exactly, is going to run and book vacations in Vegas if they reopen?

In other news Trump is already throwing Republicans who have taken his lead on reopening under the bus as doing something he wouldn't do. Anyone surprised?

Of course it won't stop Kemp or the other Republican governors from doing it because they have no other choice (as explained by this comment on the article):

Kemp is certainly a Trump toady. But GOPers in the deep South have long worked to destroy 1) unemployment benefits, 2) any “welfare” type benefits, and 2) Medicaid benefits. This is all race based, and these programs are terribly underfunded. White southerners have convinced themselves that these programs go mostly to “lazy brown people.” Remember, these are the very same states that screamed bloody murder about Medicaid expansion.

Getting people back to work makes them ineligible for unemployment if they choose not to work. This basically takes them off of Georgia’s responsibility for unemployment benefits. This kind of thing is something the GOP in the South does consistently.

Believe me, Kemp is never going to reverse this. And I’d say it’s highly likely that other GOPer states are going to follow relatively quickly for the very same reason. They all view it as throwing good money at people who don’t deserve it.


"Check out this exchange between Anderson Cooper and Goodman, flagged by Bess Levin at Vanity Fair today:"

lol, the interview was trending on twitter as it was happening. I don't think you you need to indicate who "flagged" it so that you eventually saw it. It wasn't some tucked away interview that no one had noticed.


No need to fret about not being enthusiastic about the otherwise obvious and only choice.

In all fairness, the LV mayor will probably work with casino operators who know their industry the best to come up with a plan. Games that can accommodate social distancing and the fewest number of touch points can be unveiled first: slot machines! Then maybe roulette tables with more staffing. Card games might be electronic. Beverages would have to be served in plastic.


@4 she's not the mayor of the strip (where the casinos are) and they have ZERO interest in opening their businesses right now. she's being told in no uncertain terms to STFU.


She’s a nut. If the casinos wanted to be open they would be. They aren’t open because the only people that want to go are degenerate gamblers with multiple health problems. If they were open and one of the guests died the family would sue the shit out of the casinos. Everyone who got shot at sued and the casinos settled.


"Getting people back to work [in Georgia] makes them ineligible for unemployment if they choose not to work." --@xina

The Right to Choose to Work or Die
brought to you by GOP
Who ya gonna Vote for?

"This basically takes them off of Georgia’s responsibility for unemployment benefits."

And then seize the Estate for burial expenses.

What's that olde saying about two birds, one stone?

"No need to fret about not being enthusiastic about the otherwise obvious and only choice." --@rainy

No, no need worry, yet.
But if Uncle Smokin' Joe wants to wait for hair Fuoror to implode, he may hafta wait a bit. Tha's okay -- Joe's just keepin' his Powder dry is all. Let's hope he's got a Rally or two in him before November.


I could watch those baby turtles forever!


"Necro-economics" -- that's some good shit, Chase!


"Trump is really 'itching' to travel: 'He would like to get back on the road,' Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway told reporters on Wednesday."

Good. Nothing'd Delight me more than seeing trumpfy the great grifter, elbow-to-elbow along with a few millions of fellow magats, projectile spewing . . . whatever all over each other . . . or is our precious reality teevee Star too smart for that?

Does he already have the (actual) Cure?

He could travel around in a big Bubble.
That should do it.


Here’s what’s happening in Las Vegas right now.

As noted the resort corridor is in Paradise Township in Clark County. The mayor position in the city is largely ceremonial. The mayor pro-tem and council do the actual business. Goodman has a vote and runs the meetings but her power is limited by the council. The Gaming Commission, state and the resorts run what happens in the business.

Right now there is a commission of current and former industry execs, Sisolak, the NGC and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau. There are plans on re opening and what the resorts are going to look like. There is no date to re open but they are taking reservations for May 1. We’ve been dark for about six weeks (we closed prior to the order) and aren’t planning to come back until at least June 1. It will be distancing, masks, temperature cams and a check of those that trigger the cams when they come in.

First to open will be the hotel portion and gaming floor then food and beverage. Gaming floors are going to have games removed, no seating at the bars and table space reduced. Numbers I’m hearing are at least by a half. Theater and show room seating will be reduced and they’re figuring out how to do that. It will be slow but steady. Convention and meeting work is done perhaps until CES in Jan. Nightclubs may be closed for months and the pool/day clubs will not come back until next season.

Everyone is pushing back against the mayor right now even people that are her allies. When the city does open it will be when it’s safe enough not to create another hot zone. She was embarrassing and has been the entire time. Even though reservations are being taken for next week none of the front line staff have been called back. The resorts are in a mothball state and will need a few days prep to come back online. I see May 15 a more likely date for limited operation and I’m not so sure about the shows opening on June 1.


Leslye Headland?
From Variety comments:
"female centric… wow that’s really different… no one’s tried that before… "
"And its been so successful too. Why wouldnt you repeat all the success its had?"

Get Woke...Go Broke.


Stay Asleep
little sheep.


I'm getting pretty tired of hearing about these polls of people who want to stay in lockdown. Do you know who answers polls? Feeble, lazy, old, scared people who sit at home all day and respond to pollsters. At some point in the near future we will have to discuss how to reopen America for the rest of us, no matter how much they, or the Stranger, or anderson cooper want to act like babies about it. I'm also disappointed the Stranger highlights recent protests as something to be disdained and not a right that should be exercised, what the fuck happened here. You also take a huge risk in this battle. If the virus turns out to not be as deadly as predicted, do you know how republicans will paint democrats come this November? They were already saying that democrats were trying to ruin the economy. I've been a lifelong democrat, but this insanity is starting to make me think differently. I'm sure I'm not the only one...


@15 -- your concernis duly noted. Also: "You also take a huge risk in this battle. If the virus turns out to not be as deadly as predicted, do you know how republicans will paint democrats come this November?"

You think Repubs need Ammo vs. Dems?
With a Fake 'prez' who just makes shit up?
Nah. Their Propaganda Machine is very finely tuned, as are their Voter Suppression /Vote counting teams.

I'm already sick of Quarentining but strong enough / patient to give it Time. And if staying shut down Works, Repubs'll definitely say it was Unnecessary, in the first place.

'Facts,' being highly Biased leftwards, don't actually Matter to the so-called 'right,' the self-proclaimed "party of personal responsiblity." But, good Luck.


If you have your health, you have everything.

Gloria Vanderbilt


@15, fortunately, this is a representative democracy, and you have a choice. You can look forward to exercising your right to vote a straight Trump+Eyman ballot in November.


@18 It's not like I have much to gain from voting for inslee/biden seeing as how I'm not wealthy or over the age of 60.


Well, one can scarcely find better champions of the interests of young and working-class Americans than Donald Trump and Tim Eyman. Y'know?



He's only itching to travel because he's getting tired of constantly going over-par on the Oval Office putt-putt green...

And can someone please send @15 a link to the "Mongols at the gates" meme that's been floating around for the past several weeks? It's a simple enough analogy that even he should be able to understand it - although in his case perhaps a colorful cartoon version would be more effective...