Did State Senator Phil Fortunato Fart on This Zoom Call?



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@1. And how!


So this deserves a page on the Stranger? Rick I'm sure you want to dig up dirt on politicians you don't like but this is not the kind of dirt Journalists go after, even if their desperate.


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While lighthearted posts are welcome, this doesn't inspire me to click the Donate Now button at the top of this page.


I'm beginning to think The Stranger furloughed the wrong writers.
Hey Stranger, did you apply for Federal coronavirus-aid funds? Did you get it? How much?
Now there's a story.


And yet, y'all're Still here....

"That sound was just a chair or something."

Was chairman timmy there?
If one of the office chairs had a
squeaky wheel, that's likely the one he'd grab.
I hope they counted them after. Do they have cc Video?