State Sen. Mark Mullet Drew Crowds With Free Ice Cream in Issaquah Parks



People have confused spreading the virus with going outdoors and enjoying life.

It's a very stupid and puritanical view of the world.


Given that the officer did not see social distant measures being violated, this burhaha is shameful overreaction from being prudent into busybody agenda that lacks common sense.

@1 is correct.


@3, did you read what I just posted about stupid puritans hating fun? Because you're providing an example.


Wow.... Sloooooooooow news day at the Stranger... haha

Headline: Anonymous neighbor in internet forum has overreaction about free ice cream


This is quality A++++ political reporting. Holy crap, thank god I gave 50 bucks to y'alls. Keep up the GREAT work!


But, the side eye that young woman is giving the photographer is priceless. For that alone, thank you! Brightened my day.