A Message to the City from Lorena González



Lorena didn't "return to work." She is working from the safety of her home, where neither she nor her child nor anyone she loves is being exposed to the virus. Meanwhile city employees who ARE working and who ARE going out in the world being exposed, exposing our families, exposing OUR newborns are being told that pay cuts are coming, unpaid weeks are coming (furloughs), and lay offs are coming. We're being told to go to work during a pandemic, while leaders keep their OWN children safe at home, and simultaneously being told that our jobs will not be secure when this is over. City council members are so incredibly tone deaf at this point they might as well be Republicans. So much for respect for labor, or for working families, or for working moms or single moms - stay up there in your ivory towers and when this is all over come back to your water view offices and your world class childcare that other city employees don't get on the taxpayer's dime. I regret ever having voted for you.