Slog AM: Construction News Expected, Nightlife Industry Gets Help, Don't Inject Disinfectant



25th Amendment!
You know it's past due!


Did anyone ever think they'd one day be reading news stories about doctors frantically telling people not to drink bleach just because your president said so? This simulation blows.


We should be encouraging anyone who’d take medical, business, ethical, legal, or moral advice from Prezirapist AntiChrist to drink bleach immediately. We’d all be better off during the Tr666p/RepubliKKKans national murder-suicide.


Cute baby yes, commendable council woman yes, but let's move on now.


If one is a true trump supporter, or even just a run-of-the-mill horrible republican, one owes it to the president to swallow bleach and inject themselves with rubbing alcohol. It is the only way to show the depths of their devotion to Capitalism and Our American Way Of Life.


Nothing about Gov Cuomo's dramatic announcement?!
Frizzle, you pathetic hack.

Cuomo announced results from a study that indicates over 20% of NYC residents have been exposed to, and developed antibodies for, the virus.
When the cities 11,000 deaths are axtrapolated over the couple of million residents who have had the virus the lethality rate drops to a fraction of the number the Left has been pushing.

Take away:

1 Many many more people have been exposed to the virus than the 'experts' have been saying

2 The overwhelming majority of people exposed will show NO or very mild symptoms.

3 The lethality rate is far far lower than the 'experts' have declared, and comparable to the common flu.


8 i know math is hard but if you run the numbers that puts the case fatality rate at roughly 1% which is about 10X the flu’s fatality rate and what the ‘experts’ have been saying for months, also you may have missed this but 50,000 have americans died from this virus over the past few weeks alone


It is all relative.
Compared to Biden Pres Trump is a freaking genius.
btw has the Democrap National Committee sent anyone over to peek in the old folks' home window and see how Joe is doing?


@ 9,

That's the best argument for nuking those gawdamn wealth and power-worshiping liars at the New York Times since they helped CaliguBush lie our way into nation-ruining wars with Afghanistan and Iraq.


Who could have guessed in 2016 that trump’s reelection strategy would involve minimizing the death of tens of thousands of americans and hair-splitting whether he told people to inject themselves with bleach or merely asked if doctors could look into it


If trumpfy's not gonna shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, he should at Least be allowed to host his Nuremberg Rallies where he could encourage his Faithful Freedom Fighters to bring their favored Cleansing Products to drink, snort, shoot or just wash off with -- probably his Very Best Plan out of this trumpfian-made Nightmare, so far.

A Genius in the stable, no Doubt.


Is that baby wearing a wig?


That's sad.
But while the virus was killing 50,000 (the great majority of whom were dying from something else already before Covid came knocking) cancer killed 155,000.
Heart disease killed 170,000.
Heck, accidents around the house almost killed as many as the virus;
Shelter in Place with that dangerous shower just a few feet away?
Covid truly IS this generations D-Day.....


@ 16,

It’s whut plants crave.


I think it's cute when the trolls try to be all sciencey. It's like a little boy trying on Mama's high heels and lipstick.


Brave Words, young padowan.
Sadly, the Democrats won't be able to keep Biden in a closet forever.
Please don't forget his bib; drool is hell on nice wool....


@20 -- Like MAGAts
on dead shit they are.


21 You are quoting star trek and hoping to look tough and cool?


@21: LOL you are so desperate.


18, cancer doesn’t kill 150K people in the span of a few weeks, but if we wait a few more we’ll get there

I mean seriously you guys understand these numbers can only get bigger, right? Remember when the 12K people who died of H1N1 was bad because obama until we breezed past that number within like a week or 2? At some point you guys should probably figure out how this stuff works.


I hope inslee's conference goes better than the previous one. Dates and processes would be good to know, not just metaphors like "tuning a dial."


At what point does trump and/or his handlers figure out that these daily briefings are free advertisements for whichever warm body is running against him? The virus isn’t going away so this could conceivably go on daily until November. Eventually someone is going to put a stop to this, right?


@21 Spike your Kool-Aid with bleach. Add Tide Pods to taste. Rinse and repeat.


If Trump telling people to inject themselves with disinfectant and/or drink bleach is not going to put a stop to this nightmare of a shit show that is his term in the WH, then I really don't know what is. It's bad enough we have assholes out there getting themselves and others sick on purpose "protesting" reality. Now the overwhelmed and overworked health care workers are going to have to deal with nimrods following Trump's "advice." And to make it worse he's not even the only bat shit crazy one as Cristina Cuomo's come out telling people she's been bathing in bleach, which is also, by the way, NOT RECOMMENDED IN ANY WAY AS SAFE OR REASONABLE OR SANE. Seriously, this shit has gone on long enough. Someone needs to take Trump down and put him in a padded room and leave him there until the end of time. The fact that no one has done that yet proves that COVID-19 is the least of our problems and that is sheer fucking insanity.


In the past, this is the point when the First Lady would reign in her husband to right the ship.



The term "padawan" (sic) comes from Star WARS, NOT Star Trek. And the fact 404 can't spell it correctly just shows he's even less cool than a sci-fi nerd...



The problem is most musicians don't make squat from selling their music directly because of pirating and the pittance paid by streaming services and terrestrial radio, so touring - along with accompanying merch sales - makes up a huge part of their revenue-stream.


Can we just advocate for all of the science deniers to go find their own state and succeed? Shove them all into Florida and be done with it. It'll be great. No science no vaccines. Remove all the business regulations and pesky OSHA guidelines (stupid worker protections). No minimum wage or taxes (company script pay only). Let the market determine the prices of the lysol injections LIBERTY!


Perhaps Trump will volunteer to be the first to have Lysol injected into his lungs. One can only hope.


according to trump he was being sarcastic about injecting people with bleach because what better time to workshop his stand up routine than during a public health briefing about the pandemic that has killed 50000 americans


If some well respected author or director had floated a fictional story idea back in mid-2016 that described the events of these last four years in a hypothetical depiction of a Trump presidency, it'd have flopped. It'd have just seemed far too outrageous and like blatant ideological plundering of extremely low hanging fruit, even given all of the batshit shit he'd already done to that point. Like, the asinine stuff he says and does is undeniably and objectively funny (albeit in a devastatingly sad and cringe-worthy manner) but only because he's actually somehow doing it in earnest. It wouldn't have worked as effective satire.

I suppose in 50 or 60 years someone will probably put something out there and enough time will have passed that those folks will be able to have a good hearty laugh at our expense. Good for them.


If you are dumb enough to even consider drinking or injecting bleach or disinfectant please do it before you reproduce. You would be doing us all a favor by smartening up the gene pool, and we don't really want to have to take care of your cretinous spawn after you die.


Trump is such a fucking moron. Everyone knows that the most effective way to sanitize your lungs is to mix bleach and ammonia together and then breathe in the cleansing fumes.


@39 It would also be an extremely tedious satire. It is just the same idiocy over and over. I'll have to admit this is a slightly new level of idiocy however.


I can only dream of a world where liberals and conservatives can be less dramatic. How about something like this:
FACT: President Trump's discussed medical approaches (UV light / lung disinfectant) to combat COVID-19 during a live press conference. OPINION: This discussion was not rehearsed and poorly worded. CONJECTURE: Some individuals could misconstrue this discussion and hurt themselves. RECOMMENDATION: President Trump would do himself a favor if he kept the COVID-19 updates concise, and vetted by an experienced medical panel.


FACT: President Trump is stupid as shit.


@20 FTW!


My man needs to work on a tight 5. Gonna be opening for Yakov Smirnoff in Branson after this.


Ruh roh, what are all of the deniers going to do now? Will they panic buy bleach and gather and drink??? All that laughing at the blue states and their death rates is gonna come back and bite them in the ass. Well deserved karma.

A coronavirus wake-up call is coming to red America, complicating Trump's push to reopen

COVID-19’s recent spread shifts to suburban, whiter, and more Republican-leaning areas


That is a very fair analysis.
Sadly, our society has no room for that kind of objective reasoning.


"COVID-19’s recent spread shifts to suburban, whiter, and more Republican-leaning areas"

Well, then, it's a Good Thing the trump crime fambly's been stealing/ hording all that PPE for precisely such an Emergency (if he can't keep his republican Base happy, he's gonna have to spend some serious Time in the Slammer.) (and, as Everyone knows, trumpfy's much too Pretty for Prison.).

Thanks, and Fuck YOU, reptilicans.


44 uv light is not a “medical approach” for treating infection and “lung disinfectants” aren’t even a thing but sure, he would be advised to shut the fuck up already


@44 @50 Here, I fixed it for you:

FACT: President Trump's (sic) discussed medical approaches that he knows absolutely nothing about (UV light / lung disinfectant) but that kill C19 on surfaces and then recommended injecting them into humans or somehow getting light inside bodies to combat COVID-19 during a live press conference. The first is ridiculous, the second is life threatening, because the president has no idea what he is talking about.

That work? Fair and balanced?


In 4 days (or less) we will hit one million cases of COVID-19 in the United States and close to 60,000 deaths (if not more).


@52: Perhaps research in species with luminance, like fireflies, would shine a light on perhaps developing internally lucent protein strains to lure the virus away from damaging cells.


Hahaha. Oh Christ. The continued rhetorical loops and tortured “logic” MAGA heads employ to “interpret” Trumps increasingly deranged briefings.

Like typing words like FACT and CONJECTURE in all caps suddenly make all this insanity more normal. Like, it’s just how you reactionary libtards are perceiving all this!

He didn’t mean literally “drink bleach,” he was, uh, scientifically brainstorming, you know just trying to get those linear thinking egg heads at the CDC to think out of the box, man!

Sure. There’s no such thing as lung disinfectant NOW. But get to work and invent that shit, egg heads! I, Trump, just gave you a billion dollar idea. You losers work out the details on how that won’t poison people. Oh. Another great idea. EDIBLE CARPETS!

Haha. This is how rightwingers in their delusional fog of 13th Century philosophy think.


If Biden can go a whole four years without suggesting anyone bath in or inject cleaning products, I think that would be a good thing. Trump needs to STFU in the worst way. Why are people being so nice to a loco pendejo like him anyway?


Dr Birx's real time reaction to this is harrowing and worth a watch.


@61. Critical hit!

It's not very effective...


Eye injections. Apply directly to eyes.


@8 Article in "Science" today says that there are serious problems with the studies claiming that the virus is widespread (and most of these studies have not been peer-reviewed yet):
1) Bias in choosing whom to test: Surveying whole families was done-of COURSE people in close contact with someone infected will also likely be infected. The study showing the highest rate of positives was taken on a single street corner in Boston, showing that, at most, there was a high rate of infection there, not for the whole city.
2) The antibody tests are designed to give positive readings ("false positives"), as it is better to treat somebody who is not sick than to miss someone who is sick - but that means that they aren't great for surveys, since if the virus is present at a very low level, the number of false positives can actually be much larger than the number infected.
3) A test in Santa Clara County, CA, gave 1.5% positives (50 people out of 3300 tested), but the authors adjusted the number of positives to reflect county demographics and reported that 4.2% of the county had been infected. That means that groups that the researchers did not reach very well showed a high but statistically suspect rate of infection. For an extreme example: say they tested 3295 men and just 5 women, and happened to find that 3 of those women had antibodies to the virus, then claimed that 60% of all the women in the state must be infected.
4) Several of the authors of some studies called (one in an op-ed n the Wall Street Journal) for cutting back on restrictions BEFORE the study was done - That would be like sending Mr. Mudede to perform a survey of business leaders and finding his study results claim that most business leaders support getting rid of capitalism. Researchers have to go into a study like this without a bias.

Upshot: There is NO reason yet, unfortunately, to believe that the infection rate is anywhere NEAR what you would like it to be. The test results so far are just not strong enough to say one way or the other. Your desires do not reflect the present reality.


Trump spoke very little and ran away like a bitch at his daily ego stroke today. If we're lucky this humiliation will force him to finally SHUT THE FUCK UP. He sure loves to dish it out but he can't take it, not even a little bit. Such a beautiful thing to watch him turn and run. Not being able to control the spin on his stupidity will eat him alive.


@65 Lol you cited the article but left out crucial parts of the context.

1) "The Boston researchers do not think quarantines should be eased, however. Better containment is urgently needed in Chelsea, they say, to help prevent further spread both within the community and in the larger Boston area.

Even if the antibody surveys show a COVID-19 death rate well below 1%, says Michael Osterholm, an infectious disease expert at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, control measures will be needed for a long time to avoid overwhelmed hospitals. “The seroprevalence data only confirm the challenge we face. The data [these studies] are generating … is just showing how hard this is.”

2) Positive test results are not "false positives," this is deliberately misleading. "Streeck and his colleagues claimed the commercial antibody test they used has “more than 99% specificity,” but a Danish group found the test produced three false positives in a sample of 82 controls, for a specificity of only 96%. That means that in the Heinsberg sample of 500, the test could have produced more than a dozen false positives out of roughly 70 the team found."

3) "I think the authors of the paper owe us all an apology,” wrote Columbia University statistician and political scientist Andrew Gelman in an online commentary. The numbers “were essentially the product of a statistical error.” Bhattacharya says he is preparing an appendix that addresses the criticisms. But, he says, “The argument that the test is not specific enough to detect real positives is deeply flawed.”

4) "On the day the preprint posted, co-author Andrew Bogan—a biotech investor with a biophysics Ph.D.—published an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal asking, “If policy makers were aware from the outset that the Covid-19 death toll would be closer to that of seasonal flu … would they have risked tens of millions of jobs and livelihoods?” The op-ed did not initially disclose his role in the study."

Thanks for your armchair epidemiology and proof of your inability to assess claims and cherrypick a credible article to uphold confirmation bias. The virus may very well be more widespread due to the lack of testing, and yet you jump to conclusions based on a study you know to be flawed one way or another. Go back to IPC.



Not Florida. They don't deserve Disney World, Key West or Kennedy Space Center. Give them someplace they can really stretch their Wild West-cum-Ayn Rand inspired brand of individualtarism. Wyoming would be more suitable: lots of unoccupied acreage, lax gun laws, right next to Utah so they can feed their patriarchal harem fantasies, probably low property taxes to boot. Seems like their idea of heaven and we'd only have to give up Yellowstone in exchange. Plus, with any luck the super volcano will erupt in their lifetimes and take them all out in one fell-swoop.



Yeah, and I'm guessing he didn't stick around for - or just plain failed to notice - another article with the rather ominous title: "Substantial undocumented infection facilitates the rapid dissemination of novel coronavirus".


@67: Ummm... my post @65 comes to the same conclusion that you do: We don't know how severe the undercount is, so it's too early to relax social distancing.
Did you mean to answer the trolls @8, 21, 41, etc?


@57: As I have already pointed out you when you tried to float that in another thread, Covid loves men most of all, so I guess the patriarchy will be getting culled and Lindy will have the last laugh. Xoxo