Thank you for the update, Rich. My gynecologist has declared what I would have been scheduled for an elective surgery. I am on painkillers for the time being, but agree that opening up restrictions may have too overwhelming an outcome.

Everyone stay healthy, safe, and sane.


It is a tough call. You also have routine health visits that have been delayed (e. g. mammograms). Put that off too long, and you can have some really bad outcomes. That's a lot different than haircuts.


@2 Ross: My point exactly. No word yet either as to when I'll be in for what would be a routine mammogram screening.


Some people are postponing medical care generally because they don't want to venture into a doctor's office or clinic or hospital for fear of contracting the virus. They just stay hunkered down, hoping for the best~ hoping their medical problem can wait for an unknown period of time.


I'm very open minded about this entire situation, but it's so hard for me to comprehend articles like this when I cross reference the stated 100 COVID patients in the hospital with the following information from UW Medicine's website:

"​​​​​​Nearly 30,000 caring professionals come together each day at UW Medicine with a singular mission: to improve the health of the public. Our family of healthcare providers, researchers, faculty and staff includes:

Airlift Northwest
Harborview Medical Center
UW Medical Center - Northwest
UW Medical Center
UW Neighborhood Clinics
UW Physicians
UW School of Medicine
Valley Medical Center

How can 30K medical professionals not be able to handle 100 patients when elective surgery's are not being supported? I know this is over simplification, but I'm at a loss ...



Ease up on the hydroxychloroquine there, Dave. And I presume you're planning on injecting disinfectant into your lungs soon.


@6, it doesn't seem logical but it is all about resource use and keeping staff protected. Just the procedure of going in and out of a COVID room takes about 20-30 minutes for 2 staff, and UW has barely enough PPE. ICU care is very complicated as well especially with these patients. I work both in ICU and post surgery recovery and there are dozens of opportunities to contract the virus with each patient and staff interaction, and unlike NYC, Atlanta or Europe our hospitals have not become sources of infection. We continue doing surgeries that save life, limb and eyesight. We test every single person before surgery now. I fully expect that we will have far more spread as we open up but I'm in favor of doing more surgeries and think we can do it safely


"Yet you [dirty dave] persist on making unsupported statements with no basis in fact, with no cites, no sources, and frankly no rational basis. Why?" --Profhiz

Have you not noticed hair Furor?
It his sole Modus Operandi
& dirty dave's just playing
Follow derr "Leader."

Lotta folks following suit.
And here we are.
Damn damn


@5, @12, & @13: Quit snorting hydroxychloroquine, Doofy. Like TeeHee's supply of nitrous oxide, it won't save you.
@11: Oh, that's right, lil MAGA dumbfuck. I forgot how shamefully illiterate you are.
Have your mother look up the word "gynecologist" in Webster's Dictionary for you, provided she can actually read.

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