Re. "It's a good time to be a vegan." Yeah, Tyson Foods is saying "The food supply chain is breaking." No, it's the MEAT supply chain that is breaking. The rest of us are doing just fine.

There are other reasons this pandemic should be a wakeup call for Americans to go vegan, or at least position ourselves a little more toward the plant-based end of the dietary continuum. I'll let Bill Maher explain:


Remember, Cascadia only grows by people wanting to join it, not by force.

Be the change you want to see.

Ignore SCOTUS.


" On the other fucking side of the Mexican border. They only have HALF the workers they need."

So your family refuses to hire American workers and pay them living wages, with benefits, 401Ks and paid vacation?

Man, what a bunch of shits.


Great News!
Georgia's daily tally of confirmed cases has plunged steadily from 725 on April 20 to 36 today.
We'd love to chat but we'd be late getting to the theatre....


@3, your pushback is appreciated. I can see I was being a bit cavalier suggesting this was only about meat products.

I think it's fair to say, though, that the situation with meat is worse than elsewhere in the food supply, and I don't think there's any fruit or vegetable or certainly grain farming that is anywhere as close to being a coronavirus breeding ground as meat packing plants. (And there's also the factor of indoor vs. outdoor.) I get the sense that your concern is more about Trump using this crisis as an excuse to crack down on farmworkers than about the inherent danger of the work itself.


@5 - we welcome Georgia's investigative spirit as its residents offer themselves up as guinea pigs; we too strive to have our very essential bowling alleys and massage parlors re-opened. Very much looking forward to analyzing the data as it emerges. I trust that you will ensure the validity of the experiment by closing all of the roads out of the state, so that your shiny new population of disease-carriers won't kill the rest of us. Good luck, and breathe deep as you inhale the viral scent of "freedom"!


@3: Everything is now in a total 100% danger zone code red and down-right God awful beyond our wildest imaginations. Our suffering, even by hell standards, will be legendary. Be afraid, be really afraid.


@3: Or not.


@4- ha!

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