Love the hustle, but does she support progressive health care legislation?
Love the hustle, but does she support progressive health care legislation and how does she help Biden win again? Alberto E. Rodriguez / GETTY IMAGES

Tara Reade's neighbor and former colleague corroborates account of Biden's alleged sexual assault: Business Insider reports that Reade's former neighbor, "a Biden supporter," remembers Reade telling her about the alleged assault "in detail" a few years after the fact. A former coworker, who had worked with Reade in a California state senator's office, told Insider Reade complained about being fired by her boss in Washington D.C. after reporting sexual harassment.


Stacey Abrams has been on the horn with "Democratic power brokers": In an attempt to press Biden staffers to pick her as his running mate, reports Politico.

"Florida pastor continues in-person services" in the middle of pandemic, according to the BBC. This shit has to stop:

Amazon reportedly fired a warehouse worker for staying home to protect her kids from COVID-19: Around 50 of her fellow employees at the Shakopee, Minnesota fulfillment center walked off the job in protest last weekend. Yesterday, Vice reports, the employee was reinstated. Targeted strikes with clear goals work!

ICYMI: Billionaires are raking in money as stock market bounces back: "The market gains led to a combined $51.3 billion boost for 10 of the world’s billionaires since the market closed a week ago, on April 2," Forbes reported last week.

Bloomberg promised his campaign workers health insurance and jobs through November: Regardless of how his doomed bid turned out. Then he took it back. After former staffers filed lawsuits, Politico reports, the former Mayor of NYC is now promising to pay for their insurance again, but not their salaries. I'd say get used to this broken promise cycle from the next vaguely Democratic administration, but you're already used to it.

Why does WA State Senator Lynda Wilson have 100 COVID-19 antibody tests? One detail really stood out from the rest of the Columbian editorial board's interview with Republican lawmakers about their plan to open up: Republican state senator Lynda Wilson "is currently storing 100 of the antibody tests in her home." In a follow-up, the paper reports that Wilson "received the kits from a Michigan-based company with which she has a personal connection," and that the Department of Health won't take them because they "have not been approved by federal regulators."

The coronavirus continues to decimate newspapers: Though the Payroll Protection Program has helped some newsrooms avoid (or delay) layoffs for now, "papers representing more than 80% of US circulation are disqualified" because of the way they're structured, reports the Wall Street Journal. If those newspapers go away, we're all dead.

But a new generation may rise from the ashes: And they will be led by Gwen, the 7 3/4-year-old editor-in-chief of The Daily Excitement, a new weekly based in West Seattle. According to the West Seattle Blog, the second-grader has tapped "guest reporters" from all over the west and has "gotten the whole family involved." The periodical—"published...periodically!"—features recipes, book reviews, birding content, interviews with "grammy," and an advice column written by a badger. In an interview with herself, Gwen said she started the paper because she "wanted to have a newspaper where I could maybe cheer people up a little because this is a sad time." Welcome to the business, Gwen! I wish you luck.

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And now it is time for the murder corner:"Depression" and blank desire reportedly drive teen to murder stranger in Burien. The 13-year-old who shot and killed a man named Hassan Ali Hassan claimed "he was depressed and felt if he didn’t kill someone he would kill himself. He also told detectives he “just felt like doing it,” reports the Seattle Times. The teen yanked his weapon, a 9 mm handgun, from his girlfriend's mom.

Everett man allegedly beats landlord to death, blames "cartel": After the landlord refused to renew Frank Walton's lease, Walton allegedly beat him to death and buried his body 30 miles away from his apartment, according to the Everett Herald. Walton claims that two random members of "the cartel" actually did it.

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Bellingham woman allegedly stabs father to death after argument: The story, according to The Bellingham Herald, is that Kali McConnell and "Zachary Ivan Tellez of Ferndale" went to her dad's house for pain pills. McConnell started smoking a cigarette, and Tellez told her to get it out of her mouth. Then her dad said he didn't like the way Tellez was talking to his daughter and started an argument. Tellez then allegedly hit dad with a baton, which started a larger fight between the probable couple, dad, and another woman who had wandered into the house in the middle of the argument.

Seattle Firefighters rescue resident from house's burning basement: Capitol Hill Seattle was up late last night reporting on a big house fire at 25th and Union. Three of the house's four residents escaped the flames by themselves, but firefighters had to bust into the house to free somebody trapped in the basement. "The victim was rushed to Harborview. We do not have any information on their condition," reports jseattle.