Will Washington Have to Block Travel From States That Reopen Their Economies Prematurely?



Apparently neither Charles or Gov Inslee has read the US Constitution.


Well perhaps a middle ground is that you can fly in from Georgia but you get a cotton swab jabbed in your brain and you have to live in a hangar at SeaTac until the test comes back negative.


you are not the real GermanSausage - you did not type "Nazi!"


Restriction of movement is a hallmark of Marxist governments. You should not be surprised that Charles is on board with this idea.


There will be no restrictions on travel between states. Recall the reaction to earlier proposals to ban travelers from Washington and New York.


I didn't see any drug zombies roaming the streets and leaving sidewalk poops in Savannah



I didn't see where Trump outlawed travel between the states...I guess its next on the Wolf Blitzer show.


People need to decide once and for all if the Constitution is a suicide pact or not.


It's obvious that this cannot be done because there is literally not enough man power to do it.

And yes for about 5 minutes Trump was going to quarantine NY and NJ and prevent people from leaving those states, until someone told him that could not be done.


@11; State; noun, "a nation or territory considered as an organized political community under one government."
Pretty much all Trump did was ban (some) travel from China.

With all due respect to Hanlon's razor, I think Charles is just trolling, total click bait headline.

The virus is already in Washington, as long as people keep their distance a few more people won't make much difference. On the other hand IF Washington happened to be completely free of the virus and was conducting businesses as usual then one wouldn't want outsiders coming in, but that boat sailed long ago.


Donald Trump and its hopeless MAGAs are indeed, a deadly virus. The sooner they're contained, preferably on a cruiseship to nowhere, the better for the rest of us trying to stay healthy.
Charles and @14 xina: Sea-Tac officials cannot keep anyone from Texas, Georgia, or Tennessee from flying into Washington State from a prematurely re-opened part of the U.S.? We're fucked.



that is what the article is about dipshit - or was the title beyond your comprehension?



Ya for reals! That fucking free speech thing is a damn crime!

if you do not like the document that this nation was founded on - you are free to move...perhaps Cuba or Venezuela are your speed...or perhaps zimbabwe


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If you cant keep up with the context of the article, then don't play.

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oh - Anyone can still "free assemble" as much as they want. Or did you not witness the protest in Oly last week? Have not seen any mass arrests for people not social distancing yet - have ya?

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Seriously. If the Washington State Ferries are no longer running to Sydney, B.C. from Anacortes, and the Alaskan Ferry to and from Bellingham has stopped its services. then why isn't Sea Tac International Airport closed until further notice?
I agree with xina: the entire U.S. should be under quarantine until an effective vaccine for TRUMPVID-19 has been produced. May Trumpty Dumpty and its MAGA dupes drop like flies, and soon. Good riddance. The GOP will forever go down as the single, most damaging Party of None.


Travel isn’t restricted per the Constitution, but states can still apply restrictions such as mandatory 2 week quarantines to anyone crossing its borders. Enjoy your vacation in that Vancouver Ramada.


This is easy.
Washington should ban travel to and from all states that banned travel to and from Washington back when Seattle was the first only hotspot for the virus.


"I didn't see any drug zombies roaming the streets and leaving sidewalk poops in Savannah"

HAHAHAHA. Then you've never been to Savannah, moron. Walk through Forsyth Park any day of the week, dipshit, and you'd see worse than that. You are such a transparent fucking liar and idiot. You have no idea what you're talking about.


"You are such a transparent fucking liar and idiot.
You have no idea what you're talking about."

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It's always impressive to watch people (who have zero clue themselves) chide others about their precious.