Just another day: Quarantined and high.
Just another day: Quarantined and high. Twitter Screen Shot

Originally published on our sister paper The Portland Mercury's blog, Blogtown. We'll keep publishing their Cheer Up Club as long as we need cheering up.

Okay, it took all morning, but I am now 94 percent certain that it is WEDNESDAY! Are you already feeling the need for some cheering up? Well, welcome to the Mercury Cheer Up Club—featuring a bunch of laughs and weird stuff that's designed to make you feel better! (Wait... it is Wednesday, right?)

Just because you didn’t report doesn’t mean it didn’t happen
Free, confidential, inclusive support and information about sexual assault is available 24/7

Today in "Choose your lie... THEN STICK WITH IT" news:

Today in "If you're not wearing these pajamas, you're not doing quarantine right" news:

Today in "Just kickin' it" news:

Today in "Somebody should buy one of these for Mike Pence" news:

Today in "DJ TOAD on the one's and two's" news:

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Today in "We share the same quarantine mood" news:

And finally, "This home school is the best home school" news:

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