You give me fever...
"You give me fever..." Remus Kotsell/

On April, 29, I Asked Perry Cooper, Port of Seattle's Senior Manager of Media Relations for Aviation: If there are plans to implement temperature monitors at Sea-Tac International Airport? His response:
[We] are looking ahead with other airports through several national and regional task forces. This includes the airports on the west coast as well. Those type of questions are being considered as to what are the next steps in facility adjustments that should be made at airports. Things like distinct physical distancing in queues like checkpoints or boarding, seating in gates areas, seating and tables in restaurants and retail shops. And brainstorming other options like touchless payments, or plexiglass separation for things like ticket counters, TSA podiums, or gate and cashier counters.
Perry then recommended that I read a press release from Tampa International Airport called "Tampa International Airport launches robust ‘TPA Ready’ plan to keep travelers and employees safe." Neither the press release or Perry mention checking the temperatures of travelers.

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Everett's Small Airport, Plaine Field, However: Began "screening passengers’ body temperatures with a thermal camera" on April 29. The machine, Elevated Body Temperature Detection System, non-physically scans a passenger before they reach the TSA's checkpoint. This will be the future of airports. Expect another major national shock to be built into airport space. Before going through 9/11, you will first be screened by COVID-19.

I Wrote On April 29:

What will happen when states that paid the heavy price of long-term social distancing to renew some semblance of normalcy, as regards social behavior, have borders that are wide open to states that did not? Washington, for example, will likely be shut down for much of May. The result of this action will certainly be a considerable reduction in the spread of COVID-19 within its borders and, significantly, within its hard-hit population centers. But what does all of this hard work amount to when people from profligate Georgia or Texas or Tennessee can just fly right into Washington and go about their business? What a waste of time all these weeks of being at home will be for Washingtonians.

Which State Is Getting the Most Cheese from the Federal Aviation Administration's $1.187 billion Airport Safety and Infrastructure Grants? Alaska. It's been awarded $102,113,233. The entire state has a population that's lower than Seattle's (745,000). Washington State, however, is getting $39,783,566 from the federal government. But why and how did remote Alaska get so much cheese? Even more than California ($74,237,958) and New York ($16,457,094) combined. People actually fly to New York and California. Who flies to Alaska?

A Staggering 30 Million Americans: Have now applied for unemployment benefits. 20 percent is what economists estimate the unemployment rate for April to be.

Looks Like the Employed in Blue States Are Bailing Out the Unemployed Trump States: Daily Kos reports:

Nine of the top 10 states in new unemployment claims last week were red states. Seven of the top 10 states in unemployment claims since the crisis began are red states. Guess who’s 'bailing out' those people? And that’s fine! Problem is, generosity for those affected by the crisis is currently a one-way street, with Republicans still refusing to embrace the need to help all states and municipalities affected by the pandemic.

As for Trump:

What Caused the Meltdown? Brian Williams' report about Trump's meltdown upon hearing bad news from the polls.

But Back to Reality: Trump now says that the federal government will end its coronavirus social distancing guidelines today. As for his son-in-law, Jared Kushner? He holds the unscientific opinion that by July the US will be “really rocking again." All this means is Trump is far from having enough of death. The 60,000 dead can go hang. America is now open for business.

Sorry, to Keep Kicking this Horse, Which is Not Dead, and That's Exactly the Problem: But Seattle Times continues to not mention Boeing's decade-long buyback bonanza. There is not even a word about it in its report of the company's new round of deep job cuts (“more than 15%”). Boeing also wants a massive ($60 billion) bailout. But what about the $43 billion the Chicago-based company spent repurchasing its common stock? This devious program transferred its "free cash" to shareholders. But the "free cash," in reality, never existed. Why is this fact of no importance to Seattle Times' aviation reporters? Indeed, Dominic Gates even went as far as to push the bogus "black swan" theory to explain away Boeing's self-inflicted woes.

But there are no black swans to be found in any of this. No surprises coming out of nowhere. The crisis was simply and obviously made possible by a predatory value extraction program executed by the company's top executives.

Note: The speculator Nassim Nicholas Taleb introduced the black swan concept to finance literature. It's basically this: "the disproportionate role of high-profile, hard-to-predict, and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations in history, science, finance, and technology."

Those Who Have Seen Gregg Araki's 1995 Movie The Doom Generation: Will surely recognize these pics from our present aftermath times. The garish images, taken by a Reuter's photographer, are of a strip club in Portland, Oregon. It's called the Lucky Devil Lounge. The place also serves food. (I will, for now, avoid making a pun of the word buns.)

The strip club looks like the kind of place that blasts machine-pounding beats from the 80s. If you do not know what that sounds like, listen to Cameo's "Word Up."

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Brothers and Sisters Giving the Lockdown Some Much-Needed Soul:

Lawd, Today: "80% of COVID hospitalizations in Georgia are Black people."

Steve Harvey to Black People: "Stay yo ass at home."