Slog AM: Biden Refutes Assault Claim, Florida Stops Reporting Deaths, Don't Be a Scab



"It's a process that normally takes around 21 days but now will take weeks."

Hey! Those are the same.


We're still waiting for the other unprecedented hole to close up! (Hint - it's 3 time zones east in the other Washington.)


@1, excellent points. How do we know that Biden's archives don't contain evidence of child porn, bestiality, and Satan worship? Also, I'm disappointed that Mika didn't ask Biden point-blank, "Have you stopped beating your wife?"


Scabs are workers who cross the picket line to work, not the customers crossing the line to shop.


“Refute” means “disprove.” Biden didn’t “refute” anything. He “denied” the allegations.

Jesus. Do you possess a dictionary over there?


A candidate accused of sexual assault? America will never stand for this because we are all Christian and respect women and only elect moral, competent leaders. Wait, no. If she was hot a lot of trump supporters might consider switching to Biden.


@6: The word also means deny. Merriam-Webster:

Refute: to prove wrong by argument or evidence : show to be false or erroneous. 2 : to deny the truth or accuracy of refuted the allegations.


"Kobe Bryant... died in a helicopter crash in January."
I mused to my wife just this week, 'At least we never have to listen to any post-retirement Kobe Bryant analysis of anything.'


My favorite book is the dictionary. All of the other books are in it.


@10: Actually, that's a good one.


In honor of May Day, I will be buying Kindle books from Amazon today. Because your May Day boycotts are a lot of hooey.


@12- there's doesn't need to be evidence, just an accusation. Please try to keep up.


Jumpin' jiminy, mortage delinquencies locally over 11 percent.
Sure seems to me there is a lot of whistling past the graveyard going on... I mean huge unemployment numbers, vast numbers of businesses shuttered and yet it seems to be met with a collective shrug.
It is as though we don't want to face the magnitude of what is happening and blithely assume a quick return to normal soon.
We refuse to admit that anything really terrible could possibly happen, could possibly BE happening, and prefer to be in a sort of denial about the economic collapse we see developing all around us.


@17- Okay, now show me how I do this again- I click my heels three times and say ...what?


I wish I could forget humans existed


I love you Nathalie, and your AM news is the best, but the Tara Reade thing is a scam and I wish you wouldn't buy into the Russian troll bollocks.


19 All sorts of potent drugs will take care of that. You obviously are not trying at all.


@gassy duck -- it's Never too Early
to get out there and earn
your Darwin Award.

I'm sure The Stranger'll put
your quack, bill and maybe even a few
feathers in their Commentariat Hall of Fame.

Are you still here?
I almost miss you, already.


21 Second that.
Putin's bots could not convincingly chum up a sex scandal against Hillary, but Biden is an easier target for that.
Trump was apoplectic that he was exposed as a rapist but could not turn that charge against his opponent. This opponent, a white male, makes it much easier to invent a political sex scandal. Done at trump's insistence, of course.
It was also trump's idea to invent that teen wingnut white girl as the 'antidote' to Greta T. Remember that one? All these idiot ideas are trump's.
All this junk emits directly from Putin/White House.


Every candidate for public office should be required to submit a DNA sample to be checked against unsolved sexual assaults. Put that shit in the constitution.


Anyone paying attention? Russia is FUCKED right now because just like Trump they pretended COVID-19 was nothing. Putin walks around in public wearing a HAZMAT SUIT. Wake the fuck up people. Please. WAKE THE FUCK UP. This is not an event we can simply ignore and go back to life as it was before the shit show started. IT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.


@26: Why just politicians? Other professions rape and other professionals make false accusations.


@29: But such a macabre policy, less quarantine/more dead, can still overwhelm a health care system.


@gassy duck -- it's Never too Early
to get out there and earn
your Darwin Award.


The Swedish Rorschach Test

Sweden's Coronavirus Death Rate Nearly Twice That of U.S.

Deaths soar in country that didn't lock down.

Sweden had no lockdown but its economy is expected to suffer just as badly as its European neighbors

Sweden has a much higher fatality rate than its Scandinavian neighbors. Adjusted per capita, Sweden has a death rate more than six times higher than Norway and Finland. Compared to Denmark, Sweden’s death rate is three times higher.


Don't be too quick in calling Sweden a success story. Their cases are still climbing upward with no sign of flattening, vs Norway which is leveling off and already have far fewer cases per capita. The gap between them is only going to increase with time.

I admit I don't have the facts to support this but I suspect cultural differences between Sweden and the US make any direct comparisons moot with respect to a highly contagious pandemic. I suspect Swedes are more amenable to putting the well-being of others ahead of their own immediate, personal interests and can follow loosely enforced guidelines without, say, storming government buildings with guns because they can't buy grass seed for a few more weeks. I don't think it's appropriate to hold them up as a model for us.


How nice for Amazon's white collar employees. Meanwhile the warehouse workers were informed this week that the flexible attendance policy that has been in place for the last month is now over for them.


new covid cases in sweden:





Maybe it's time to repeal the tax cuts from 2018, raise taxes on the wealthy, raise taxes on huge corporations, institute a wealth tax and inheritance tax, and at the same time put a moratorium on rent, mortgage, and student loan payments, institute a universal basic income and provide taxpayer funded medical insurance for all?

Oh, and ramp up some major infrastructure work, focusing primarily on any infrastructure work that can be done with maximum social distancing.

The wealthy in this country could easily carry the rest of us for the next several months. They just don't want to.



and the moral of the story is: it pays to stay in school and get an education.



I do that as much as possible, but then I run out of drugs and have to earn money to get more and that requires me to interact with the revolting human race unfortunately.



YEAH! And if you can't afford higher education, just cash in some of your stock or take out a small loan from your parents.



why should anyone have to "carry" you?

The rich do not want to carry you - and I sure as hell don't want to either.

get off your ass and do something, you lazy POS



trade school or community college is cheap.

stop looking for excuses.


hey ducky, quack quack looks like you're gonna have to pay up on your bet regarding georgia (or you know, admit you were wrong)

On same day Gov. Kemp begins to reopen Georgia, state confirms 1,000 new cases in 24 hours


Weird how so many working americans are willing to subsidize the wealthy at the expense of their own well-being for the opportunity to scold people who have slightly less than they do. Just goes to show, staying in school doesn’t mean you actually get an education.


Gosh, if ony New Zealand had followed our (piss-poor) lead

then they wouldn't be (cautiously!) OPENING UP RIGHT NOW.

But let's let the Impatient Ones* call the Shots
they're (obviously) the voice of Reason, afterall...

*trumpfy's overly-well-Armed
(and vastly Un-regulated)
Brownshirt Militia.



Hey look! Everyone's a plumber now! How many clogged pipes does this city have?



Every man for himself!

Fuck you I got mine!!!




The American Dream:

Everyone is an inspector!

Or an inspector of inspectors!

Or a person who makes instruments for inspectors to inspect inspectors!


'MURICA #1!!!



"why should anyone have to 'carry' you?"

Why is our Citizenry FORCED to Carry the Billionaires*?

"The rich do not want to carry you - and I sure as hell don't want to either."

Well, you couldn't, not even for a moment, carry anyone, not even with your fantastic tales of (your) riches, wild beyond belief, and, obviously, the Billionaires are as unaware of our existence as you are aware of a (COVID-19 carrying) mosquito. For now.

*exactly THREE of whom have more Wealth
than fully ONE HALF of the Citizenry

They're Fucking HEAVY
[sadly] [for them]
taste. like. chicken.



nothing says "I am definitely not stupid or crazy" like people telling everyone else to "wake up"

Just tack on "AMERICA" and you've flipped to the other side


50 hep A is foodborne


@50 that's Hep C


@53 it's been what 2 or 3 days since your original comment? someone said get back to us in a month. at this rate, georgia's looking at more cases and death per capita than new york.


Infectious-Disease Experts Expect A Surge In Georgia’s COVID-19 Cases


@53, 54,

Trivia: One of Georgia's nicknames is "Empire State of the South"



@38 You clearly don't realize that a lot of warehouse employees are working there to help pay for their schooling, or if they last long enough to get their schooling paid for. But please, continue on with your tired, ridiculous trolling narrative.


The concern about opening early is not how many people have died but how many active cases you have and whether the rate of new infections is declining to a manageable number, because those cases will be the seeds for the next outbreak.

The other concern is how much testing you’re doing and what strategies you have in place to catch new cases and isolate them.

I don’t know what’s going on in Georgia but I suspect they are nowhere near where they should be nor do i get the sense that their leadership has any idea what they’re doing. I also don’t get the sense that they care.


@58 Cases are still on the rise in Georgia - they are headed Beyond Thunderdome.

At least there isn't any progress to be wasted by rolling back too early.


So it’s clear you really don’t want to do shit for yourself.

I suppose your idea for getting through life is to do as little as you can, and have everyone else “carry” you.

Many of us have busted our asses, worked hard, and made good life decisions...and guess what, it all pays off. So I will be damned if I have to support a lazy piece of crap like you who think it’s ok to skate by and live off of others. Must be why you also support a minimum income allowance.

I have no sympathy for the lazy and unambitious people like you. If you end up homeless and hungry, then so be it. You deserve nothing from the rest of us.

People like you will always be poor, and it’s your own fault.

It’s no wonder you were not able to move to Canada - they demand you have a skill. And being leach doesn’t count.


"Gov. Kemp's decision not to take the pandemic thing all that seriously seems to be paying off."

You just never get sick of being wrong, do you?


62, where do people get the idea that anyone who is critical of our 'socialism for the rich / table scraps for everyone else' economic model doesn't have a job?


@60 Agreed. I've worked for Amazon before, and the work itself isn't anything like the horror stories I'd heard, though I do think it can vary wildly depending on the location. But in many places they do tend to eliminate their competition, then when they are one of the few major employers left in an area, often blatantly change the terms they agreed to with their employees upon being hired. Not to mention the openly hostile to unionization mantras emphasized throughout employee training and firmly embedded into their workplace culture. It creates a very lopsided power dynamic.


"You clearly don't realize that a lot of warehouse employees are working there to help pay for their schooling"

Hahaha. That's about as likely as that stripper who's paying her way though grad school. Sure. I bet there are some people "going to school" that work there but not many.

Where do they go? The UW is $36,588 a year. Barber college? Maybe community college? Still. A community college is about $4-5K per year at a good school. Not including books, fees, etc.

At an average wage of $16.26 per hour — that's around $33,820 BEFORE taxes per year.

And there is the pesky fact that the majority of positions are NOT full-time, I'm unclear how they would possible save up enough money to pay for a college level education? Minus living expenses in Seattle? Are they living with mom and dad? Otherwise get outta here with this bullshit.

Or are these "students" living in those KOA campgrounds that Amazon conveniently locates its fulfillment center next to, FUN FACT! Because that where a large chunk of Amazon warehouse workers live. At KOA campgrounds. Perfect for saving for college! If they don't get sick and end up in a 30K a week ICU.

And last I read about half of the fulfillment staff are well over 30. Hell. There are workers there over 60. Where do you guys get this stuff? I'd be interested to see real numbers.


@ 29 I totally understand and appreciate the desire to have freer, unrestricted movement, but for the record... Sweden has a population of about 10.25 million and its coronavirus fatalities are at 2,653 (according to Worldometer). Norway has a population of about 5.4 million and its coronavirus fatalities are at 210. That's about six times the number of deaths per capita--not two times. These are terribly difficult decisions with huge consequences for people's lives and deaths, but let's make sure we work with accurate data. And, as of now, Sweden's approach seems a failure--with some saving graces, perhaps, but still a failure, especially as regards assisted living facilities, where many of its coronavirus deaths have occurred. Other countries are facing these realities now, as there numbers rise--particularly Russia, Brazil, and Mexico. All three are at a very, very dangerous tipping point. And, meanwhile, the number of new active cases in our country is staying steady at about 30,000 daily. Things are not likely to improve for at least several weeks. At least. And there could be a return, as with most similar situations in history (165-180 AD, 541-542 AD, 1347-1354 AD, among others). Sigh. Let's hope and work for the best outcome of this horror. It won't be easy.


Good Afternoon,
Thought I'd share this excellent analysis by Andrew Sullivan regarding Joe Biden and the allegations by Tara Reade:

I'm not sure Biden is toast. But I think Title IX as enforced under the Obama Administration was a disaster.


How many Georgians caught the flu?
How many died of cancer?
People get sick, and die.
Sorry to bust your cherry.
And if 1000 people got the Covid today that means 10,835,423 didn't.
Perhaps you should find a new bone to gnaw on for awhile.
That one is long past being meaty or tasty...


@67 I can only provide anecdotal evidence from my own experiences at two FCs, but I would estimate that 25%-33% of the employees there were indeed students. Many were attending community colleges and trade schools. Some were attending UW. And this might come as a shock to you, but not everyone who works for Amazon lives in Seattle. And yes, a small but still disturbing amount of employees there did seem to be living in vans or campers. I know you are just trying to be edgy and hyperbolic, but did it ever occur to you that many people working there would likely qualify for educational financial aid? Or are you just trying to perpetuate the idea that those silly poor folk are lazy and wouldn't possibly be trying to improve their lot in life? You troll accounts seem just as detached from reality as some of the people you come here to troll.



3000 dead out of 10 million is what in the biz we call "nothing".

3000 old sick people with compromised health finally kicking the bucket;
from Covid,
or Alzheimer’s,
or boredom
is a non-event.

Gawd you people must have sad empty lives....



Sounds like you're advocating for some sort of - um, what's that thing called? - oh yeah, death panel. Funny, I seem to recall a bunch of folks on your side screaming a few years back about an evil gubbamint plan to create those; was the screaming just because your side didn't get to decide who lived and who died?


relax, if you wait long enough it will kill whatever number of people you need to die before you consider it a problem


@ 74 Actually, I don't think it's been blown out of proportion. First, internationally about 240,000 people have died because of the coronavirus, with just over 65,000 of those occurring in the US. That's a lot of death--and pain and tragedy for almost all involved. Second, the number of dead promises to go much, much higher. Internationally about 6,000 coronavirus carriers die per day, with little relief in sight. If you want to view this as no big deal, feel welcome to. Third, most pandemics recur during successive years and decades. Better we learn to take this very seriously now than later. And no one's life is reducible to a statistic. Fourth, whether or not the coronavirus was intentionally or accidentally unleashed, and whether or not it was generated via animal/human contact in China's wet markets, this is a stark reminder of just how many threats we humans are subject to. Again, it's important to learn how to deal with these kinds of situations now, not later. Fifth, international relations are being profoundly affected by the virus, especially US/China relations. There is absolutely no way we can return to a pre-virus relationship until and unless China allows for a full, professional investigation into how the virus spread occurred. And if anyone, no matter where that person might live, thinks the US will treat this pandemic indifferently--ho-hum, a few hundred thousand old people die, get over it, whatever--then you'd better believe that might encourage someone to, indeed, deliberately unleash another virus, and another virus after that. Sixth, the Trump Administration's response throughout February and into early March seems to me to have been woefully inadequate. Yes, I want our president to know his dismissive lies and absurd boasts are not acceptable, and that these lives DO matter. Last: no one's life is a mere number on a chart. Of course, we'll have to make some tough decisions as we reopen the economy, and no solution is perfect. But to treat and discuss hundreds of thousands of deaths as being bad, but not that big of deal: go ahead if that is your view, but I don't share it. But thank you for your feedback, and I hope everyone, regardless of their views, stays healthy.


Yeah we've got a crazy person residing in the WH, bodies stacked in unrefrigerated trucks, rotting, in NYC, health care providers working without proper PPE, getting sick, dying, and even committing suicide - but hey - nothing to see here!

When Donald Trump said he was going to Make America Great Again, he was being sarcastic.


All I can say about Biden is he'd BETTER be telling the truth. The stakes for all of us are far too high for him to be gambling that no one is out there sitting on receipts, just waiting for him to be nominated. If I could, I would advise him to step aside regardless of the facts, and let his delegates draft someone with less baggage. But I know that's too much to expect.



Not to brag, but I do pretty well for myself. Not wealthy but definitely not poor either. I make well over the median US income. I've also accomplished a few things that took a lot of time and dedication and that less than 1% of the US population have accomplished (I googled them).

The thing I'm most proud of though, is that I'm not as selfish and misinformed as someone like you.

"Many of us have busted our asses, worked hard, and made good life decisions...and guess what, it all pays off."

I know you believe that with all your heart, but sorry girlfriend, it just doesn't hold up.
You should study up on this:

The world needs less people like you who say: "I had it rough in life and had to work hard to get where I am, so I think everyone else should have to have it that way too."

And needs more people who say: "I had it rough in life and had to work hard to get where I am, and how great it would be if it weren't so rough and weren't so hard for everyone else."

You're like the kind of person who can only be happy if everyone else is miserable. How pitiable.

But now I'm off to celebrate the weekend! Ciao!


@79: If it makes you feel better, it's very possible the anonymous commenter you are addressing -- let's call him Boris -- is not the all-American pulled-himself-up-by-his-own-bootstraps winner that he makes himself out to be.


trump wasn't being sarcastic he was misheard
funny he never corrected them


@82 -- Ah, yes the Good olde days...

Unlike, when College was fucking FREE
or nearly so, but some already GOT theirs
so fuck off, America! 'We' don't Need no stinkin'
'Educated' elitists!

Bend over, America
it's Time for your Medicine


Gosh, what an EXCELLENT Time for a Pradigm Shift
where We, the Peeps are Valued more than multinational
Corps but fascism without Corporate Rule isn't really Fascism, is it?


@82 Um... Okay. Thanks for enlightening me with such profound knowledge. Though last I checked student loans are one of the forms of financial aid, so I'm not really sure what point you were trying to make, if any.


Obama's top campaign strategist: Biden was fully vetted in 2008, and there were no Senate complaints

The comprehensive vet certainly would have turned up any formal complaints filed against Biden during his 36-year career in the Senate. It did not. The team would have investigated any salacious rumors of the sort that travel far and wide in Washington. There were none.