Housekeeping May 4, 2020 at 9:30 am

Thanks to you, we have hope!



I immediately donated when this plea first went out, despite the awkwardness of this publication not having a membership model nor being a 501(c)(3). I'll be happy to donate again once either the longstanding burner-accounts problem is solved on the comment threads or the comment threads are disabled. Whichever comes first.


I, like cressona, also immediately donated to the Stranger when you called for assistance, and then again later. I am with them in saying that I will be happy to continue to do so, but you NEED to fix the the burner account problem. I've reported comments, written to you and other staff members that are still working and it has got to be addressed. You do realize that the prevailing opinion is that you Christopher, and Dan and the rest, either don't give a shit, or are either actively participating, or view the torture of certain posters here by the unwashed cohort of 404 trolls as some sort of gladiatorial game which you observe with amusement.
You want support? Do something about this. Fix the loophole that allows burner accounts or get a volunteer to moderate comment threads.


Let's can one's money be spent during this crisis?

Donating to World Central Kitchen or Feeding America or a local food bank or food bank network because people are hungry.

Donating to the National Domestic Workers Alliance and help people who are receiving no financial assistance in any way during this crisis.

Donate to Give Directly and get cash directly to hard-hit families in extreme poverty.

Give to DirectRelief and get PPE directly to those who need it.

Donate to Suay Sew Shop's mask coalition that has been making and giving away PPE to health care workers and other essential workers who need them

Donate to americares to put PPE, medicines and supplies in the hands of medical professionals

Some more ideas:

If you don't need it - donate your stimulus check in its entirety to those who do.
My household will be doing that as soon as we get it (the single one we will get).


Give to The Stranger.

decisions, decisions, decisions.


PS - I agree with @1 and @2 - if people are going to donate to The Stranger, how about The Stranger do what's being asked in exchange for financial assistance. It's the very, very, very least The Stranger could do.


Lissa @2: "... or get a volunteer to moderate comment threads."

That's an excellent low-tech suggestion there. And of course there's no good reason this couldn't have been done yesterday. The fact that even this hasn't been done suggests either gross negligence or intent.

xina @3 @4, as long as you're commenting on this thread, I do have to say, however well-intentioned you may be, you haven't been helping the situation. In other words, DFTT. (Same could be said for kristofarian.)


@5 OH, so you want to dictate who can comment with a verified account as well. got it. how about, nope.


@5 had to look up DFTT. the troll started the problem. blaming those who fight back? bullshit.


xina, here's one way to look at it. You and you alone have probably indirectly contributed to a 30% increase in the volume of 404 troll comments on this blog. If you think that's a good use of your time or of the time of those of us readers whose attention you want, perhaps you need a little time for reflection.


@8 Yeah I don't care how you spin your victim blaming, I'm not buying it. The 404 trolling is the problem, not me. Reflect on that.


"victim blaming"

Comedy gold!



@10 $$ Thanks for the cash, dude. $Kaching$


I donated at first and then found The Stranger was owned by a multi-millionaire who can afford to keep the publication open without my help. Plus, trolls.



Charity begins at home. I gave The Stranger money last month. Now all our charity is going to the local food bank.


"... the prevailing opinion is that you Christopher, and Dan and the rest, either don't give a shit, or are either actively participating, or view the torture of certain posters here by the unwashed cohort of 404 trolls as some sort of gladiatorial game which you observe with amusement.

You want support? Do something about this." --@Lissa
I confawkingcur.

Quid pro Quo,* Bitches.

*Sayonara @404s.

Plus a fawking Edit
[WITH edit History]
or maybe a dime an edit?

I'm currently getting the NYT for a buck a week
so if you're Ballparky, let me know....
and whilst trolling trollingtrolltrolleyTroll's Sport
that's one whack-a-Mole I will not miss.

(Who knows, it sems bright -- perhaps it too
may even have a little something
to Contribute, if not
oodles of Cash.)


I gave The Stranger some money, and I also suggested that they move to a monthly charge or registration fee for Slog.


@14 Me too.


Keck is worth $20 million, and you fools still gave to his "charity" paper.


@Keck -- he should pay US.
Now there's a good idea.

Is there Money to be made in comments?


@21 sure they can, they're called INTERNS.


@23 I agree everyone working needs to be paid. As someone who worked in the music industry for most of my working life, there were many, many unpaid interns.


“ the music industry for most of my working life, there were many, many unpaid interns”

@24 Do you mean groupies?


@25 No.


Ok, I donated again. We need to support local (alt) newspapers or we won't know about what's going on locally during and after Covid. Can you please give us the cheer up club too so I can stop going over to the Mercury site just to find it?


I also contributed $ at the first call for help, but am with @1, @2, et al. Fix the burner account problem.


You guys rock and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your local coverage right now more than ever. Throwing in another $30 right now.


@21 David in Shorline, there are lots of for-profit businesses with discussion forums with volunteer "moderators". They are not employees or interns. You can grant any random person a user account with appropriate permissions to delete posts without breaking any laws.


@6 Xina, I love your posts, but sometimes you're like a shot gun blast that takes out the friendlies along with the bad guys.

Like cressona, I'm not telling you how to post or what to post, but you do feed the trolls. If you want to feed the trolls, that's your prerogative, but that is what you're doing. The trolls will post regardless, but the more you feed them, the more they'll look to be fed from you.

It's not victim blaming, you don't deserve the online bullying, hateful misogyny, etc., it's not your fault, and I wouldn't want you to stop posting all the great stuff that you're posting.

But... there's a difference between continuing to post what you want to share with the world, and it being informative, entertaining, etc., versus directly engaging with trolls. When you do that, you give them exactly the attention and respect they seek, and it encourages them to keep doing it. Bottom line is you could continue to post all the same great stuff, while ignoring the trolls themselves.

Again, if you want to continue fighting 404 accounts, that's your prerogative, I'm not trying to tell you what to do. I would suggest you take a step back and consider your approach. It's certainly something I struggle with as well - there are a number of "member" account posters here who are trolls or just assholes, and I get frustrated and call them shitbags, and then I'm like, well what purpose did that serve? They're not going to self-reflect, contemplate whether they're being a shitbag, and change their behavior accordingly... that's part of what makes them assholes in the first place.

The Stranger is providing a digital platform for a handful of shitbags to spread their ignorance, bully people on-line, and derail nearly every potentially rewarding discussion. That's on The Stranger, and they should be ashamed. And even if they aren't, just from a business standpoint, they are hurting themselves. It says a lot that in a region as large as ours, they have about two dozen semi-daily posters, and it seems like half of them don't even live in Washington state.


Shorter 35

404 accounts: BAD!

REPEATEDLY calling for the murder of Amazon employees and other "untermensch": GOOD! (but please soften it up a little.....)


@36, I'm new to Venmoe but I love that $Kaching$ every time you post a comment! Keep it coming. I'll either get lots of cash from people supporting how repugnant they believe your commentary is OR you stop posting. Either way it's a win-win for me.

@35 Thanks for sharing.


Banning trolls bans 100% of all reactions to them.

Seen just now on Slog PM Comments:
404 Error. Page not found.

Locked out?


@39 me, too.


@38 i meant. ha.


@38, please don't confuse the issue. The issue that's peculiar to this blog--and which commenters like me are demanding action on--isn't trolls in general; it's the burner accounts.


I expect donations to go up now that rent doesn't need to be paid for a year.


The commentariat have spoken! They are willing to pay for the privilege of posting comments if that's what it takes to make sure that they never have to encounter any comments that annoy them.

This money-making scheme can't fail! It's sure to generate hundreds of dollars annually. Well, for the first year. After that they'll get bored.


@44 it's not about comments that annoy them. it's about 404 trolls using that loophole to constantly, endlessly, and viciously attack other people on the forum. registered accounts can be banned for such behavior.


@41 -- do forgive me, won't you?

(like @15, for instance) is what I
Meant to say @38 but musta

Carry on.


Pay for the ability to edit? The Stranger will be rolling in dough as all fucking ten of you who make-up 99% of this shithole's posts empty your coinpurses for the cause!
Or, if the comments were removed entirely site traffic would fall 75% because there wouldn't be anywhere for you to argue with trolls and post links to depressing shit!


"I come here for the leftist view point. Can't get much lefter."

David dear, you really need to get out more.


@ironicironfistofMiseryandrightwingDeathPanelsfetusesAREbabiestootrollingtrollytrolleyTroll -- sorry if you think non-FOX news is depressing but stick with your Sociopaths like them oh and Britebart and I'm sure they'll steer you straight alright.

Bon voyage
I hear Princess is hiring
Good luck.


Fox is trash, Britebart is trash, xina's fave Dailykos is depressing trash. I stand by my comments.


Well, at least you got your Name correct.


Well, at least you finally got your Name correct.


Well, All Trash, at least you Finally got your Name correct.


Oooh, trollingtrollytrolleyTroll
you got TWO Pulled!
Well played.

They let
The Truth
stand though.


No, no ... no
THERE they are!
Whoa . what Game are we playing?

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