Were all in this together. Lets do this thing.
We're all in this together. Let's do this thing. Getty Images

Friends and neighbors! In March, we announced that we would match our reader contributions in digital ad credit for three local organizations to assist in their outreach during this strange and difficult time. So far, your generous contributions have been paid forward to six organizations that serve our communities. Our first week, it was Bloodworks Northwest, YouthCare, and Neighborhood Farmers Market Association. Another week, it was Northwest Harvest, El Centro De La Raza, and the Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority.

This week, from May 4 to 10, we will pay your kindness forward to three other organizations:

  • Beacon Business Alliance
  • SupportCapitolHill.com
  • West Seattle Junction Association

    Please consider making a monthly or one-time contribution to help sustain our mission of keeping access free for everyone. We are putting your dollars to immediate use to keep you informed, entertained, distracted and not feel so socially-distanced from the city and each other.

    Find out more about how those organizations are supporting their communities during this crisis below:

    As the health and economic effects of COVID-19 sweep over our community in Seattle, we at Beacon Business Alliance (BBA), a 501(c)3 business alliance advocating for South Seattle’s small business community, have joined forces with other neighborhood partners to create EssentialSESeattle.com, a site that helps our neighbors shop hyperlocal.

    Over 150 South Seattle restaurants, markets, groceries, and nonprofits are currently open and as others get reactivated you’ll find them all in the easily searchable website.

    EssentialSESeattle.com is made possible with ongoing support from our collaborators: Rainier Avenue Business Coalition, Mt. Baker Hub Alliance, Martin Luther King Business Association, Columbia City Business Association, and Rainier Beach Merchants Association. We’d also like to thank HomeSight for the website build and ongoing management as well as the Office of Economic Development for partial funding.

    “Collaboration is the only way forward, now and in the future,” says BBA Director Angela Castañeda. “Just as businesses cannot thrive without customers, communities cannot thrive without shared support. It’s incredibly inspiring how we came together on this project to connect residents to their local essential businesses.”

    Of course, our work does not begin or end with a website. BBA formed as a community-based development organization in 2010 (formerly named Beacon Hill Merchants Association) to promote equitable economic development in our neighborhood through community engagement, organizing, advocacy, networking, and collaboration. Through personalized outreach we are able to provide technical assistance, filling a critical gap by connecting businesses with specialists in areas like lease negotiation or banking and lending. Our robust social media, web, and online communications serve to increase visibility and cross-promote our small businesses citywide.

    Today more than ever, our South Seattle small businesses need community—and nimble neighborhood advocates like BBA—to manage through this difficult time.

    Help us continue this work by donating now.

    If you know of a local business that could use support, contact us today at (206) 459-1430 or info@beaconbusinessalliance.org.

    Find out more about Beacon Business Alliance's COVID-19 response here.


    SupportCapitolHill.com brings the experience of shopping Capitol Hill to your screen – helping drive revenue when patrons are at home. As we all adapt to the COVID-19 landscape, it’s more important than ever to help connect customers to their neighborhood’s small, independent businesses. This online marketplace is a hub where retail businesses can display products, service companies can sell gift cards, and restaurants can promote their takeout and delivery offerings. It's a one-stop-shop for those at home wanting to support Capitol Hill's struggling small businesses today, so that they will be here tomorrow.

    The platform was designed and developed by DEI Creative, a Seattle-based branding and web studio, with support from Dunn & Hobbes, The Cloud Room, Hunters Capital, and the CHBA.

    Find out more about SupportCapitolHill.com's COVID-19 response here.

    In times of solidarity, joyful or mournful, we often look up to see our emotions reflected in the Space Needle in larger-than-life beacons of city pride, seasonal festivities or national reverence. In late March, Major Jenny Durkan raised our latest flag – #WeGotThisSeattle – as a hopeful rallying cry to stand strong and healthy in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting stay-at-home order.

    As Seattle collectively faces this crisis, many small businesses are struggling to survive. You can contribute to the West Seattle Relief Fund to help favorite shops like Husky Deli, Click! Design That Fits and Wild Rose’s survive the extended pandemic crisis.

    Adding to this incredible campaign is a gift card match, powered by the good people of West Seattle Christian Church. West Seattle Christian Church wants to help those who are most in need during this health and economic crisis. And they want to help West Seattle restaurants at the same time.

    Joining the match, Verity Credit Union, which has been founded on promoting strong and viable communities, has committed to a $10,000 match. Beginning May 5th, Verity will double every donation which means double the impact and double the hope. West Seattle businesses will be able to weather the financial storm twice as effectively with Verity’s support of this generous match.

    West Seattle continues to grow from a rich combination of deep heritage and new traditions, from 88 year-old, family-owned and -operated Husky Deli to craft breweries and the all-sustainable Public Goods and Services. These campaign components are designed to remind long-time residents of their neighborhood’s worth and validate for newer residents what they already think is pretty special.

    “If you can help us, we’d love to help you.”
    Jack Miller, Third-Generation Owner, Husky Deli

    Find out more about West Seattle Junction Association's COVID-19 response here.