Slog AM: Starbucks Reopening Stores, Hospitals Bleeding Money, J. Crew Filing for Bankruptcy



Why on Earth should/MUST the Ownership Class
GAF about the Safety of their employees?
(Other than the Fact that they are CITIZENS/Human Beings?

Because workers once DEMANDED they GAF
and Lawmakers made laws that protected those Workers.

And yet, look no further than the U.S. Senate where, even now, GOP Moscow Mitch is working fervently to Exempt the Ownership Class from Exposing, and then having to PROTECT their EMPLOYEES from the Coronavirus during a Pan fucking Demic.

Heartless? Indeed.
But what else would one expect from
the party of Massive Profits Over People's -- Citizen's -- Lives?


Be careful with that Starbucks app! Somehow, my account got hacked a few years ago and someone was charging gift card purchases in the same amounts as the reloads and I didn't find out about it until I lost a pretty penny!


May the 4th be with you


Thanks, Garbby!
And with You.


Amazon VP Resigns, Calls Company ‘Chickenshit’ for Firing Protesting Workers

Tim Bray says the company has become 'toxic' and the firings are 'designed to create a climate of fear.'


I'd feel safer at a Starbucks than a casino.


With Republicans 'in charge,' Chief,
it's Always a Gamble.
'Good' luck.


"Not all Starbucks employees are thrilled about stores reopening"

If they don't want to do the job I'm sure there's lots of people who would.


How does one "dress up as a nurse" in order to steal packages? Those I've encountered are always pretty much just in scrubs. Here's hoping the ladies had a couple of those "sexy nurse" Halloween costumes with the stethoscopes and fishnet stockings.


The letter to editor person must have moved to The Valley to do porn, I think they may have "daddy issues"...
"and the first time I left my stupid idiot father nagged me and badgered me into moving back"


@8 GermanSausage, you're finally making sense! I apologize for all the Weiner Wurst jokes.

"as silly as just coffee"

Yeah, there's an employee who will rise high in the ranks of the ..... coffee shop industry.


Trump’s covid model projects 3000 deaths / day by the end of the month. Keep America great!


@11 Suddenly you believe Trump?


When hospitals bleed they seek out finance professionals, not medical professionals.


Weird how all these multimillion dollar business dont have enough solvency to get through a month or two of hard times. Its almost like the whole economy is a bullshit house of cards made by grifters and sociopaths.


@15 Pretty sure J Crew was failing before the pandemic. They haven't been hip since "Friends" ended.


12 my belief that trump has no regard for human life or the advise of professionals isn't exactly sudden


Hospitals were running on fumes and squeezing all the blood out of their staff (quite literally on that point) EVEN BEFORE C19 erupted.
Also, hospital staff are completely brow-beaten to "DO BETTER" while the money runs out and the sick pile up. That's the GOP health plan: "DO BETTER!"


Italy will serve as the guinea pig of the world, I guess:

Millions Return To Work In Italy After Weeks Of Lockdown


"I’d say this is class warfare against working people.

Once the GOP and wealthy corporations got their hands on the last stimulus trillions they quickly announced no more stimulus monies to workers or to state and local governments.

The GOP plan is to force workers back to work no matter the risk of virus infection.

And last week republican governors said if any workers refuse to go back to work they’ll be cut off from unemployment benefits."

Well, there it is.
Quit paying them.
FORCE the low-paid to choose between
supporting their Families or (possibly) killing them.

"The draconian choice they offer workers is risk Covid-19 infection or living on the streets!

They will do anything to get Trump re-elected and the stock markets up, no matter how many more Americans have to die for it.

How did America get to this?"
--truckin; Pa

A 'Times Pick' comment from the article
"Covid-19’s Race and Class Warfare"

"This crisis is exposing the savagery of American democracy."
By Charles M. Blow

FREE Corononavirus Crisis reporting right now at the New York Times.
PS -- their readers' comments are frequently Better than the articles.


Do you actually have a job?

You post all day long, every day.

Just curious.


@23 did you miss the memo where all working people are not working?



@15, Two things.

Cash reserves reduce profits and returns. In a bank account, the money loses value as inflation and bank fees vs. the interest create a net loss. When I was an intern in the 1990's at Nordstrom, they and other large Seattle companies, banked on the East Coast (this was back in the day when paper checks had to be moved manually to the banks they were drawn on for redemption) to increase float time (the time between when the check was sent, and when it was cashed). The bank balance was as close to zero as possible. Every morning at 0500 Pacific Time, the bank in North Carolina would call and say, you have $13 million in checks that were presented to us for payment. You have one hour before we start returning them NSF. We would then look at our West Coast depository banks and see that we had taken in $10 million in cash and checks (deposited via armored car) the previous evening. We would then call a commercial paper dealer, who would tell us, Boeing, Paccar, Nike, et. al. had $4 million they would place with us, based on our commercial paper credit rating, overnight, at 1/365th of 5.17%. We would agree and wire $14 million to NC. Our checks would get paid. Next day, we would repeat the dance, only perhaps with cash to pay off Nike, and loan to Boeing, who was short that day, etc. and cover the next days checks. How we did that could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars a week in interest earnings or borrowing costs. More importantly, IT WAS FAR LESS THAN THE RETURNS ON INVENTORY sold to customers. Nordstrom paid its cash managers handsomely to minimize the cash on hand, and then keep the company barely solvent. The process is largely automated today.

Also, its counter-intuitive, and doesn't apply in the current circumstance, but 75% of businesses (most businesses are not publicly traded) are profitable and growing when they declare bankruptcy. The more profitable they are, and the faster they grow, the greater the risk. Bankruptcy is a function of insolvency (lack of cash to pay bills as they come due), not lack of profit. A highly profitable firm is constantly adding more inventory (goods firm) or payroll (services firm) to make those sales. They buy today with cash (payroll every week or two), but may not get paid, for months or years (think airplanes or trucks) by their customer. The faster they grow, the more cash they need, and the greater the gap between when cash goes out and when it comes in.


"Its almost like the whole economy is a bullshit house of cards made by grifters and sociopaths."

That's remarkable -- I was just saying the same to The Wife the other day...

and all nite or till i pass out
and as much as i admire your insidious (and apparently innate) gift for using confessionals as Fuel in your lust for ... whaever the Fuck it is you do -- fuck off. 10¢ a word IS Work -- tho at times it does indeed seem like play.

Are you pro (notU2's) bono?


"Its almost like the whole economy is a bullshit house of cards made by grifters and sociopaths."

That's remarkable -- I was just saying the same to The Wife the other day...


and all nite or till i pass out

and as much as i admire your insidious (and apparently innate) gift for using confessionals as Fuel in your lust for ... whaever the Fuck it is you do -- fuck off. 10¢ a word IS Work -- tho at times it does indeed seem like play.

Are you pro (notU2's) bono?



I miss it a lot. Every day. But I didn't know pivot tables so I had to leave. A 20-something from San Francisco bought my place.


Cool! Double Postings!
I blame the Alaskan Thunderfuck.
Back to Work.


@26 It's almost like you've had a real job and understand how business works. This will come as a shock to the "we don't have to work, we can just print money forever" mob.



He was this way long before the virus hit


@23 He SHOULD be getting paid by the Stranger. Collectively, I bet his postings amount to more fresh content than this "news" source can manage to put out after their hangovers wear-off.


@33, so were you, so you're in no position to point fingers.



You have me confused with other 404’s or other posters.


Robert Reich: "I don't know who needs to hear this, but forcing people back to work is not 'freedom.'"


@44, I haven't, no. You're the only one stupid and dishonest enough to bother.


"but forcing people back to work is not 'freedom."

Who is forcing people back to work?

Don't want to work, don't. You have it down to an art form.


@34 -- Queen xina's awesome contributions outnumber mine, many of which are can be random many of which might easily vastly benefit from an Edit/Delete type button.



@40 -- might you rub some Spells on our lil Trolling?
he's suffering Badly from an Nasty dose of Infectivitis XXL.

Thanx, and never mind the smell!
Send the Bill to The Stranger.
Tell them Jeff says so.


Oh, and re: 10) Lottery:
What're the Odds?


$$$ Every time a nasty comment is made, I get paid.$$$


Twice as nice this time.



If you want to avoid "confusion" you'll have the decency to simply create a permanent profile to be linked to all of your musings. All anonymous posts gets logged under the same shit-brained and cowardly manifestation of dismissable identity.



Nah, its not worth it. Besides, I have more fun coming up with inventive handles anyway.


mike blob @ 8 B (we're fortunate to have two eights today)
I have one of those, will test it on the neighbors and get back to you.


@46 Don't steal my thunder!

I like the idea of charging to comment. That will help keep the poors out.


Best way to stop package thieves, or at least get some sweet revenge, is to do what I did once - put out a box with a fake "Apple" label on it, fill it full of packing peanuts and two cocked rat traps, the type that break fingers.

Be sure to put down a fake return address (maybe a neighbor you hate) because luckily tweakers/junkies won't remember where they grabbed the box from without one.


@49 - be careful with that method. If you create a "booby trap" to intentionally injure somebody you can be held liable for both criminal and civil penalties.

There is a company that sells "The Blank Box" which is a box that activates a blank shotgun shell if lifted off your porch. This gives thieves one hell of a scare but won't actually injure them. (Unless they go running into the street and get hit by a car.)

There is also that NASA engineer who rigged a dummy package with GPS, cameras, glitter bomb and fart spray. Check out the video on YouTube.


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Is "404" industry talk for half-sized 808 Kick-Drum?


It must be one of those days - the spam is more interesting to read than the trolls...


I am Dr Nelson, and I approve this message.


@55 That’s only because your herpes is flaring up this week.


@51 -- “when my wife left me and the kids for no reason [WHOA],
all my effort to get her back wasn't successful” --imade.wiguna115

You do realize this IS The Stranger, do you not, imade.wiguna115, and that you’re cutting into Big Dan Savage’s Profits, don’tchya, imade.wiguna115, and you do know WHY it is they call him Savage, don’t you, imade.wiguna115 (if that’s even your Real Name)?

Getting back to it – she didn’t leave you (and the kids) for NO reason, imade.wiguna115, or she wouldn’t have left in the first dang place; unless (duh) she just ‘forgot’ were she lived. So you owe it to Dan to get a crack at your Problem, next time, when ‘doktor’ Nelson’s or whomever’s magic boner pills or whatever wears off, because, it Seems to me, they all wear off, eventually.

Good luck!
Keep us posted?



Did you have to think really hard to come up with that chunk of comedy gold, or did you just dig it out of your ass like you normally do?


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