Slog PM: Top Amazon Engineer Resigns in Protest, Nicolas Cage Will Play Joe Exotic



Hitting the water this weekend!!

80's in eastern WA...Potholes? Sun Lakes? Banks Lake? Lake Chelan? decisions decisions!


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@Ace -- Give all them trumpfistas
Big Hugz for us, woulddja?

Can't wait to see what The Base looks like come November 3
assuming they haven't inflicted me by then / yet.


Trump - "81,000 deaths in May is WINNING!" (no he is not being sarcastic)

Jeff Bezos - "Tim Who?" (also: why would anyone care how much money this guy loses by quitting his job working for a sadistic, sociopathic company?)

The Obama administration vetted Joe Biden thoroughly before making him the VP nominee. Does this really need to be explained to people?

Meanwhile Trump stands accused of countless sexual assaults, including a brutal rape of a 13 year old girl he raped because she looked liked his daughter Ivanka. And that's just the tip of the iceberg of is his deep seated misogyny and sadistic behavior.

Can we get the murder hornets to invade the White House?

And finally, congratulations to Jasmyne on getting her job back.


Yes, thanks that Jasmyne is back! Her articles are terrific!
If enough Democratic voters swarm to the polls, the Orange wasp will have to leave the White House!


Excellent! I look forward to Jasmyne's brightening up this stupid Pandemic.

So, Biz is Good? Where's my lil' buddy Katie?
She hasn't gone and shuffled off to Buffalo now has she?

Post-Nov 3 trumpfy'll be trying to get his little stinger into as many Libs as possible before he's taken away in leg irons hopefully. Is it time to bring back the Stocks? There's some full-on MAGA MustSeeTeeVeeâ„¢ right there. Good time to open a rotten veggies store right next door.

Hmmm ... gotta wonder how many Dead
Voters are gonna be Votin' this November...

Hmmmm. Can I get my Ballot now? I feel a little ... anxiousy.




Actually, a cruise ship with only 5% of the cabins occupied is probably kind of safe. Oh, wait, that would mean people are using their brains and not getting on the damn things. Never happen.


Indeed @7, getting Jasmyne Keimig back is great! She has a keen eye for design and art. Best since Jen Graves.


Those boaters are six feet apart. What’s the problem?


"Tim Bray, a veteran Amazon engineer and vice president, resigned from Amazon in protest".

The guy worked for Sun Systems and Google, started a tech company and sold it, is worth double digit millions and is 64 years old. Sounds like he wanted to retire in a flash of news.