“We feel like it's within our legal rights to protest, and that's what we're doing, and we're just inviting our members to do that with us.”

Don't you mean you are a sovereign citizen, or gun-humper for jesus, or some sort of legitimate scam? Or are you just going with a straight-forward con?


It’s Memorial Day weekend that is approaching, Rich Dear. Labor Day is in September.


I'm not commenting on weather or not the sexual harassment or assault allegations against Joe Biden are true. However, if the record of the complaint in the Senate looked very bad for Joe Biden then Mitch would make sure it was leaked to the press in about five seconds. As it is, the Mitch's preference seems to be to keep the record secret, and to make it the new version of Hillary's emails - something that is hidden and sinister and that can be talked about forever.


@3: Two hours and counting...

We all make errors. But ...

A - Rich didn't proofread before posting.
B - No other staffer does peer review in absence of a copy editor.
C - Commenter points out error but no fix .

In a Post 'N Go mentality, it becomes apparent that there's no passion for accuracy in a profession that demands it. And they have the gall to ask for contributions.


@6 Let me google that for you....

There's also a Labor Day coming up and that's the date when Dave Matthews was scheduled to play the Gorge. So I've spared you some dismay over the fate of journalism - you're welcome!


@5 The Obama administration vetted Biden extensively, including his entire senate record. The GOP can do whatever they want trying to make something out of nothing, but they are not fooling anyone with their hypocrisy given Trump's history of sexual assault. Trump is a predator, a known rapist, a child rapist, someone who publicly talks about wanting to fuck his daughter, brags about sexually assaulting women, and uses vile and derogatory language every single time he talks about women, even children like Greta Thunberg.

I do not like Biden and do not believe he should have run for POTUS. The Democratic party is putting him up as their nominee, though.

I would vote for a pile of dog shit over Trump.


@7: Nice try.

When someone says "this weekend", it means the next weekend. Yes, you can be annoying and say it's a weekend several months from now.

Likewise, when Rich writes "this upcoming Labor Day weekend" - the words 'this' and 'upcoming' imply soon, not months from now. In addition, theses holidays are often confused.


@12: Which is really a bummer as I am loosing my tone.


@13 losing?



"People already haaaaaaated hillary long before the email thing so they were already primed to distrust her. People mostly like biden and think he is a decent person, albeit one of a different era."

A lot of that difference in people's opinions of them are because one of them has a dick and balls and the other one has a vagina.


@16: yep. I typically don't issue correction comments unless the meaning is unclear.


Yeah, even the folks who think Biden is kinda senile don't have the gut hatred for him (which they evidently did for Hillary).
Trump will lie his ass off and blame everyone else, but that's not an effective strategy when millions of voters are hurting and are on edge.


@11 The actual quote is "DMB won't be crashing the Gorge this upcoming Labor Day weekend". It seems like a perfectly normal way to structure a sentence to me. But if you want to downgrade you fact check complaint to a quibble over style, that's fine with me.


@21: That's fine with me too.


Somebody please tell the dingus with the gym that the whole point of civil disobedience is that it's DISOBEDIENCE. You're disobeying a law--and accepting that you may be arrested--in order to make your protest.


BAD News, child-bearing/rearing aunts uncles
grandkids/parents cum freedom-lovin' MAGAt protesters

From today's NYT:

"15 Children Are Hospitalized With Mysterious Illness Possibly Tied to Covid-19"

The health authorities in New York City issued an alert saying that the children had a syndrome that doctors do not yet fully understand."



I think people put way to much emphasis on the fact Hilary was a woman. People didn't like her not because she was a woman(maybe some did) but the overwhelming majority did not like her because she was a Clinton(and that is a lot of baggage) - and the fact she is not personable or well received.

Such is the trap of identity politics. If it OK to vote for someone because they are a woman, or a minority, or sexual orientation, or age, or whatever - then it would also be just as acceptable for someone to NOT vote for a person for those very same reasons. You cant have it one way and refuse to accept the other.

The logical person votes for what a candidate stands for and the ideas they present - not for what they look like or sleep with.

To bad many in our society - on both sides - cant be enlightened to think that way.


It's simply a bad idea to automatically and without question believe that every single claim of sexual harassment/assault is 100% true. The world doesn't work that way. There are different circumstances, different motivations, and different memories involved. It's OK to validate lived experiences, and nobody should be dismissed out of hand, but I'm sorry... the left has overextended on this. Period.



Plus a lot of folks were put off by the fact that she was a hypocritical, rape-victim-blaming, thieving, murdering, lying, hate-mongering piece of shit.


@11 This is a common problem, for which there is a solution.



You wish.

Old folks hit a slide where the decline can literally me recognized week by week.
Biden slipped onto that decline during this campaign.

Democraps need to take a break from 24/7 CoronaPanicPorn and pick a new nominee.



'vast excess'??

oh my.

please cite a source.


@28- boy howdy.
It is kind of unforgivable in the internet age.
5 minutes of Google on Tara Reade and you get a portrait of a borderline whack job, almost Rachel Dolezal class grifter.
5 minutes of Google on Christine Blasey-Ford and you get a portrait of a composed, articulate reluctant witness and victim of predatory behavior.
For understandable reasons, Democrats are reluctant to point out what should be obvious to any honest, thinking person.


@36- Well, here is a recent article from Scientific american-


@23: You're right. But for the aerobics I miss the treadmill.


Well, we can all thank God there's no actual we, the Peep's FIRST-type candidate running for Top Dog even though Progressive Policy is backed by a majority of the Citizenry.

Gotta hand it to 'em -- they the Corps, being soulless 'people,' can surely purchase and AFFORD all the Shittonnes of "Free" Speech they* wanna buy to outshout You (and your silly little 'protests,' frequently numbering in the millions, and yet vastly UN-covered by 'our' wholly-corporate-owned mass media machine, fawning over the typically few hundreds protesting (Billionaire-backed, which I'm pretty most are not aware of) their God-Given right Not to be subjected to any quarantine they (and their Billionaire backers) don't happen to agree with.

specially if they happen to OWN a teevee station or two.


@37: What about Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, and Juanita Broderick?

It seems there is no woman who has made sexual assault charges against a politician where the opposite side hasn't disparaged to some extent.

@28 is correct as well.


No one told us we were playing "Bigoted Partisan Online-research Monkey":(
Can we play?

5 minutes of Google on Christine Blasey-Ford and you get a portrait of a borderline whack job, almost Rachel Dolezal class grifter. Who mumbled like a pre-schooler.
5 minutes of Google on Tara Reade and you get a portrait of a credible, composed, articulate reluctant witness and victim of predatory behavior. Who was smoking sultry hot.
For understandable reasons, Democrats are reluctant to point out what should be obvious to any honest, thinking person.


It's not like the virus is killing unborn babies. That might be the only thing that would get the Confederate states to give a damn and do anything about it.


@48 It is apparent you are not arguing in good faith continuing a dialogue would be fruitless.
Please refrain from responding to my posts.


The Biden allegations work best for Trump by simply existing, not by being proven or disproved. Accusing Biden of the same kind of sexual misconduct of which he himself is accused works much like the accusations of corruption worked against Hillary: Suddenly a persuasive advantage -- "my opponent is corrupt and that should disqualify him from office" -- becomes a "both sides do it" non-factor.

Trump is polling much worse with women voters this time around, and these accusations prevent Biden from capitalizing on this advantage by bringing up the multiple accusations of sexual assault against his opponent, the public record of demeaning comments about women, the hush money to his multiple porn-star paramours, etc etc.

The end result of "I guess both candidates are sexual assaulters" is exactly the intended message. It is meant to suppress voter turnout in demographics likely to vote for Biden, and to encourage third-party protest voting in same.


David dear, if Biden were indeed senile (which he isn’t, of course. You really should strive to not be so credulous) I would still take a senile Biden over a syphilitic mess like trump. Particularly if Biden picks a good running mate.

Tu Quoque, why do you have such a low opinion of women?


@49: Has the 404 troll ever argued in good faith? After all, he's a troll. If he comes back to this post, he's not going to engage with facts like you provided. The best he can offer is a window into the diseased mind of Cult 45, and I'm not sure even that is genuine.

Take heart in knowing that the engagement he gets here - however negative, however briefly his comments last before they're once again removed - is likely the only human interaction he has in his miserable, wasted life.


Why is everyone repeating this woman’s name? Can’t you say the victim or the accuser? Is it because you want people to think Joe assaulted the American pie chick?


with trump its always an emotional roller coaster ride grab 'em by the Amygdala and hang on for derr life and like hitler's, his soon-to-be-upcoming Rallies will be Nurembergy follies replete w/ his totally unhinging Unregulated overly Well-Armed Brownshirt 'militia,' daring anyone rude enough to come forth and Speak Truth to Power.

'Lock'em UP!'

Assuming he (Inadvertently!) wipes out his 'beloved' Base, and, should Rs not jury-rig Nov 3 sufficiently, and even with a fully complicit Senate and USSC, say, he Loses, getting his and his progeny's Ass outta Office may prove to be a royal fucking Challenge.


Speaking of trollings
and full-blown
Panic Porn:

“I think the answer is this: for everyone who wants to get out there right now with no mask or gloves, distancing or testing to help beat this thing, then I propose they sign a pandemic version of a DNR — Do Not Resuscitate order.

This would be a COVID-19 DNT — Do Not Treat order. This way, your willful ignorance (or greed) does not put a health care worker, first responder, or their families at risk. Print it, sign it, put it in your wallet and tape it to your front door.

If the impatient, hoax believing, don't stomp my freedom, selfish brats out there want to go do their thing during a dangerous crisis, then do it with the expectation that if you get sick, no one else has to pay the price for your irresponsible behavior. “
-- DP; Lexington, VA
Times Pick

Hmmm ... 'The Party of Personal Responsibility'
I kinda Like the sound o' that!

More FREE Coronavirus Crisis Coverage @ the NYT apparently, for the Duration

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