What, no mention of the Amazon warehouse worker in NYC who died (you know, at the same warehouse where workers protested the working conditions and Amazon responded by firing them)?


How do you tell what parts are the trash and what parts are just eastern Washington?


In the same way you tell what parts are the trash and what parts are just western Washington.


palate, honey, not palette. you're so CUTE.


@4 Thanks! The pandemic took our last remaining copy editor. Glad I'm cute, and I'm sure you meant that sincerely!


“I think the answer is this: for everyone who wants to get out there right now with no mask or gloves, distancing or testing to help beat this thing, then I propose they sign a pandemic version of a DNR — Do Not Resuscitate order.

This would be a COVID-19 DNT — Do Not Treat order. This way, your willful ignorance (or greed) does not put a health care worker, first responder, or their families at risk. Print it, sign it, put it in your wallet and tape it to your front door.

If the impatient, hoax believing, don't stomp my freedom, selfish brats out there want to go do their thing during a dangerous crisis, then do it with the expectation that if you get sick, no one else has to pay the price for your irresponsible behavior. “
-- DP; Lexington, VA
Times Pick

hope I'm not Inturrupting!



Really? EVERYwhere? Like, hanging out in the lobby of the Rainier Club? Are they overrunning the stadiums? How about SAM? Are they crawling all over Hammering Man? Have they taken over Westlake Park? What about Fisherman's Terminal? Are they jumping up-and-down on the piers? Perhaps clogging the jogging lane at Greenlake? Having mass pickup games on all the playfields? Seriously, I want to see pictures of this TOTAL INFESTATION OF THE ENTIRE CITY BY TEH HOMELESS PEPULZ!


omg -- on Schlog?

Where do we Hide?

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