Smooth-Brained Reality TV Is Here to Stay



I'm not a TV person,
but I'm glad you are back on the Stranger staff!
Don't forget the benefits of being in WA state and weed during these stressful times!


Also happy to read your byline! Guessing you're sitting on the motherload of sticker pics to break down and analyze...


Reality TV is pure (made-up, scripted, manipulated, fake, basic) trash.


@3: But that's its appeal.


I'm so glad that you're back Jasmyne!


"... the [Smooth-Brained Reality TV] show is based on a Seinfeld episode which is even more unbelievable "

What? Kramer lost his hundred bucks in their 4-way (non-mastrubatory) contest (Elaine hadta put up $150, 'cause it's easier for women) before they left the restaurant. Who hasn't had the quick after-lunch wank?

"If you think this situation is too funny to be true, you'd be wrong. Larry David based 'The Contest' on real events. Back in the '80s, David and a friend made a bet about who could last the longest without doing it.

He doesn't remember what the cash prize was but he does remember that he lasted the longest and ultimately won the bet."

And that (awesome!) episode won Larry David writer (& co-producer and fellow founder), a prime time Emmy.

Here to help.
Welcome back!


Attractive people who lack other traits to make them interesting use the potential of sex as bait to get attention. They can still do that in this situation. They’re not going to learn empathy or improve their character in any way as a result of this exercise. It’s just trash tv which is fine. But let’s not pretend there’s any self improvement going on


I get enough "smooth-brained" content from the strangers "reporters" and commentators.