Republicans Attempt to Normalize Their Batshit Desire to Lift Lockdown Immediately



Donald Trump's handlers had them play "Live and Let Die" when he visited that factory yesterday. They're not even subtle about it.


You know a REAL Mob boss would at least give us something in return for our protection money. But Trump can't even do that!


@1: If they would have played the original Paul McCartney it would have been more effective. The G&R version isn't as well known.


Had these Republicans been alive during WW2, they would be crying about mandatory blackouts, rationing, and the fact that factories were told what to produce.

As it was Republicans of that era just contended themselves with supporting the axis side


“I think the answer is this: for everyone who wants to get out there right now with no mask or gloves, distancing or testing to help beat this thing, then I propose they sign a pandemic version of a DNR — Do Not Resuscitate order.

This would be a COVID-19 DNT — Do Not Treat order. This way, your willful ignorance (or greed) does not put a health care worker, first responder, or their families at risk. Print it, sign it, put it in your wallet and tape it to your front door.

If the impatient, hoax believing, don't stomp my freedom, selfish brats out there want to go do their thing during a dangerous crisis, then do it with the expectation that if you get sick, no one else has to pay the price for your irresponsible behavior. “
-- DP; Lexington, VA
Times Pick

Let's give them all a Trump's Coronavirus Darwin Award/Presidential Freedom Medal with signed DONOTTREAT orders on the back and they can put their Lives where there Ideology lies.

They're either "the Party of Personal Responsibility"
or they're not.


@4 -- Today's Repubs wouldda been out there with searchlights, strikes and 24-course Soirees.

Remember -- THEY are the 'patriots.'


GOP Politics vs Human Epidemic.
Covering all bets!


2 He is not even the real president if it makes you feel any better


@3, on the contrary, it's got the guitar riffs that the trash who support Trump love so much.

@4, if these republicans had been alive in WWII, they'd be German.


The pro life party wants you to die. Always has.


Is the reason we're all staying home and social distancing to prevent the hospitals from becoming overwhelmed or to try and make it so no one gets infected? Hoping to eliminate new infections is a pipe dream. People can get behind 'flattening the curve', because it is a finite goal with a beginning, middle and end. Asking for anything more just isn't practical in this country.


The only thing batshit crazy is that so many people are still entertaining the stay at home order.

The lockdown didn't help. Most of you are not going to die from coronavirus. Unless you are old and / or morbidly obese. In that case you'll probably die, but then you knew that already.


@11: "Asking for anything more just isn't practical in this country."

Sounds like you're saying, this isn't America anymore; this is Trump's America now. And this is why we can't have nice things.

I'm just thankful we still live in Inslee's Washington, and if y'all aren't happy about it, you still won't be able to replace him until January. Elections have consequences. And one has to wonder what might have been possible in this country if Hillary had been president.


@ditrty dave

So we should take
Pandemic advice
from a plumber?

Just 'cause it IS Working
doesn't mean it didN'T Work.

We get ONE Shot at doing this right
and since trump's been WRONG
on EVERYTHING why the Fuck
should we do ANY thing he
(and his sychoophants)


@14 - we definitely fucked up our one shot. Should have followed the Swedish model.

(I know, I know, every guy wants to follow a Swedish model.)


@3 - I agree with Herr Wurst, above. Sir Paul isn't their cup of tea.


They always do the opposite of what the left says. Just grab some popcorn and hope they infect and kill each other.


Sad, stupid Republicans.


@17 -- trump has def taught you Muchly.
Well Done. Enjoy your Darwin Award.



Oh, no, I can see you'll be enjoying THEIR Darwin Awards which ARE Good Things, repubs!

Don't go out! Warnin' ya!
signed, a Lefty.


I'm all for letting republicans infect each other with Covid-19. Why not, their demographic's already dying off faster than the rest, nature's obviously selected them to join their neanderthal cousins in extinction, so why not expedite the process.

Just do the rest of us a favor and make them do it far away from the rest of us. Just let us know where to send the bulldozers after they're all dead so we can bury them.


@21 - Do you actually expect morons like David in Shoreline to tear themselves away from Fox news long enough to allow real information to sink in? It wouldn't work even if they could, their brains have all been turned into jello by Fox & Friends, etc.


@1 yesterday I thought that it was not Trump's people by rather an employee of the plant (presumably now ex-employee) that played that song on their own, but now that Trumps campaign manager* has called the campaign "Death Star" I'm not so sure.

How can anybody be that stupid and still be able talk? I can imagine them being that evil and really wanting to destroy planets (even if they only have access to just one) But didn't any of them watch the movie?

As far as the song goes, McCartney's version wasn't really all that bad, someone was changing attitude do to circumstances (even if not in an optimum way). Doesn't apply to Trump of course who seems to have always been an asshole.

"when you were young and your heart was an open book you used to say live and let live (nobody believes that, nobody believes that) but this ever changing world in which we're dying makes you whine and you lie.
"Nobody's better than I"
When you have a job to do you have to fuck it up, you got to give the other fellow blame"

Sympathy for the Devil would probably be better suited. There is a decent parody, but the original works with only minor changes "Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of (alleged) wealth and (poor) taste...."

*now I see he claims it wasn't originally his idea, but still, he did tweet it, so close enough for me.


Axl Rose got in a fight on Twitter with Trump's Munchkin and when Axl Rose comes off as the reasonable one, you know things are BEYOND fucked.


Jailhouse Rock next
time Mr Hacker
if you Please.


Don't Fear the Reaper?


The economy doesn’t have a switch you can throw and make everything normal when people are dying by the thousands everyday. Someday they’ll figure this out, maybe.


@28 - no, can't make things normal now. Wish we hadn't fucked things up so bad.

@21 - yeah Sweden's numbers look bad. But guess what - they are done. Herd immunity. Meanwhile the largest cohort of deaths in NYC is people who were self isolating at home.


@15 - most guys' desire to follow a Swedish model stops at the cemetery gates.


Sweden ain’t done, not even close. They have a population of 10M and <24,000 confirmed cases, meaning <1% of the population has been exposed & only another.... 7 million to go before herd immunity is within reach, though letting everyone get sick kind of defeats the purpose of protecting people from getting sick.

At least sweden has a culture of mutual good faith going for it and hasn’t reached the point where people are identifying which pre-existing health conditions make people’s lives expendable. They are more likely to make an effort to protect their most vulnerable, though I suspect they will still end up far worse off than the rest of Europe.


Epidemiologist Slams U.S. Coronavirus Response: ‘Close To Genocide By Default’
“What else do you call mass death by public policy?” asked Yale’s Gregg Gonsalves, as draft FEMA documents project 3,000 deaths a day.


Genocide thru hubris stupidity mismanagement and mendacity?

Just another unpresidented Republican 'presidential' term.

If he gets four more
it's gonna be
Sayonara, Earth
unless you've got a Koch
Kave stashed somewheres....


33, I mean when people are openly saying it’s just olds and fats who are dying so what’s the big deal then yeah, pretty much. It’s less depraved than marching people into gas chambers but that’s a pretty low bar to clear. They’re still rationalizing mass death for the common good.


Also in the news those Walla Walla Covid parties turned out to be fake news.


how are Inadvertent COVID parties
different from Free the Populace
Masks are for Pussies Rallies?

And when will herr Furor be able to restage his Nuremberg Rallies -- speaking of Thinning the herd / severe shortages of Darwin Awards /body bags.


"They’re still rationalizing mass
death for the common good." --@blip

For trump's re-Election chances
you mean.


@blip -- oh wait
that's what you said