After Months of Pressure, the Liquor and Cannabis Board Relaxes Its Cocktail Rules



Okay WAC&LCB, you're gonna let the Drunks drive away with 'unopened' cocktails -- isn't it time We, the (reasonable) Peeps were allowed to grow a pot plant, or two, for Personal Use Only? We've kept it outta the prying hands of our Progeny; let's eliminate a lotta Trips to the Weed Store (if there's a significant Loss in pot taxes, we'll more than make up for it in Munchies sales and Impulse Buying sprees).


"They're not overly creative". Of course they're not, they're state employees. It's why WA's stuck with rules that forbid people to grow their own, unlike the rest of the damned country, and don't allow us to smell what we buy before we buy it. This, and many, many other issues I have with the way this stupid state is governed, is why I'm looking at moving to OR.


@2 - It's not bad government. It is the generally uptight nature of this state. Compared to, say, California, this place is run like a Lutheran church social. The liquor laws have always been way strict here, and the whole point seems to be to make sure that no one is really having any fun.


@2 - Jesus, God
don't Leave us!

At least we get to Vote by mail!