Slog PM: Inslee Eases Rules for Some Counties; Pence Staffer Tests Positive; Bad News for Aunt Becky



Governor of California has been smoking too much weed.

State Statutes on All-Mail Elections

States that conduct all elections by mail:
Colorado (CRS §1-5-401)
Hawaii (Hawaii Stat. §11-101)
Oregon (ORS §254.465)
Utah (Utah Code Ann. §20A-3a-302)
Washington (Rev. Code of Wash. 29A.40.010)


"Gov. Gavin Newsom signs executive order to send every Californian a mail-in ballot for November election. CA is the first state in the country to do so, he says."

(Technically) He's correct.
Those other six states (WA! Yahoo!) never
sent any Ballots to Californians. And why would they.


Unless (technically), duh, they were Registered in one of those six MIB states but needed for some reason their mail-in ballot sent to California. So there's that. Too.


The pizza place I used to work at on Cesar Chavez in Austin, TX had a big sticker of Rich Uncle Pennybags with the caption:



I'm guessing CA is the first state to go vote-by-mail by executive order.



Ironically, it was well-to-do people that got me out of homelessness and employed me and set me up for success. But the Rich Uncle Pennybags of the world sure seem to be fulfilling that caption.


Blind rage at everything


@6: No, it was their compassion. Why would that be ironic?


I was gonna guess it was an ad for Froot Loops, and am proud to say I wasn't especially far off the mark.


I'd read from a semi-reliable source (ok, an anonymous poster on another blog. But a fairly slog-like blog, with a similarly loyal and educated readership) that, for all the goofball idiocy of his public persona, Guy Fieri is actually a pretty genuine and decent human on a personal level.


The Trump / Pence inner circle tests positive for COVID-19.
Good. May this truly be the death of the GOP

@1 xina and @2 kristofarian: Hooray for Washington State!! :)

@6: Especially the country club set in Greenwich, Connecticut (source: The Greenwich Rebellion, by Evan Osnos, The New Yorker Magazine, May 11, 2020, pages 28-39.) Here's to turning the U.S. blue again and make Rich Uncle Pennybags and his fellow pearl clutchers cringe, weep, and bawl like the babies they are.


Are they replacing the Pennybags token with Ivanka?


“This is why the concept of light switches aren’t great. One day, there’s no light, then all of a sudden there’s light for some reason.”

God, what a fucking imbecile. Even by the standards of willful, nefarious ignorance, the shit he says these days is shockingly stupid.

And this is the guy who’s about to steer the country through the most sudden unemployment crisis we have ever seen. “One day, they all have jobs and then they don’t. How does that happen? It’s like nothing anyone has ever seen. No one could have predicted this. But i tell you - we’re doing a great job. Right, Tim? Ask Larry. No one has ever done a job like we’re doing. Everyone says we’re doing a job and its tremendous really.”


Bad News For Trumpty Dumpty, too!

New report: U.S. Secret Service has 11 active COVID-19 cases and 60 more in self-quarantine

And Ivanka's personal assistant has it, in addition to Katie Miller and the unnamed Diet Coke valet to Trump himself.

Can't pretend it's going away and go about business as usual if the entire White House gets infected, now can we, Donnie Dumbass?

I wonder how the people who were in this room yesterday feel today.


And...Trump is sending ventilators to Putin after refusing to provide ventilators to states that needed them. Unfuckingbelievable.


You already knew Trump was Putin's bitch - this just reconfirms it!



People are so insanely afraid of being proven wrong about something, and this is true of people across the political spectrum but quadruple or quintuply true of Trump, that they'll take on and allow for immense personal and public suffering if it prevents their having to do so. And so the worse it gets, the more compelling the case becomes that he's been wrong the entire time. Which has the happy, fun times consequence of his just digging his heels in even deeper in his stubborn denialism. It's like a perpetual motion machine that's powered by ignorance and sociopathy.


"I understand Mike has been tested, vice president, and he tested negative."

So he is not VP, just a pretend one?


Dan (in his usual unabashed demeanor) on Bill Maher last night:


Finally, Some Laughs... (you have to scroll half way down the article, but some of them are pretty funny):


Re: The lynching of Ahmaud Arbery

Yeah, Gregory and Travis McMichael are really busting that stereotype of obese, beady-eyed, inbred, racist white trash.


More like "Man Kills Self by Walking In Front of 737 Landing At Night" - don't they have light rail in Austin?


@21 xina: Thank you, xina. Here's hoping that this is finally the end of the Trump / Pence Evil Empire, funded by the insanely wealthy, corrupt, criminally insane, and unfit to govern.
@23: Some "honor", Kokonut Kenny. The Deep South is currently in Deep Shit with the rapid spread of TRUMPVID-19, all from its "proud" history of racist white trash. Is your MAGA cap covering a bald spot?


@26: Nope. I don't watch TeeVee or consider FOX TeeVee a reliable news source. Try again.


@26: Well fiddle-dee-dee! She didn't even click on the link.


@29: Yeah, I'll go pick her up, dust her off, and get her back to Twelve Oakes in time for the BBQ.


@26, @28 As God is my witness, I'll never vote Republican again!


@28 & @30: I knew that there was nothing relevant to open, Rainy. I know it's hard for you, but try to keep up.
@29: Yours must be a backpack with a hole in it, Kokonut Kenny. Hopefully you'll land on something soft.


Interesting power struggle going on presently in California-
Let's face it- this is Elon Musk's world now.


@32: Nice out auntie.



If you see what you believe to be a crime in progress you call the police, you don't grab a gun and confront the suspect.

If someone chases you down and attempts to assault you (especially if they have a weapon) you have the right to defend yourself.

Arbery had the right to defend himself, the McMichaels did not have the right to chase or assault Arbery.


They chased him in a truck and when they got in front they stopped one hopped out cocked and loaded ready to 'Citizen's Arrest' somebody who looked kinda like somebcdy whomay have gotten into an unlocked car -- there was no Crime Wave sweeping the community -- and so when they put themselves in danger (by confronting him), a self defense argument no longer works.

I do hope they charge this 2/3 of this trio/moderndaylynch mob with First Degree Murder. Thank gawd one of them was awoke enough to record it for Posperity.

Let's see if Georgia is still both a Taker State
and a racist one too. There may be Boycotts.

Perhaps I won't play in the
Masters next year
that'll show 'em

@AmyN -- are Vigilantes still pretty Popular,
down South? They still carry rope?


"Ahmaud’s actions at this empty home under construction were in no way a felony under Georgia law," the statement continued. "This video confirms that Mr. Arbery’s murder was not justified and the actions of the men who pursued him and ambushed him were unjustified. We reiterate, Ahmaud Arbery did not take part in ANY felony, had no illegal substances in his system, was not armed yet was shot three times with a shotgun at close range."

What new videos are you talking about AmyN?
FOX's? I have Zero faith in FOX.



The authorities disagree with you.
In case you didn't know, the McMichaels have been changed with murder.


@Gassy Duck -- deadly force is only for felonies.

@AmyN -- where is this video of "Arbery assulting" the red necks you keep insisting exists?

FOX (nah -- if it ain't
Fake it ain't on FOX)?

Waiting, patiently.


2010 Georgia Code
§ 17-4-60 - Grounds for arrest
O.C.G.A. 17-4-60 (2010)
17-4-60. Grounds for arrest

A private person may arrest an offender if the offense is committed in his presence or within his immediate knowledge. If the offense is a felony and the offender is escaping or attempting to escape, a private person may arrest him upon reasonable and probable grounds of suspicion.

Trespassing is not a felony, therefore the McMichael's did not have the right to attempt a citizen's arrest.


@AmyN -- are you part of the McMichael's Defense team?

Out oppoing? Interesting...
You guys Union?



"Under Georgia's law a citizen's arrest may be performed for a misdemeanor."


You can only arrest (detain) someone suspected of committing a felony. (See #50 for details)


@Adam -- and McMichael would have known the law forewards and backwards...

Thank you for throwing Light on Shade.



Even if they had witnessed him trespassing, trespassing is not a felony.



Hatchett is wrong.

Georgia law clearly states that it must be a felony.



Did you even read the article you linked to?

"Hatchett said the Arbery case is similar, and there were too many red flags, such as the citizen’s arrest scenario described in a Glynn County police report. She said the citizen’s arrest law does not apply to this case."
"And the other important part under Georgia law is that if you do detain someone under citizen’s arrest, it has to be reasonable force. They came loaded with guns.”


"They should have been taken into custody immediately,” Hatchett said.

She spoke with “Morning Edition” host Lisa Rayam about Georgia’s citizen’s arrest law and how it couldn’t have applied to the Arbery case.



You can attempt a citizen's arrest of someone who commits a misdemeanor, but you cannot stop them if they flee.



I just wanted to clarify that after reading Hatchett's response she is correct.

"They should have been taken into custody immediately,” Hatchett said.



Yes, after reading the article and seeing that Hatchett clearly stated that the McMichaels acted unlawfully, I agree with her conclusion.

Again, from the link you provided:

"Hatchett said the Arbery case is similar, and there were too many red flags, such as the citizen’s arrest scenario described in a Glynn County police report. She said the citizen’s arrest law does not apply to this case."
"And the other important part under Georgia law is that if you do detain someone under citizen’s arrest, it has to be reasonable force. They came loaded with guns.”
"They should have been taken into custody immediately,” Hatchett said.



Your attempt to conflate this with a different case in a different jurisdiction doesn't help your case.


"The tragedy is not simply what his death reveals about how black life is valued here. The tragedy is not only the freshly invigorated fear that black men and women will feel as they jog the streets and trails of America.

The tragedy is that his black life ended. For those who believe that all life is sacred, there is no bigger catastrophe.

Nevertheless, Ahmaud Arbery’s name will move onto a list that stretches back far into our history.

That list includes names like Emmett Till, Addie May Collins, Carol Denise McNair, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Rosamond Robertson, Medgar Evers, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, and Eric Garner.

Black Americans have become adept at recounting this litany of suffering that began when the first chained black bodies arrived on this continent 400 years ago.

After video of the events leading up to Mr. Arbery’s death became public this week, the father and son were charged with murder and aggravated assault.

While we pray that once more of the facts are fully known justice will be served, courts cannot resurrect the dead. They cannot complete a life.

From “True Justice for Ahmaud Arbery”
Black Americans need more than a trial and a verdict.
By Esau McCaulley

More at:



"(Very similar to Michael Brown attempting to seize Officer Wilson's gun, an act that justified Wilson's use of deadly force, according to Eric Holder...)"

This is also incorrect.

The grand jury chose not to indict officer Wilson because law enforcement officers have the right to shoot an unarmed fleeing suspect in the state of Missouri.

Wilson did not fire the two fatal shots until after the suspect had fled down the street, at which time the suspect no longer posed a threat to the officer.


Prior to today I had always assumed "Amy" to be one of those gender-specific names.
Perhaps that assumption was unfounded.
Prior to today I had assumed that all of our resident Slog bigots were men.
So either one of both of my assumptions were wrong, or we have someone masquerading.
For some reason.



Again, you are mistaken.

From the DOJ report:

"Because Wilson did not act with the requisite criminal intent, it cannot be proven beyond reasonable doubt to a jury that he violated 18 U.S.C.§ 242 when he fired his weapon at Brown."

The DOJ chose not to prosecute because they had no evidence of criminal intent by officer Wilson, not because the DOJ believed officer Wilson was in danger.

Also from the DOJ report:
"The same is true even if Wilson could be said to have acted with poor judgment in the manner in which he first interacted with Brown, or in pursuing Brown after the incident at the SUV. These are matters of policy and procedure that do not rise to the level of a Constitutional violation and thus cannot support a criminal prosecution."


@ "Amy N" aka the 404 troll's new account

The capital L in "Left" and the use of the royal we are dead giveaways mate.

Until and unless you are able to hide your tells you may as well just keep using the 404 trick to make your posts.


@80 No, that is not what they concluded.

Because Wilson did not act with the requisite criminal intent, it cannot be proven beyond reasonable doubt to a jury that he violated 18 U.S.C.§ 242 when he fired his weapon at Brown.

VI. Conclusion
For the reasons set forth above, this matter lacks prosecutive merit and should be closed.


@82 the 404 trolls are forced to register now. A registered account can be banned outright by the Stranger if it is reported as violating the terms of service.



What does any of that have to do with anything?

I can only assume the dick comment is projection.
So it appears that your constant shitposting is an attempt to distract yourself from your shame at having a small penis.

Maybe you should just learn to love yourself as you are instead of hating yourself for something you have no control over.

I'll pray for you.



When did that happen?

I figured The Stranger would never do that, because I assumed they rely on all the trolls repeated clicks for Revenue.


So, we're re-Infested?

Oh well -- it will soon get itself banned.



Not everyone is as insecure as you are mate.

Resorting to ad hominem attacks is always your go to when you know you've lost, another one of those annoying tells that you're unable to shake.


It Could be an undersized dick
or an oversized clit.

With trollingtrollytrolleyTroll
it's pretty 'hard' to tell.

And, we're Off.


@87 just recently b/c people were saying they weren't going to give money to the Stranger unless the 404 problem was solved and poof like magic it was suddenly solved. Funny how something they refused to fix for decades was suddenly one and done. The trolling won't stop, though, so anyone giving money to the Stranger because they believe the Stranger gives a shit about the repugnant and vile trolling that goes on here (it's a feature, not a bug) is pretty stupid.



As a girl I am smarter than that.

I realize that reading comprehension is not your strong suit, but I still find it extremely amusing that you think that quote does anything other than prove my point.

I haven't giggled this much since I was a schoolgirl.



I'm still here sister.

By the way, this is the internet, I'm already home.



Clicks equal cash.

That's why I'm always so surprised that the trolls keep posting here.

Every post they make is just more money in the pocket of
Leftist Snowflakes and Degenerates

I for one welcome the trolls free money.


Ahmaud Arbery was lynched in broad daylight. The video proves it. But just like Trump tells people not to believe what they hear him say or see him do, the bigots will insist Arbery deserved to be murdered by white supremacists who had no right to hunt him down or kill him.

America will never change. White supremacist terrorism is the law of the land. Men with guns threatening to kill governors at state capitols? Nothing happens. Black people living while black, murdered by white people, no problem here oh wait now there's video proof we have to pretend to care. Shit the white female cop (an actual cop not the no longer a cop who murdered Arbery) that walked into a black man's apartment and murdered him while he was sitting on his own couch in his own home only got 10 years (and she's looking to get that verdict overturned).

The people on this forum vigorously defending white supremacist terrorism are sick fucks, but no argument provided will change their one celled brains into understanding the humanity of people who don't have white skin on their asses. All murders of black people will be considered justifiable to them, forever, until the end of time.



Ken, I just have to ask, why doesn't anyone (except me) realize that your posts are pure satire?

"Whatever her gender, she's wasting her time on here. I am approximately 1,153 times as smart as she is and perfectly capable of defending racist rednecks who murder black men all by myself."

Just so you know, I've always found you hilarious.



"America will never change."

That's not true at all.
In fact, America has changed a lot over the years. It not even that long ago that it wasn't called America.


I guarantee I give more of my fixed income to charity than any troll posting shit here. Oh and yeah, you shitting on me because I'm disabled and unable to work, another tell that you're just the 404 troll as called out by others. Same shit, different day.


The First White President

The foundation of Donald Trump’s presidency is the negation of Barack Obama’s legacy.



the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.

In order for Michael Brown's death to be considered a murder it would have to be unlawful.

Multiple jurisdictions concluded that the homicide of Michael Brown what's not unlawful.

You should realize that that does not mean that those jurisdictions considered mr. Brown's death to be ethical or justified, merely that they did not find evidence that indicated that officer Wilson "acted willfully, that is, with the purpose to violate the law."

You see, murder is a legal term that has a specific meaning.
There is no moral or ethical implication in the meaning of the word.


Happy Sunday to everyone!
I am happy to say Doctor Trumpy cured me of my disease! I was stuck in my basement, watching hours of OAN and Fox news. My brain cells were turning to mush. My family members listened to NPR, and told me my disease was incurable! But thanks to Doctor Trumpy, I am now cured of my degenerative disease! I took one bottle of Trumpy Cleanser (TM) and now I am cured! My brain cells are gone, and so are those nasty germ cells, and everything else that was alive! Call Doctor Trumpy at 242-555-0000 and be freed of your living cells forever!



YOU are



Don't you count those Dixiecrats out yet girl!

When all the racists fled the Democratic Party after LBJ passed the Civil Rights Act the Republican Party welcomed them with open arms.
They're still working to bring back slavery, just give the Republicans a little time.


@pat L -- TrollingtrollytrolleyTroll
INsists one must take
trumpfy's Magical
Elixar rectally

but I think s/he was "just Kidding."


@102 Adam K, now are you being sarcastic, LOL?

Ken M appears to be just another troll like Raindrop and David in Shoreline. If the idiocy Ken M posts is meant as satire, it's not coming across that way to most of us.



I respectfully disagree.

Not only do most of Kenny's "right wing" posts seem laughably sarcastic (to me at least), but he has allowed his satirical mask to slip multiple times recently (including in this very thread [#40]).
I don't blame him for letting the mask slip recently, it can be hard to stay in character while the theater is burning.


@114 Adam, maybe you're right, that he's been attempting satire all this time, but if readers aren't able to tell the difference between his satire and just saying racist asshole things, then what's the point of the satire?

“satire": the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

How is Ken using satire to ridicule and criticize Amy's trolling? Ken may be retreating a bit here from being an outright racist asshole a few days ago...

... but he’s still happy to go down the rabbit hole of parsing this to death (no pun intended) and bringing up “fun facts” that are intended to muddy the waters when the waters are crystal clear. That Ken has a sense of humor about being a racist asshole is a far cry from being a satirist.

But hey, if you think he’s just a satirist who's exposing the stupidity of others by playing the part of the racist asshole, that’s your call of course. Just don’t be surprised that you’re the only one who sees it. ;-)

Take care.



"if you think he’s just a satirist who's exposing the stupidity of others by playing the part of the racist asshole, that’s your call of course. Just don’t be surprised that you’re the only one who sees it. ;-)"

I'm only a little surprised.
Most of the racists I've met in my lifetime, and there have been a lot, don't possess the same level of self-awareness that Kenny demonstrates in his post.
It seems (to me at least) that he knows what he is saying absurd. In fact, he amplifies the absurdity at every opportunity.

I guess I just can't see Kenny as anything other than a character akin to Archie Bunker in the modern era.

Most racist don't believe that they are racist.
Ken Melman not only believes he is racist and proudly identifies as a racist. (In contrast to "Amy" and the other racist trolls)

And he does seem to be trolling the trolls.
"Whatever her gender, she's wasting her time on here. I am approximately 1,153 times as smart as she is and perfectly capable of defending racist rednecks who murder black men all by myself."

I just can't imagine a real racist saying that.
Why would a racist call their fellow racists "racist rednecks" and why would a racist call the killing of an unarmed black man "murder".
Real racist will tie themselves in knots in order to avoid saying things like that.


Those 3 days off from Feebs sure were nice. They will be remembered fondly...


@119, indeed!


driving up traffic on a progressive regional news and entertainment blog with tedious and repetitive trolling to own the libs


@22 - nothing honorable about those two.



@123 xina, now that's satire. Funny.


"That Ken [D.Fart]
has a sense of humor
about being a racist asshole
is a far cry from being a satirist."

Well now, there's a Bingo.
Well played, PiP.