Slog AM: Weekend's Heat Set Record, Re-bar's Moving South, Yakima's for Dumbshits



Yakima is a pleasant place, despite some in its population.


GREAT Article on the W. Seattle bridge!
Well done, SeattleTimes.


When Stahl asks Clark about the measures being taken to protect Amazon employees, his answer is about those directly employed by Amazon. Those people are almost entirely software engineers and corporate suits.

They don't consider those in the warehouse or in delivery trucks - the ones technically working for some parasitic middle-man staffing agency yet make the entire enterprise actually work - to be full human beings, so the lack of PPE or safety regulations to protect them likely never even crosses the minds of Amazon corporate.


Given the scale and pace of redevelopment in the area Re-bar's days in SODO were numbered even before the pandemic hit, but it is heartening to hear the owners have a plan to relocate. We'll miss you old 'The Re-bar's Place" to use the inimitable Ms. Dina Martina's malapropism - except the bathrooms. I don't think even the most bottomed-out tweaker will miss those skanky dens of grime and pestilence.


@4, the climate is warming. Did you think the weather wouldn't?


@5: SODO? Re-Bar wasn't in SODO. Although maybe that's where they'll end up. Or maybe Beacon Hill?


I have a question arising from the comments on the 2015 article ("Start here") about the history of Re-Bar, which I might've posted directly to that article's comments section except that comments are now closed: User "snacktruck" corrected that Geffen Records hosted the party because they were the publishers of "Nevermind". User "SAW" (apparently the Steve Wells quoted in the article itself) then accepts the correction. Yet Steve's own story relates that Bruce Pavitt of Sub Pop was DJing the party. So were Sub Pop and Geffen Records jointly throwing the party? Or are some of these facts wrong?

Obviously none of this really matters for anything, but I thought it might be nice to get some clarification sooner rather than later, since this era is rapidly fading from "memory" into "history".


@9, some of you are irredeemable dipshits.


@4 'Amyn' is a TROLL
and Knows the difference
but is NOT here for Discussion

If he can Sidetrack the Discussion
and, Bonus, make it about him
he wins.


@10 -- "That Ken
has a sense of humor
about being a racist asshole
is a far cry from being a satirist."
--Pretty in Pink, May 10, 2020 at 2:36 PM

“Guys, I'm not
so much a racist as
a jerk
who gets his kicks by
raining on
other people's parades.”

--Duck Fart aka ken mailman
in a brief moment of Lucidity
May 11, 2020 at 5:37 AM


From the Times article on Yakima: “That rate of more than 65 cases per 100,000 residents as of Friday is more than twice the statewide average, and in some lower-income Latino neighborhoods, where many work in agriculture, the rates range even higher, from 950 to 1,200 per 100,000, according to a map published by the health district.”

So are you saying all those Latino ag workers that are literally keeping you fed are dumbshits?


@13, did you not follow the link? The dumbshits are clearly the neo-nazis protesting in front of the courthouse, crying about how they can't find a place to buy grass seed.


Literally this is still less than 1 percent of the people who live near Yakima or to the NE of Spokane. Been to Yakima many times over the decades, and same with Spokane, and most people there are good people, they just have a higher percentage of crazies. Even Seattle has crazies AND STOP YELLING ON OUR STREETS AT 1-2 AM YOU LOONS!


"Creep" may be to blame in West Seattle Bridge:"

Oh come on. Amy N's a creepy shithead for sure, but he can't be blamed for ALL Seattle's problems.



Apologies, meant SLU. I'm hoping for Georgetown myself, although I hear White Center is the new Capitol Hill...



Maybe not individually, but as representative of a class (i.e. self-entitled assholes), definitely.


14: Did you not read Frizelle’s commentary on the story? “It's a hotbed of resistance to Inslee's orders, and—gee, what do you know—cases out there are surging.” I doubt those Latino ag workers are out there in front of the courthouse protesting the Governor.


The Re-Bar was in the Regrade. Loved that place. Glad to see them getting a new spot. My money would be on White Center. I saw that production of Hedwig. It was raw and gritty. Perfect for the room.