Tensions Rise After Tax Amazon Legislation Is Put on Hold



Unlike Sawant, who would happily throw lit $100 bills at any potential lawsuit, it sounds like Herbold actually learned from her past mistake with OPMA and is now advocating for the legal way forward. So good for her.

And Nathalie, your comment about the male legislators is kind of rich for The Stranger. I could just as quickly see you writing, if they were engaged and didn't hew the leftist line, that they need to sit back quietly and let the women sponsoring the bill drive the legislation or some such woke-speak.


I guess Sawant knows better than the city attorneys what is legal now. Is there anything she can't do? Almost as versatile as Jared.


I'm sure they wanted to respond but they were probably still recovering from playing Kshama shots during the council briefing earlier in the day....when you hear "big business" take a shot, "democratic establishment" take a shot, "mass movements" take a shot, cheap insults of fellow colleagues for not letting her do whatever she wants..take a shot. Seriously though these meetings are long enough and painful enough so considering there was nothing of substance to actually discuss they should be congratulated for not adding to the misery. If you want to listen to President Gonzalez actually explain why this is important and act like a leader unlike her "colleague" from district 3 go to the 1:43 minute mark of today's council briefing on the the Seattle Channel. If there is any doubt that the rest of the council is sick of this bullshit the comments from Gonzalez and Juarez should really clarify the current mood of the rest of the council.


For complete clarity, any such tax should be named the "Bellevue/Kirkland Full Employment Tax"


For clarity, it should be named the "Bellevue/Kirkland Full Employment Tax"


@6 Flawed Stranger web technology strikes again


Savant ties her pussy in a knot again.


@3 - I like this Class Warfare Bingo game. Obviously should be played with cheap Vodka.


Sawant and Morales were trying to use the emergency as a dirty means of making their Amazon tax not subject to voter referendum. Because they hate democracy.


The Amazon tax - just as fucking dumb today as it was yesterday.


It seems the "only tension" which exists is that the progressive agenda is being quashed.

The socialist agenda...I mean progressive agenda is destroying this city.

-- Its killing small business
--Its driving large companies away... Bellevue is just giddy to see all the new companies.
--We have the largest homeless population despite all "give away" programs...go figure?

Enough already. It is time to vote both of these "caped crusaders" out of office.


At this point in its history, Seattle doesn't need large employers to be a successful, affluent city.
In fact, the entire regional economy works a lot better if large employment centers are located outside of the central city.
Amazon locating its headquarters right in downtown was incredibly selfish and short-sighted.
So if they choose to accelerate an organic process of relocating jobs to ring cities, that is all for the better.
Seattle will work just fine as a cultural, educational, governmental, transportation, sports, medical hub without major multinational corporations headquartered in its downtown.
The days of Seattle in competition with suburban cities for new jobs are in the past. Seattle has grown up now- it is in its boutique phase and it could easily afford to hemorrhage a few jobs to the burbs.
I think it is instructional to watch Musk playing hardball with health officials in California to see how appeasing oligarchs undermines good government.


Listening to the meeting yesterday there is no doubt in my mind that Mosqueda will bring this back either later this summer or in the fall as a solution to fill the hole in the budget the city is looking at due to the current health crisis. The only question is whether she will let it go to the voters or have the council approve it and roll the dice on a referendum.


The male council members are silent? Didn't Alex Pedersen write a op-ed in the Seattle Times about how the tax is a terrible idea?



Their policies are killing the small business.

So tell me how does that work in your "vision of the city".

Are we going to revert to an agrarian society with bike trails every where.


Fuck sawant.