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It's the battle of the podcast goliaths! Dan welcomes Marc Maron to the show, and the two engage in a civil debate about whether porn can be "addictive." Also, they discuss a very special piece of equipment. Some of this convo is on the Micro version and all of it is on the Magnum.

He likes to wear womens' clothing when he spanks it. She thinks this makes him queer. He insists he's not. She says he should find a lady who likes that sort of thing. He says he only wants her. These are the kinds of arguments this couple has.

A lesbian plans to propose to her girlfriend of 4 years. She wants to throw a giant "proposal party" with friends and family from far and wide as a surprise. She was planning on doing this soon. You know, during the pandemic? Will Dan talk her out it?

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God, let's hope so.

A snippet: