I should call my aunt.

Washington has 1,371 trained officials ready to "box in the virus": Nathalie Graham breaks down that box and today's public health press conference here.

A "landmark" $52 million Facebook settlement: Facebook will pay out $52 million to their current and former American content moderators, at least $1,000 per moderator, for mental health issues developed on the job. An ex-content moderator sued Facebook in 2018, saying the violent images she had to moderate caused her PTSD. The preliminary settlement was filed last Friday. For more context, I recommend reading The Verge's excellent and horrifying feature, The Trauma Floor, from 2019.

Washington's most recent update from its Department of Health lists 962 deaths and 17,330 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Washington state. That's an increase of 17 deaths and 208 cases from the day before.

As Rich mentioned in Slog AM this morning, top US health officials gave a Senate hearing today and delivered what we already knew: we have not met this moment and we have not prevailed. “There is a real risk that [states] will trigger an outbreak that [they] may not be able to control" if economies open too quickly, Dr. Fauci said.

US stocks went into a slump after the hearing: That said, I'm tired of stock talk.

House Democrats revealed another coronavirus rescue bill: It would direct over $3 trillion to states, individuals, and health systems, the Washington Post reports. It's not going anywhere, though. Republicans killed it before they even saw it and painted it as a "liberal wish list," writes WP.

Kimmy Schmidt goes Bandersnatch: Netflix is trying that whole choose-your-own-adventure thing again, this time with Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It dropped on Netflix today, and Vulture is here to spoil every ending, if you're into that sort of thing.

Boeing's president and CEO says a major U.S. airline will “most likely” go out of business because of the coronavirus fallout. But which one?

The good Mormon continues to rebuke Trump. “I find our testing record nothing to celebrate whatsoever,” Senator Romney said today, which triggered a round of headlines and inflamed the ongoing feud between Trump and Romney.

L.A. County will keep their stay-home orders in place through July, "with all certainty." As the state's public health director said: "It’s safer to stay at home. COVID-19 has not changed."

What happens if a major sports league player tests positive in the middle of a season? Sports leagues have a lot of questions to answer before they reopen, among them: Will fans be allowed? Can leagues get enough coronavirus tests? Is it worth it?

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Wuhan isn't fucking around: A handful of new cases of coronavirus have popped up in the city (at least six). The city announced it intends to test all 11 million citizens in what it's calling "10 days of mass battle." We can barely get people to give a restaurant their basic contact info without a panic.

How is the pandemic impacting Latin America? "Some cities in Latin America have seen spikes in fatalities that match the worst of the pandemic elsewhere."

The hurricane season is kicking off a little early: The National Hurricane Center issued its first warning of the season, advising that there's a 50% chance a hurricane system could develop. It shouldn't be big or bad, but it's early. Hurricane season officially kicks off June 1.