Inslee Wants to "Box in the Virus." Let's Break Down That Box.



Thank you, Governor Insole (Seattle Times' spelling.)


@1 Don't be so hard on yourself.

"Maroon" would have been wittier.


I suspect that not many of us will find putting their name in a potential contract tracking database is worth having that very delicious, still overpriced, entre and dining experience.


The predictable hypocritical paranoia about a perfectly reasonable public health policy. When the same people order from Amazon or use Facebook or walk around with a smart phone every fucking day.



Who might, nevertheless, quite comfortably have a Microphone or so on hand at home, treated as if a trusted servant; one which seldom misses a thing, whether it's ordering more condoms or having the fridge hide the eggs [your diet?] or waking you up in the morning, tipping your sleepy ass outta bed & into a giant Bubblebath with two gorgeous Assistants on hand to help out.

Skip that last part. But

I bet people are plenty Hungry enough to sign up.
Most leave a credit dard number anyway.

Anonymity is but a distant Memory.


@4, yet you're perfectly willing to give up your name and phone number/email address whenever you order a pizza delivered (or whatever).

Eye roll.


@6 -- a 'credit dard number'?
Who Edits this shite?


@5 & @6, Your right, not unlike making a reservation at a fancy restaurant. But at a Mc Donalds or the other walk in small restaurants for breakfast ect? Why not Starbucks when they open up too? There's money to be made off your info and these restaurants will be hurting. Most will not do that but it don't take many. How will the State use this information in their investigations? They promise all will be expunged in 30 days but what about the data they collect in investigating? Sooner or later some lawyer will sue the State for information on a case. It happened before I think in New Jersey in a a divorce case where the woman wanted to know if her husband went over a toll bridge to meet his tryst. That info was promised by the State to be not public but the woman won and got the information. When the Tacoma Narrows toll opened they promised data on cars would only be kept on record for 6 years for reasons unknown.
I know it sounds a little paranoid but now else does 1984 happen unless like this?


but now eles.....sorry.


Did it again!


@5 - @6: True, but there's far less security in aggregated data in a list than individual credit card transactions.

Eye roll.


Soon enough we'll all be like pets and have Chips
and when the Aliens come they'll know
right where to Find us.

How secure will you be then?


Aliens? I thought you were already terrified of republicans.

But I'll tell you one thing. It's more likely for far-left autocracy to implant chips in its citizens than a far-right autocracy.


@Dirty Dave -- and we'll
get that Virus goin' Viral
in NO time! Ironic, eh?

@Rainy -- yeah maybe.
I've been watching 'the Death of Stalin'
and it's like a documentary of the trumpfy Regime
four years from today. Utter Madness with a Tyrant on top.


It appears Republicans are totally IM-mune

to Facts. Who knew?
From The Guardian:

New US coronavirus hotspots appear in Republican heartlands

Surge in infections in red state towns and rural communities
Rise in cases contradicts Trump assertion of rapid decline
the US.

New coronavirus hotspots are emerging in Republican heartland communities across multiple states, contradicting Donald Trump’s claims that infection rates are declining across the nation.

Fauci says US reopening could trigger outbreak 'you might not be able to control.'

At a fraught press briefing on Monday, the president declared: “All throughout the country, the numbers are coming down rapidly.”

Yet county-specific figures show a surge in infection rates in towns and rural communities in red states such as Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky and North and South Dakota, according to data tracking by the New York Times.

Trump’s claim is also contradicted by data used by the White House’s own pandemic taskforce to track new and emerging hotspots.

In a 7 May report, obtained by NBC News, the list of top 10 surge areas included Nashville, Tennessee; Des Moines, Iowa; Amarillo, Texas; Racine, Wisconsin; Garden City, Kansas, and Central City, Kentucky – a predominantly white town of 6,000 people which saw a 650% week-on-week increase.

Muhlenberg county, where Central City is located, has voted Republican in every presidential election since 2004, with Trump winning 72% of votes in 2016 – the biggest ever victory for the party.

There are more than 1.3 million cases of coronavirus in the US, including more than 81,000 deaths – by far the highest number in the world. There are only 16 states, plus Puerto Rico and Guam, where the number of new confirmed cases is on the decline.

In Nebraska, while statewide new cases have plateaued but testing remains limited, four counties which have been Republican strongholds for decades are now listed among the country’s worst hotspots.

Dakota county, where about 84% of the 20,000 habitants are white, has an infection rate of 7,147 per 100,000 – the second-highest per-capita rate in the US.

The governor of Nebraska, where Trump won almost 59% of the vote in 2016, is among eight who never issued statewide stay-at-home orders.

Thank Gawd Repubs firmly support Attrition
I think I might get behind it, too.


Republicans are such babies. Oh No! They can't get their hair done or go to Applebees! Mask wearing is taking away their freedumbs! Then they pout and stamp their feet at that mean old Governor, Inslee, and talk up idiots like that Sheriff of Snohomish County who thinks the whole thing is unconstitutional.

(Note to sheriffs: No one cares what you think. Your job is to enforce the law. If you don't like it, get another job)

I'll put my trust in science, not whiny middle-aged white people with their stupid opinions and fragile feelings.



What you're advocating amounts to wide-scale credit card fraud. I'll bet your bank will be more than happy to provide LEA's with your contact information under those circumstances.


The state will expunge that sweet, sweet, personal information just as soon as they let taxes expire instead of extending them infinitum.


@1 and @17 Your bald spot is still showing, Amy, even under your idiotic MAGA cap.
You can always serve your Der Gropenfuhrer and go first, sweetie.
@15: I'd love to see you get caught on charges of identity fraud, Doofy. Go ahead--make my day. What have you got to lose but your assets, freedom, and little MAGA cap?
@19 Catalina Vel-DuRay for the WIN! Agreed and seconded, yet again. Keep on batting 1,000 %.
@20 COMTE: Bingo......and the MAGAs just keep on getting terminally dumb and dumber........all 'cuz their Fearless Orange Misleader SAID so.......


15 showing, yet again- the sociopathic nature of the 21st Century Republican party.