Slog AM: Rick Bright Testifies Before Congress, 36 Million Americans Unemployed, North Carolina Senator Has Cellphone Seized



I don’t know Fake so-called 'prez.' never met him, but to me he is a mendacious, disgruntled employee, not liked or respected by ANY OF people I speak to and who, with his attitude, should no longer be working for our or for ANY government!


Sleeping head to toe magically prevents COVID-19. Nice! Call the CDC!


like father like son


"Giant corporations are struggling to pay rent, too: The Seattle Times reports that Seattle-based coffee chain Starbucks is demanding landlords give them a break on rent as they prepare to reopen 90% of their 8,900 stores by early June."

I remember there used to be a Peet's in downtown Fremont. And then suddenly it was replaced by a Starbucks. Like we need another fucking Starbucks. The back story was that Starbucks offered the landlord an exorbitant, money-losing lease rate that they knew Peet's couldn't match. Classic predatory anti-competitive practices.

And now suddenly Starbucks wants to come crawling hat in hand for the charity of their landlords?! Yeah, Starbucks. Ruthless capitalists when it suits them, suddenly transforming to bleeding-heart socialists when that suits them.

P.S. @1, yeah, we know Trump is bad. We agree. Can you maybe be a bit more disciplined with your comments? Yeah sure, we can all just see when the comments are coming from you and skip them. Maybe that's the reasonable approach for those of us who value our time.


@4 -- “@1, yeah, we know Trump is bad. “
‘We’? Are you speaking for everyome?

“We agree.”
See above.

“Can you maybe be a bit more disciplined with your comments?”
Not likely.

“Yeah sure, we can all just see when the comments are coming from you and skip them. Maybe that's the reasonable approach for those of us who value our time.”

Great advice.


@5 Hahahaha! No.


@5 is an obvious troll. please ignore.


@5: Even Steve Bannon would say that's over the top.



The posting history is replete with it- to the extent that we don't even have a Poe's Law situation.

It was barely passable satire at any rate, but still.



If getting a break on rent is good enough for STBX it should be good enough for the average Joe. Waddayasay unrepentant Capitalists?


@5, I'd say he won by a "tiny hand"-y margin! Ha! Gotcha!

Also, I think the reference you're after is Triumph of the Will, not "Will of the People"


@5 HAHAHA. “Handy margin?!”

HAHAHAHA. Trump won by less than 80,000 votes in THREE states. And lost the popular vote by over 3 MILLION votes.

Our troll gets up every morning and tells himself at least three lies before breakfast like a yoga routine.


I wonder if Starbucks is actually having trouble paying rent, or if they're taking advantage of the climate and would rather stockpile their money than pay it out to rents, considering evictions aren't being enforced right now.


@14, good point.


@16 -- so far, that's only Two.


@14: Reflects very poorly on Howard Schultz.


Trump leads Biden by 7 points in the battleground statea, CNN reports. And this is before Obamagate really heats up.

God I love this country!


I doubt Starbucks can't make its rent. It just wants to see what it can get away with and am certain it will do everything it can to get away with as much as it can.

@18 Howard Schultz left Starbucks in 2018.

The troll seems to be using all of the time it used to use making up new 404 accounts to troll harder than ever.



With trump 'in charge'
his base is gonna thin
itself long before the Election
and for that I gleefully Cheer them on.

It's just Sad that he/they're gonna take down
so many Innocent Bystanders in their mad
rush to fight for the Right to Die stupidly.



@14 Clever! They're probably betting they have enough leverage to get a substantial break on their rents. It pays to be the 500lb gorilla, I suppose.


100,000 Americans will be dead by june but i’m sure once the latest 4chan conspiracy theory heats up everyone will forget there is a raging pandemic and they don’t have a job because the president doesn’t gaf about anyone but himself


Republicans winning special congressional elections in Wisconsin and California. YES. CALIFORNIA!

God I love this country!


@26. Optimal tip-to-tip efficiency.


Source for @19's claim.

I'm not concerned about it really. I feel like an overarching and unprecedented element will drive voter turnout in a presidential race to the obvious benefit of dems. This is likely what happened in 2008 & 2012, with an inspiring black guy bringing out numbers to previously unseen levels. Nobody had really forecast the turnout surge then and I'd not be surprised if covid, and Trump's devastating and disastrous handling of the crisis, has a similar effect come November. His efforts to suppress vote-by-mail and turnout in general is obviously a cause for concern, but one that we're all aware of and working to counter and overcome.


28, Lumping a bunch of random states together, presumably to achieve a large enough sample size for the 4% margin of error so they don’t have to poll 1000+ people in each state individually, is a really weird way to conduct a poll, don’t think i’ve ever seen this before


@29 - sorry no, it was a Democratic house seat in CA that was picked up by a Republican. Democrats have held the 25th district since '98.

Perhaps these victories in CA and WI portend a red wave for 2020!

God bless America!


CA 25 was repped by republicans from 1993-2019. Katie Hill was only in office a few months before resigning for fucking a staffer.'s_25th_congressional_district


@33 - thank you for the wikipedia post. I clearly misunderstood the finer details from the Politico article.

Still, a win for the red team!



Nearly one hundred thousands Dead
and how many more collaterally
damged for the rest of their
Lives and I bet You're
still not tired of 'all the
winning,' eh?

Why is it Always
Opposite Day
4 Reptilicans?


Oops -- 36 was for 34
My 'editor'?



Ken, your trolling has been entertaining me for about ten years now.


"Democracy doesn't matter."

-Typical republican.

What horrible people republicans are.


@39: Actually, a typical democrat said that.


@40 ♫♪Yes I'm proud to be a Deplorable, with a branch-less family treeee♫♪


Joe Biden and the Democrats are winning

From the presidential race, to the House, to the Senate, the numbers all look great for Democrats, and that’s today, before we even account for the fallout from Trump's horrific response to the pandemic—which may cause tens of thousands more coronavirus deaths, and tens of millions more jobs lost.


I doubt trump will be around by the election. Covid is a dreadful disease, especially if you're old, fat and dumb. And he's doing his best to make sure that the morons who vote for him will join him in The Great Beyond.


@42 - please post more articles desperately trying to convince the world that Slow Joe is "winning." The comedic value is appreciated!


@40 Amy N is very clearly one of you clowns.


the campaign slogan switcheroo from “keep america great” to the somehow even more orwellian “transition to greatness” (just rephrasing “make america great”, only more passive and without the dog whistle to the past) lets you know how spooked they are


@blip -- and yet, I've always thought
MAGAts was quite clever and yet
not nearly as clever as
the 'Teabaggers.'

LOVE their tri-corner hats!
with the dangling little tea
bags slap slapp slapping
them in their eyeballs.

Too good!


Biden is literally winning in every single national poll dating back to February. It’s still early and a lot can happen before november but the fundamentals are not looking great for the incumbent right now and he is not doing anything to fix that. He would rather create a distraction by revisiting his 2016 campaign drama so he can run against the guy who has been out of office for 4 years.


I may be better off than I was four years ago, but it has nothing to do with the moron in the White House.


Ever wonder
how a Teabagger
"president" might look?
I did.


@19, "And this is before Obamagate really heats up."
Now I understand you are a Troll, not the sharpest tool in the shed, and you consider hypocrisy a virtue, but...
Obama was elected President (twice) and while only the electoral college counts, he did also win the popular vote. Your boy Trump says the President can do whatever he wants, so Obamagate is just as perfect as The Phone Call. Well, actually more perfect, the founding fathers were a bit concerned about foreigners, but Obama allegedly used Americans to dig up dirt on the opposition while Trump tried to use foreigners, but I'm not quibbling, perfect is perfect. And stupid troll is stupid, unfortunately he has a lot company.


Polls in the presidential race mean nothing right now, but I think the chances are better than even that the ultimate choice in November will not be Trump vs. Biden. Too many things are still in flux.

Love how that baby pats his(?) belly like a grizzled Italian patriarch boasting about his wife's cooking skills. He definitely remembers something of a past life.


“Obamagate?” HAHAHAHA

The irony of adding the suffix “gate” - to every single attempt at retrofitting a conspiracy into a bunch of disconnected “things that happened” only reminds the world that root of almost every disastrous American political scandal - aka Watergate - are Republicans who try to rig elections.

Then I had to look Obamagate up. Hahahaha. Good god. The convoluted, upside-down, tortured logic you have to entertain to even understand what the fuck it’s about makes that desperate nugget about as likely to catch on as New Coke.

But by all means — spend as much money and time straining to squirt that nonsense out the GOP Troll Anus as you want.



Okay, here you go:


@51 exactly right.

The “logic” here from the Rightwing Troll Anus is that Presidential immunity, that they and AG Barr just spent almost two years arguing Trump has, is miraculously not retroactive... because... “I don’t know just shut your liberal pie hole, you egghead!”

It reminds me of when my older brother and I used to fist fight. We were viscous. Now, I had started Wrestling and boxing on base at the Boys Club since I was 11 years old. The warrant officer who taught that class was a hard-ass, mean, stickler for sportsmanship. And my brother was a lazy sack of shit who ditched that class and made me lie to my parents about it. He also was a shameless bully and coward. So almost never showed up. When he did he’d pick me as a partner because he knew he was bigger. My brother would always try and knee me in the balls -pretend it was an accident - and then immediately squeal about rules when in return I shot in on him got him on the ground and beat his face in. The better I got the more he’d cheap shot and cry about cheating.

He’s a Republican now.


Obamagate is just more Trump hates the black man more than ever bullshit. If the preient has total immunity from everything and can do anything (like Trump claims) then there i no crime! If that is NOT the case, well it's Trump who will do time.

Trump got bested by his own minions who have no interest in his playing the Obamagate game, by being told that if he wants Obama testify before them, Trump has to do so, too. Ruh Roh. What's a dumb shit racist failure of a fake president to do? Trump will never get over that President Obama will be one of the most beloved presidents of all time, while Trump's grave will be pissed and shit on every day until the end of time.


@56 Professor_Hiztory, how about "Rightwing Anus Troll", or "RAT" for short. ;-)

(that's really disgusting imagery, but appropriate... Republicans are pretty disgusting)


*president (ugh my keyboard is not working properly)


@56: So what if your brother is a Republican. The question is if he will vote for Trump.