I Keep Dreaming About Survivor



Why? We're living it. No thanks.


@1 - Meh , no need to begrudge one a guilty pleasure. I’ve been semi-hooked since the beginning. I say semi because I’ve missed seasons here and there.


The very first season was must-see TV, because only one player in the entire game (Hatch) correctly perceived that the tribes were an artifice and the only alliance that mattered was one that a player built him- or herself. It was fascinating to watch through his eyes as he and his secret allies systematically mowed down the rest of the field. In the second season, of course, everyone understood this dynamic from the start. It was and is still watchable, but nowhere near as compelling.


@3 - This season has been a fun watch, all past winners.


No, don't.

Never forget this is how Trump was created.


"i've watched 10 seasons of Survivor" - nothing to brag about there...


Case in point:

The Tragic Death Of Belly Mujinga And The Psychology Of Spitting In The Coronavirus Era: Expert says the act of spitting at another human is a psychological assault as well as a biological one.

Belly Mujinga was murdered by a man who spat on her and a co-worker to deliberately infect them with COVID-19.




I've been enjoying this season, too. Tony has been dominating.


Imagine surviving the Holocaust only to be murdered by Trump.

Lives Lost: Brothers who survived Holocaust die weeks apart


You have to love Nigerian scammers. Not even sophisticated enough to find a way to disguise their country code -234- in their scams. What would we do without you 11, 12 and 13. And 13 that name you came up with, laurieperezkate, golden.


I've always thought of Survivor as the Starbucks of reality shows. There's nothing super surprising on it, but it's put together in a decent/acceptable way (as opposed to many other reality shows that use a multitude of awful techniques to jerk the viewers around).


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