Slog PM: A "Gush" of Fraudulent Claims, Cheeseheads Pack Bars, What the Clinkerdagger! Bickerstaff! Pett's!



And in the name of Freedom
they gave Their* Lives
so that a Fraudster
might keep his
ass outta
I find their
Nobility touching.
They shall receive 'presidential'
medals of freedom cum Darwin Awards

*AND the Lives of their
Families and Friends and
Front Lines Workers all across America.

Ladies and gentlemen
the trump Dynasty thanks you


It's great they were able to give potatoes away to people in need, rather than dumping them out.
Gonna be lots of mashed potatoes this weekend in Pierce County!
As long as it's with real butter! Yum!


No, they only get medals of freedom if they donate large - say $1 million - to the GOP.
Gotta pay to play!


Why did Shea pour olive oil? To confront the satanists:

That marble and sandstone will never be the same.

So lazy to just link to The Seattle Times for core details (like for the 'why'). At least link to KING5 who doesn't have a paywall.


Chase: your 'dar went off? Mine too.




Important to determine if Shea was charged for the cost of cleaning up the olive oil he dumped on porous steps at the Legislative Building or if he was fined, the suggestion the Stranger makes. Much more likely he was asked to pay the cost of the clean up. Arguably, the Washington State BAR Association should investigate whether Shea broke a law and then should determine if his license to practice law should be limited or revoked.


"Meanwhile, 96,000 cruise workers remain
stranded aboard ship as companies struggle... "

Oh to be Trapped on some Luxury Liner!
for ages or more – Einar never quite made it to shore
we gotta Pay! for our 'food' and the Guards they’re all Rude
I shouldda been a fashion Designer shut up they'll call you a whiner

So there'll be hell to pay when they make us pay for our stay
or perhaps we'll be working for free for the next Century
either way we'll owe Princess or Carnival a bundle

Tonite we swim for the jungle.


@10: Did you read that Bloomberg link? By now, it's not very luxurious. Very worried crew and talent away from their families with no end in sight.


Fascists care nothing for Law
unless it's to Oppress the Other
Don't Trust them very far
they'd turn in even their Mother.


That Matt Shea fellow is a goddamn delight and I'm jealous you guys up in Washington get him all to yourselves. As randrip notes, the olive oil appears to have been drizzled in an attempt to counter the demonstration of some satanists that had previously taken place on said grounds. And so I'm now planning to spearhead a movement to head on over to Costco or wherever to buy a bunch of goat cheese for spreading around on the steps where he laid the oil in hopes of ushering satan back into the legislature.

I'm gonna have to drive to drive up from Portland to lead this charge and don't want to violate any social distancing norms or anything, so if someone can please let me know if I've got the scripture and remedy properly interpreted I'd surely appreciate it. I can also stop by a farmers market on the way to grab some fresh herbs or to kidnap some small children for sacrifice if that'd be necessary in order to complete the task. Let me know.


Needn't bother with any children, Mr. Blob
they're gonna sacrifice their very own.


What I'm wondering (and the ST story doesn't say) is how the unemployment scammers manage to get paid without getting caught. By redirecting someone else's benefits to their bank account, aren't they giving themselves away? It's easy enough to trace an account number. Are they all using offshore accounts or some kind of shady underground banking operation that doesn't require identification but still manages to participate in the interbank system? I don't get it.


Fascists on the Love Boat, ok.


Holy crap, the comments on here are more nonsensical and bizarre than ever. The quarantine must be making some of you crazier. Yikes.


Better yet, we'll get balsamic vinegar (with the olive oil and goat cheese) and some organic spinach and have a big outdoors fresh salad in Olympia - while keeping 6 feet apart, of course!


I’m just happy that we are still acting like a guy that pretended to be disable so he wouldn’t have to serve his country is a rave and tough. It’s a twofer because we all get to pretend that the same guy is good at deals because he nearly failed out of college and put several businesses in bankruptcy.
My bad, it’s actually a threefer because we also get to pretend it’s some Mexicans kids fault that he is sleeping on a concrete floor and if he wanted soap he should have brought some.


Matt Shea is both a fascist and an idiot. The sooner he gets himself infected at one of his protests the safer the rest of us are.


Just wanted to note that red Meyer stores (owned by Kroger) as of last week were NOT requiring customers to wear masks (unlike Trader Joe's or Costco). The large majority of them were not. Employees I spoke to about it were not at all pleased at having to inhale the virus spray from these mouth-breathing idiots.

Not going back in until they change that. A shower curtain will not make me feel any better.


Dammit. Fred Meyer stores. But you know what I mean.


@23: I thought that was intentional. Using "red" as a political adjective.


Homework assignment reading for German Sausage:

Can herd immunity help stop the coronavirus? Experts warn it's not that easy.


German Salciccia, you've earned another Kurzgesagt video


Clinkerdagger is an awesome restaurant in Spokane that has eye popping views of Riverfront park and the falls. It's nice.