That MN Halloween storm in '91 was no joke. It was the first of my junior years at U of M and even coming from WI that was a LOT of snow.


The actress in Panic in Needle Park is Kitty Winn, not Kitty Reeves. Terrific actress; I wish she'd had more leading roles.

Not trying to nitpick, though. I enjoy and appreciate your column!


@2 updating now! And thanks for the kind words!


@3, you left one "Reeves" in there, which confused me.


I love both Drop Dead Gorgeous and Near Dark. One of my all time favorite lines in cinema is "He's been bit but he ain't been bled"


I've probably owned six copies of the Drop Dead Gorgeous DVD. Keep loaning them out to people who haven't seen the movie and rarely them them back.


Drop Dead Gorgeous is gleeful, tongue in cheek fun.

The Panic in Needle Park gritty realism based on actual gritty realism. In NYC back in the day I lived there.

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