If the Rest of the Council Won’t Do It, Sawant Will Discuss Tax Amazon Package in Her Own Committee



Portland is voting on it.

Why can't Seattle tax the Billionaires?

Flat capital gains tax with a $50,000 exemption


The best thing Sawant can do for Seattle is to move somewhere else.


@1 Seattle is already taxing them. Surely you don't think business in the City of Seattle exist in Seattle tax free. They pay.

"Green New Deal job training." For What other industries does the city have training programs? Medical Doctor? Journalist? Attorney? Does any one know what some others are? Thank You.


Capital gains are already overtaxed at the federal level.


She's dancing all by herself.


It is axiomatic: If you tax something, you get less of it, if you subsidize something you get more of it. Is fewer jobs in Seattle really our goal? Perhaps so for a Revolutionary Marxist, but unlikely for the rest of us who are just trying to muddle along.


@1 Sawant doesn't want to risk a public vote on this. She wants the council to impose this "revenge tax".

If there is a public vote, it will almost fail.


@10 Oops

If there is a public vote, it will almost certainly fail.


I don't care if she holds her silly meetings.

The tax is shit. It was shit when the City was flush. It is shit now that the City is experiencing a major economic hit. It will be shit 30 years from now.

Tax something and you get less of it. Tax jobs and you get fewer jobs.


let the people vote on it, then when/if it fails, put the ridiculous idea to bed forever.

@3, completely agree. i think even her pals on the council are even getting tired of her ranting.


Rich, the title of your article implies Sawant is bravely defying corrupt authority to defend "The People." Well, first and foremost, let the people vote on Sawant's proposal. But, second, how does continually calling out Lorena Gonzalez and Lisa Herbold--by name and quite insultingly--do anything to promote the "productive conversations" touted several days ago in a Stranger article by several Sawant supporters? Now, Sawant is openly castigating and vilifying Gonzalez and Herbold for essentially being traitors to progressivism--and The Stranger has taken her bait. I am not a big fan of this council--but to routinely call out other council members through insult and disdain is not only wrong but totally counterproductive. This has the sick, eerie feel of a Stalinist show trial or a reputation-destroying campaign led by Madame Mao. I'm sickened that you apparently so unquestioningly buy into Sawant's disdain for her fellow council members (except Morales, of course, and Mosqueda, who Sawant deems a real progressive, largely because she consistently voted for the proposal in 2018). I've followed council politics for many years, and I cannot recall this level of spiteful, destructive public shaming. Do Gonzalez and Herbold have counter press conferences to insult Sawant? Does Sawant for a minute consider how much tension and hatred this will bring into council deliberations? No, this is not brave defiance. It is a petty, childish tantrum that will and is meant to divide the council and this city. And whatever Gonzalez' and Herbold's flaws or errors, neither deserves this kind of disgusting public shaming. Sawant can defend her and Morales' proposal without indulging vituperation. It's almost as if she wants and needs a feud to feel brave, to convince herself of her greatness in the face of ostensible "oppression." Her behavior seems as Orwellian--remember the "two-minute hate period"--as anything she's criticizing.


Interesting. Rich's article and Sawant's press conference drop at the same time 9am. Nice propaganda.


"I'm taking my echo chamber and going home".


At a time with high unemployment she wants to punish those who hire people and pay them a living wage.
That's just plain wrong.
The last thing this city needs is another tax.


@15...are you really that surprised? Rich has been the propaganda mouthpiece for the Sawant campaign for the last few years. He is so biased in favor of anything that comes out of Sawant's office any pretext of journalism is completely lost on him. I look forward to watching this go down in flames as Sawant continue's to piss off her fellow council members and make herself more irrelevant and than reading Rich's subsequent bitter diatribes about how unfair it all is.


Richie honey.......stop being a putz........and a mouth piece for the devil!


Tax Amazon campaign is funneling money back into Sawant’s own household by paying her husband:



@15 Rich has his head so far Up Sawant's ass that he can't not be snarky and insulting in his writings on council persons who disagree with Dear Leader Sawant.
His obsession with Bezos is unhealthy, as is Sawant's.


Why is her yap open in every photo of her? Does she never shut up?