Same 20 songs over and over? Sounds a lot like commercial pop radio...

You may have just ratted the guy out. I can’t find any commercial, non profit or community low power attached to his name in the FCC database. Maybe he’s under a company name or something. First thing I thought was either local pirate or low power community radio. That sort of low power radio is pretty easy to do these days in terms of technology and cost. The bitch is getting the license. Not that it’s difficult but time consuming and bureaucratic. A Capital Hill local non profit low power would be a good idea. It could reach from the U district down to White Center.


@1 it's a commercial and licensed station - terrible reporting on their part not to mention that. The worst they can get in trouble for is not properly giving station ID every hour while this was going on.


Wow this was stupid.


Do people not know that there is an online FCC database showing every license -- including transmitter location? Would've saved whoever was driving around trying to "triangulate" from wasting their time. Looks like the transmitter is at 18th and Madison.

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