Lynn Shelton, the Brightest Talent in the Seattle Filmmaking Universe, Has Died at 54

"She was the sun that we all orbited around," says Tomo Nakayama, who appeared in Touchy Feely. "It's just mind-boggling. I can't wrap my brain around this."



so heartbroken. what a great down to earth lady. really sad about this


I am so sad about this. She had so much more to give to the world. :(


Though I didn’t know her well, Lynn was not only a great talent and advocate for local creatives she was one of the nicest most kind people ever. This is a hard one to process. My heat breaks for her son. I don’t even know what to say.


Rest in peace, Lynn Shelton. Such sad news.


God dammit. I didn't know Lynn as well as many of my friends who worked with her much more closely, but I share their collective loss just as deeply. Lynn was a true creative genius, and an even better human being: kind, funny, generous, compassionate, and always open to the new. The few times I visited her sets the atmosphere of love and collaboration were palpable and that sense of joyfulness came through in every frame of footage. This is a HUGE blow to the Seattle film community and my heart breaks for all of her friends, family, and collaborators. Hers was a singular spark, extinguished far too soon

Just - God DAMMIT.


It’s so strange that Dan Savage was on the Thursday’s WTF episode talking about relationships in the time of quarantine, and Marc Maron’s intro was almost entirely about doing his best to take care of his sick girlfriend. I feel so bad for that guy. This was clearly completely unexpected. So, so sad.


I didn’t know her, was in her presence at an art event once, and she radiated grace and kindness. Heartbreaking.


We had the pleasure of meeting Lynn and a few of her friends in downtown Seatle back in 2013. This is devestating news. What a sad article to write.


Article about Lynn on NBC: