Slog AM: Mount St. Helens Went Boom 40 Years Ago, Memories of Lynn Shelton Keep Pouring In



How thoughtful of Maria Cantwell to find the time to comment on current events.


"New York Times finds problems throughout Ronan Farrow's reporting"
Who is ronan farow?


The photo accompanying the New York Times story leaves little doubt that Frank Sinatra is Ronan Farrow's father.


@4 - NO kidding. First thing I thought.

And how does a volcano "level" highway? Aren't roads supposed to be flat by narture?


@nature Please pardon the typo. Won't happen again.


Yes. Golly. The rightwing outlets like Brietfart or Fox News have NEVAR invented straw-villains to poke pitchforks at. Golly no. Not them. Only the eeeeebil libruhls!

Jesus. Fox’s entire model is the idiot melodrama of finger wagging at strawmen.

But god forbid a liberal mention the fucking President of American suggested on live TV that people maybe could inject Lysol during a pandemic— that he called a hoax weeks earlier! I mean if THAT isn’t the act of a god damn villain — albeit a very dumb one. — then what is?

This another one of those Tolerance Paradox pieces where only liberals are held to any sort or moral or ethical standards.


October 7, 1996 is when Fox News was launched. That day marks the beginning of right wing propaganda as a fake "news" channel.

Any and all criticism of journalism reporting on Trump is nothing but Trump trogdolytes pissing in the wind. Trump has been a loser, liar, criminal, and hate filled wannabe (anything, as he is literally NOTHING) his entire life.

He led the birther movement against President Barack Obama.

He has told nearly as many lies since slithering into the White House (where he immediately abdicated his job and all of its responsibilities) as there are dead Americans from COVID-19.

Anyone who believes Trump is a victim of anything but his own malfeasance is simply a fucking idiot. He is Jim Jones and you are drinking the kool aid.

The Stranger may have gotten rid of the 404s here, but the trolling is worse than ever.


For the past 20 years or so insurance companies have been very aggressively buying healthcare providers. While retaining their original names insurance officials are those deciding who’s getting treated, what drugs should be promoted, how long a mother and her newborn can stay in the hospital, what constitutes an injury on the job, and so on.
Ever wondered how Swedish Hospital became so big in Seattle or why Kaiser Permanente coverage is not as comprehensive as Group Health used to be despite all the promises?

The “free market” is often an illusion as it further advances the big powers to control the smaller ones. Our tax money doesn’t go towards a fair health care system nor retirement, but to a super duper 17 times missile that will ensure the biggies’ control.

Yet we’re free as long as we can practice our constitutional right and own assault rifles.


@2 - I'm sure it already has.


Jesus! The suffering and melodrama over the UNFAIR treatment of MY SIDE by THE MEDIA! You'd think journalists served some kind of noble function outside of attracting eyeballs with the hope that those eyeballs see and act on some of the ads surrounding whatever content the journalist produced.

New Flash! Journalism has NEVER been objective. Journalism has ALWAYS had an agenda. If you think that's not the case, you're deluding yourself and the cognitive dissonance this has created in your brain explains the multiple paragraphs of ranting bullshit you're determined to push into this forum. Newspapers (and TV stations, and radio stations) were created to make money. The "inform" part was always a lucky happenstance.

Go shout at the wind about all the unfairness. Tell God while you're at it. That will be just as effective as your postings here.

It's all about the money. It's always all about the money. It has always been all about the money.


Did some brief googling to find out how many volcanic eruptions have happened in the United States thinking it was going to be a piddling small number. Learned I was way off. Alaska alone has at least one eruption per year.

Learning is cool!


@3- Frank Sinatra's love child by Mia Farrow. While she was married to Woody Allen.


Christopher, what do you mean the eruption of Mount St. Helens at 8:32 a.m. on Sunday morning of May 18, 1980 was SILENT?! The mountain top exploded! 57 people, including the reclusive proprietor of canoe rentals and lifelong Mount St. Helens resident, Harry Truman (not the former 33rd U.S. President) DIED along with his 30 cats. The historic volcanic eruption spewing hot mud and ash could be heard from hundreds of miles away. Southwest Washington State, particularly the community of Castle Rock and Toutle River were a mess. I-5 north and southbound from Olympia to Portland, Oregon and I-90 east and westbound were total navigational nightmares; the city of Yakima was completely in the dark by 12 noon from all the eastern blowing ash.
My mother's youngest first cousin was enrolled at Western Washington University; May 18th happened to be his birthday. He debated whether to sleep in or go to the Commons for breakfast. All of a sudden, my relative heard an Earth shattering KA-BOOM! followed by severe shaking and the curtains on his window flapping unusually.
At 8:32 a.m. that day, I was at home doing laundry before going to work. From 200 miles away from the blown Mount St. Helens summit, the washing machine shook violently.
Some "silence".


And to everyone who has said repeatedly that the old people should just lay down and die, this 100 year old man raised $40 million for the N.H.S. by walking laps with his walker in his backyard. What have YOU done during this international crisis? He is more valuable than every single one of you.

The 100-Year-Old Who Raised $40 Million for U.K. Health Workers
In the space of six weeks, 100-year-old Tom Moore — better known as Captain Tom — raised $40 million for the British health service and became a national hero.


@21 kallipugos: DIdn't Mia Farrow have nine children altogether?


@24: Your question made me curious so I dialed up wikipedia. Mia Farrow's children:

Matthew Previn (b. 1970)
Sascha Previn (b. 1970)
Soon-Yi Previn (b. 1970; adopted 1978)
Lark Previn (b. 1973; adopted 1973; died 2008)
Summer "Daisy" Previn (b. 1974; adopted 1976)
Fletcher Previn (b. 1974)
Moses Farrow (b. 1978; adopted 1980)
Tam Farrow (b. 1979; adopted 1992; died 2000)
Dylan Farrow (b. 1985; adopted 1985)
Ronan Farrow (b. 1987)
Frankie-Minh Farrow (b. 1989; adopted 1995)
Thaddeus Farrow (b. 1989; died 2016)
Isaiah Farrow (b. 1992; adopted 1992)
Kaeli-Shea "Quincy" Farrow (b. 1993; adopted 1994)


@22 were you north or east of the Mountain? I lived in Kelso at the time, 35 miles to the west and we didn't hear a thing. I only noticed the mountain erupted when I saw the 16,000 foot high column of ash.


@7 Yes, "flattened" was a poor choice of a word. The mud flow and flooding did destroy many bridges and miles of roadway. Obliterated might have been a better word.


The characterization of the eruption as "silent" threw me too. If you click the link, the circling pilots appear to be speaking of the immediate aftermath, which certainly could be expected to be eerily silent. The eruption itself was surely quite loud, possibly deafeningly so in close range.


@16 Kind of discredited whatever valid points you might have made with that remark. The consensus on climate change is not controversial. It is the journalists who treat it as such who are helping to degrade their profession.


I like how Climate Denial is now painted as “scientific dissent,” as if that’s how science works. As if it wasn’t a thirty year multi-billion dollar propaganda campaign organized by oil companies.

Like, science is an op-Ed with two sides. Not, you know, evidence that get reviewed, analyzed, reanalyzed constantly, and then when reasonable consensus keeps producing confirmable results it becomes “science.”

So I guess if “scientific dissent” is a thing than, gee whiz, flat earth theory needs to be added to science curriculums. I’m sure our local dumbshit probably has a theory about how gravity is caused by dirt glue or something. So. Sure. Anyone’s insane opinion becomes “science.”

Oh. And the idea that the people dissenting against CoVID19 pandemic strategies are some oppressed minority... is fucking laughable. Elon Musk and his 168,000 sq.ft. Guarded compound with his private physician that tests EVERYONE who goes there for CoVID19 — he isn’t “oppressed.” He just wants OTHER people to die for his money.


Sorry to hear about your friend, Christopher.
Yes, Frank Sinatra in that young man’s face. It’s hard not to conjure up the whole sorry saga of his family, when Ronan’s name comes up. Maybe he should have been a farmer, lead a quiet life.


@34: You clutch that straw Dave, you clutch it good!



@25: So Mia Farrow has had 6 biological children and adopted eight additional children.
A lot has happened since Rosemary's Baby.

@26 Westside Forever: In Kelso you didn't hear anything? I guess there is indeed, truth in sound carrying. I grew up 60 miles northwest of Seattle, outside La Conner, Washington, where you can hear the roar of Naval jets from Oak Harbor.
The entire weekend of May 17th-18th, 1980 was a weird one for me. On top of everything, my parents and maternal grandmother drove to Eastern Washington to visit my grandmother's family ranch near Waterville in Douglas County. Navigating safely home westbound on I-90 that Sunday afternoon must have been a feat, but they did it. At some point they must have detoured onto SR 2 and come northbound the rest of the way on I-5 from Everett.

@36 Lissa: Straw and pearl clutching are all that Doofy and his fellow MAGA dupes have left.


Yes Grizelda, that movie was something. Freaked me out as a young woman.
I think Ronan was expressing his rage at Woody Allen, his other dad, if, as the writer says, Ronan cut corners in his expose. Mia, lots of baggage there too. Poor kid, he’s got Buckley’s.


@29: Don't you have some remedial 5th grade Math homework to catch up on?


@39 LavaGirl: That was indeed, a bizarre film from 1968, which inspired a rather ugly string of Satanic baby themed films (i.e.: Demon Seed, The Omen, etc.). Roman Polanski directed it. John Cassavetes played Mia's struggling actor husband, Guy, and Ruth Gordon was among the eerie neighbors.


(pushes up glasses) "Demon Seed" was about an advanced piece of software that took control over a smart-home, raped its inhabitant and conceived a software/human hybrid. Not a devil baby.


@41 and it was filmed in the Dakota, the building is a NYC landmark, most notably for being where John Lennon lived and was murdered (outside). (Always loved seeing it when getting off the subway at 72nd before walking into Central Park, where the Strawberry Fields memorial to John Lennon is located.

There are lots of stories about that film:


Yes xina, it makes me shudder, the link ups. Polanski, the director, was married to Sharon Tate. John getting shot, I remember that day clearly, as I do when John and Bobby Kennedy were shot.
Loved John Cassavetes, Grizelda. And his wife, Gina Rowlands. Yeah. One really scary film. Like Chinatown.
Beautiful sweet Sharon Tate. See all these memories attached to Ronan. He’s gotta make sure he makes no mistakes.
I started reading the book, it’s intense, by the women journalists, about Weinstein, “ She Said,” by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey. I tried to get Ronan’s book, usual outlets didn’t stock it and I’m not buying from Mr Trillionaire.


“Harry Truman and his 30 cats” would be a good name for a band...


“Fauci puts it bluntly: Coronavirus deaths are undercounted“

“Undercounted: The Missing deaths in pandemic”

CDC: All death counts are provisions and will grow as data is collected and “excess” deaths associated with new CoVID19 syndromes tabulated.


@42: You know where you can push up your glasses. That certainly sounds like a devil baby to me. The inhabitant was forced into pregnancy and childbirth against her will by a computer. As if rape minded sociopathic men aren't bad enough.
@43 xina and @44 LavaGirl: Oh WOW---The Dakota, where Rosemary's Baby was filmed was also the location of where John Lennon was murdered in 1980? And Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate were both brutally murdered by Charles Manson and his "family" on August 9-10th, 1969 at their home on 10050 Cielo Drive in Los Angeles. Poor sweet Sharon was eight months pregnant with who would have been their son and first child together. Definitely some sad, horrifically scary times.


@47 Polanski was not murdered. He is alive and well. Since 1978, Polanski has been a fugitive from the U.S. criminal justice system; he fled the country while awaiting sentencing in his sexual abuse case on charges of drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl and after pleading guilty to statutory rape. He was arrested in Switzerland in 2009. But then in 2010, they refused to extradite him to the U.S. He has been hiding out in France. He lost his last bid to avoid jail time were he to return to the U.S. in 2017.