Slog PM: Trump Says He's Been Taking Hydroxychloroquine Daily for Weeks, I Still Can't Pronounce Hydroxychloroquine



Hy-drox-y-chlor-o-quine. Does your mother still take you by the hand to cross the street, too?


Who knows if Trump is really taking hydroxychloroquine? I'm sure his campaign or his totally independent hotel group is getting kickbacks from him promoting it.

From April 8, 2020:

"A conservative “dark money” group that received funding from the pharmaceutical industry’s largest trade organization pushed President Donald Trump to use unproven antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 and make it more widely available."


No he doesn’t. There is no way the Whitehouse medical staff allow that. There are waaay too many possible side effects if you don’t NEED to take it. Plus, there is no serious evidence it will help with CoVID19 in any real clinical way. It’s largely been abandoned even by its initial proponents in France.

He lying, or it’s sugar pills, or they really do want to kill him.

God this guy. He’s so unbelievably insane. If this motherfucker manages to live another four years it will be a miracle. Someone should get Jordan Petersen and him together and see which one can come up with most insane crank cure and dare each other to take it. Tell them that a coma means it’s working.


He should take all the hydroxychloroquine he can.


Exactly @3. I mean first, if he doesn't have COVID-19, why would he even be taking anything? And it's been proven that that drug does nothing with regard to COVID-19, so who in their right mind would allow him to take this drug for no fucking reason at all??? Does he really think he will convince his minions to take it for no reason? There has already been a nationwide kibosh on the hoarding and prescribing of this drug to people who do not need it (basically anyone who does not have Lupus or RA). Trump is really worse than Jim Jones because in the end he will not kill himself, he will just stand over the dead bodies of his minions grinning maniacally.


All I know is if he said he’s taking it, he’s definitely not taking it. Pics or it didn’t happen.


He's lying.


I don't need to see B. Gates reading list to know it must have Malthus' An Essay on the Principle of Population as an annual read.


I'm still waiting for Trumpty Dumpty's final BigMac. The scenario: Mar-a-Lago, on the first tee. Before making his first and last putt, Trumpty Dumpty inhales its favorite article of industrial waste in one final gulp, then chokes, gasping and wheezing. Suddenly, alligators emerge on the green as Mar-a-Lago has fallen into serious disrepair. Global warming has made the once high end Florida real estate into worthless swampland. Trumpty Dumpty is Gator bait! Film at 11!


I quote Gentleman Gene WIlder, in the title role of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971):

"The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last."

...and then Trumpty Dumpty gets stuck in the pipe, and all members of the Trump / Pence Evil Empire, their fixers, lawyers, lobbyists, trophy bimbos, snot-nosed heirs, and MAGA rubes drop like flies long before November 3rd.


@10 & @11: I just love a happy ending, don't you?


@6 - Am I a bad person if I break into a wide grin upon viewing the dead bodies of Trump's minions?


No, Trump is not lying - the White House verifies it:

Truth is stranger than fiction.


I'd say there's about a one-in-three chance he's just trolling the press, a one-in-three chance he thinks he's taking it but is actually getting a placebo, and a one-in-three chance he tested positive for the virus and is actually taking it. Forgive me for hoping it's door #3.


@14 Right. Because “the Whitehouse” has never totally supported any of Trumps known lies before! Oh. Wait. Except for ALL OF THEM.

“The Whitehouse” IS Trump, you moron.


It’s all a performance to take the IG firings and whistleblower reports off the headlines. And it worked.



Of course not. That's a natural and involuntary bodily response, not unlike sneezing upon inhaling a whiff of ground pepper. I've no doubt Buddhist Monks would have the same reaction.


@16: Please. Trump is not an ordinary president. The White House is not an ordinary White House, it's a house of Trump loyalty. This is totally plausible. It would be too absurd otherwise.

Stay focused prof.


Nothing about Ken Osmond? Eddie Haskell was an inspiration to an entire generation.


Trump is taking the drug b/c he is freaking out now that Pence has it. (no evidence, strictly hearsay, but sounds truthy)


@14 LOL "The White House verifies it." TOTALLY PROVES HE IS NOT LYING. I mean, it's not like Trump's press secretaries (what number are we on now) have not lied repeatedly, every single time they have ever said anything, now is it? Even the latest one who promised not lie to the public, lied in her very first briefing!


@22: We'll never know for sure, and that's the Trumpesque beauty of it.

I'll take the "the took it" side, and you and the prof can take the "he didn't take it" side. My side is more intriguing, but it's horrible behavior either way -

= = =
On the one hand, if Trump — a notorious liar — is telling the truth about taking the drug, it’s certainly newsworthy that the president is taking a dangerous medication for no good reason. It would not only speak to his judgment and fitness for office but also suggest a risk to his health and mental competence.

On the other hand, Trump may be trying to goad the media into getting bogged down in an issue that’s less important than the actual outbreak and Trump’s failed response to it. At the press conference, he told reporters, “I was just waiting for your eyes to light up when I said this, when I announced this,” indicating he’s perfectly aware that he’s starting a controversy.

Ultimately, the president is either doing something irresponsible or lying irresponsibly. Either way, it’s terrible behavior that reflects poorly on the man in charge of our country — just one more example of the wild unfitness for office that’s been on display throughout the pandemic.


"This will kill you."

We can hope.


Chase, please don't link CBS videos, especially if they're going to be so far down the list. They auto-play as soon as the tab is opened.

It's cute that Cavuto thinks he can quote that much evidence to back up the assertion "Don't take that medicine, Mr President!" and think that Trump would still be paying attention after 10 seconds of preamble. It's even more amusing that he has to repeatedly point out that the study he's quoting was not a politically biased medical study (whatever the fuck that would be), or that it's a political argument he's making (because Trump said the opposite), that he's begging his geriatric viewers to not follow the [imbecile] president's lead and take it too.


Please don't use "graph" to mean "paragraph." Ever.


Cavuto's passion is genuine. He's also battles MS.


He's the Jude Law character from Contagion. He might as call it Forsythia. There is no way he's not involved in some scam to make a buck on this farce. Either thru the Kush or DJTJ or Vlad.


from elsewhere on the web: "hydroxydisestablishmentarianchloroquine."


I just love that we can come here and heap praise on a guy for taking medication not prescribed to him. Let’s all hear it for Mike F. Taking all the oxy he wants, living in his Explorer down at the Walmart parking lot. That’s freedom, Mike F. For president!


I'm a huge Nancy Pelosi fanboy.
So when she calls Trump "morbidly obese" I assume this is not a casual toss-off.
She is trolling the troll, baiting him into either an ill-considered defensive response or one of his usual ham-fisted counter-attacks.




Obese simply means overweight, but over time its connotation has become inflated. A person can be under 200 lbs and if their over their BMI - their personal trainer will tactfully tell them that their obese.


"I happen to be taking it. I happen to be taking it. I'm taking it."

For someone whose entire public-facing identity is based on an endless series of lies, he's not even good at it. There is no forethought to this one, it just fell out and then he repeated it 2 more times to buy a few seconds so he could figure out where he was going with it.


@35 needs to start on the hydroxychloroquine. THAT'LL fix the herpes and diabetes.

I can totally see Trump getting it into his idiotic brain to start taking this stuff and no one having the balls to stop him.

Eddie Haskell was clearly a role model for Jared Kushner.


Chase, I see that you've never had a chemistry class. Allow me to help.

Hydroxy- because there's a hydroxyl functional group, or -OH, attached to the end of the molecule where the action happens
-chloro- because an atom of chlorine is attached to the other end of the molecule
-quine because the backbone of the molecule is a derivative of natural quinine.

Many people pronounce the word with a short i rather than a long i because it's easier. You're not likely to be misunderstood.

And no, HCQ is nowhere near as risky as all the self-appointed experts claim it is, as long the patient is under medical supervision. No human being in the country is under closer medical supervision than Trump. If HCQ was half as dangerous as the peanut gallery says it is, I would tell my partner to stop taking it for her lupus and just endure her disease.