On Race and Masculinity in the Age of Face Masks



What I have observed is almost the opposite - almost everyone wears a mask at the Beacon Hill Red Apple - most wear masks at the Rainier Ave QFC and farther south at the Safeway.
There's notably less face mask compliance at the Interbay QFC, and other sites in Queen Anne and Magnolia. I associate this with relative income levels - those who need to travel to work and take the bus have the greatest incentive to not chance getting sick.
I agree there's a huge macho image factor - transit workers wear masks (as they are mandated) but construction workers do not.
The solution for this is simple- give everyone a Seahawks mask, and problem solved!


Charles, Ezells has 15 locations in two States. It’s “corporate.”


I was up at 3am this morning standing out back on my deck smoking a cig when this guy walks by. He’s the only person around, walking down the ally (at 3 in the morning) and he’s wearing a face mask. What’s that all about?