While I generally think Inslee is doing a decent job responding to the pandemic, as we start to reopen the state - Where the fuck is the enforcement? I'm in residential construction and so far we are seeing ZERO enforcement of that fancy 30pt list of requirements to have our sites running. Stores like Home Depot are an absolute shit-show. Locally owned stores are better at least. Personally I'd rather, you know, not fucking get sick from this shit. But seriously, as we reopen more industries is there any enforcement happening?


@1: Agreed. Where is the enforcement? We pretty much all want to be healthy and safe. I get emails all the time from places where I have been to regionally, restrictions. Where to go and where NOT to go.....? Washington State Ferries are running but hotels in the San Juans are essential stays (healthcare workers, emergency crews, police, firefighters, housekeepers, sanitation workers, etc.) only. There is a lot of confusion about what is okay, what's open and what isn't. I'm still waiting to hear about any go-ahead with what my doctor has declared an elective surgical procedure.

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