Slog PM: Pier 1 Packs Up the Wicker, Happy Birthday Grace, Sound Transit Thanks Trump



Trump continues to believe taxpayer money is his money. Pay the unemployment you fat fuck.


thnx for the DailyFascistReport


Holy crap, here's a stunner-
So it turns out that "Roe" in Roe v Wade who supposedly made a conversion to anti-choice?
Turns out she made a death-bed confession that it was all bullshit and she had been paid close to a half-million $ over the years by evangelicals to parrot a big lie.
Here's the money quote from the article-
" As far as her thoughts on abortion at the time of her death, McCorvey made sure to set the record straight: “If a young woman wants to have an abortion, that’s no skin off my ass. That’s why they call it choice,” she said."


Humans benefit from the forced socialization that an office environment affords. I dislike what probably amounts to a majority of my co-workers (or cow-orkers as the great fnarf used to refer to such people) but nevertheless am a better person for interacting with them on the regular.


@6, yeah, but at the expense of pollution from all the added cars on the highways and roads that don't really need to be there just so you get to interact?

one silver lining in all of this is the realization that a huge portion of the city's work force does not need to actually be "at" work to do their job.


I keep hearing about the lavish unemployment benefits given to Washington workers who got laid off or furloughed BUT as someone who got laid off in mid-April, I have yet to see one dime from the of Washington. I was getting anxious about it but then I saw a lady on the news who list her job in March and she is STILL WAITING for unemployment benefits. All those rich politicians just make me so mad, complaining about the ungrateful unemployed. Try living on your savings account while you wait for unemployment for a couple of months, jerkoffs. Who is going to hire an old lady, how am I supposed to rebuild my savings account after this crapfest ends? STFU potus45, you SOB.


@8 - sorry to hear that. i was temporarily laid off from late march until just last week and received unemployment benefits just one week after filing. i have no idea why it went so smoothly for me because i've heard (and now keep hearing) how many people haven't seen a thing, even now.

now, i will say, the combined benefits (state + federal) were pretty generous and it is indeed making it difficult to get some workers back. i think its shortsighted but i can't really fault anyone all things considered.

anyway, best of luck and i hope you see your benefits soon. if its any consolation, after all this time its going to be a pretty big payment!


@1, here's an alternate hypothesis: People who love money more than life itself accumulate lots of money, and still want more. And people who care about humanity more than money rarely get rich, and they don't mind forgoing some income to save lives.